13 Styles of Rapping! (ft. Juice Wrld, Tyler the Creator, YBN Nahmir)

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Welcome back to part 4 of Styles of Rap / Rapping / Impersonations where I impersonate rappers style such as Juice WRLD lucid dreams freestyle, drake in my feelings, and Travis Scott Astroworld Sicko Mode album. In this episode we have Tyler the Creator, YBN Nahmir, Meek Mill, Kodak Black, Future, and more! twitter: https://twitter.com/quadecaX8 instagram: https://www.instagram.com/the_real_quadeca/ Check out some of my other videos: to: xxxtentacion https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=niQ7y857CBw 20 Styles of Rapping! (LOGIC, XXXTENTACION, 6IX9INE & MORE) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xb0TYXzZnpw

Comments from Youtube

Ricky bobby : The YBN Nahmir was scary accurate

Civilest : *100 styles of rap lmao*

Gods Cactus : why his kodak black rap sound better than kodak

5,000 subscribers with no videos : 104 styles of rap, *Man found dead in music studio*

Frosti : 3:47 For everyone who comes back just for the Juice Wrld part fr Quad make a full song already

Scarce Shardz : Dude that YBN Namhir is literally his voice

King Dededinkleberg : That tyler beat sounds like it could be in flower boy

Bronze Vlogs : He did their rap impressions so well, he makes the rappers sound like imitators.

Joseph Porter : Quadeca went from high school soccer player to a rapper

ASH 3xx : Is that a real ybn nahmir song

Josh Pearson : That comethazine was perfect lol

Caleb Claiborne : kodak was fire

fabio guerra : I keep coming back to listen to Tracy style ❄️

optimisticescape1523 : Stop playing and make the juice wrld part a real song

Strike Beatz : Lil Tracy sounded 🔥 honestly the auto tune was perfection

Oh yeah yeah : 111K likes... 111 styles of rapping RIP

Stingy From lazytown : 2 (YBN Nahmir), 9 (Juice Wrld), And 10 (Lil Tracy) were Fire 🔥 😂 keep these vids up Quadeca

Jonathan Chua : 102 styles....he’s gonna run out of rappers lol

Zoe Pittman : Rapping styles from certain states would be fire 🔥

Lil Sheik : Yo that lil Tracy part was fire what song was that?

antikunn : I would listen to all these songs more than the actual artists 💀💀💀

dat boi : 2:12 UGH, YEUUUGHHH

Caleb Varega : He killed pusha t

Kevin Mondragon : Quadeca #XXL2019

Jurik : I keep coming back for the juice wrld part lmao

Podtrash Radio : The sad truth (for me) is that when you're impersonating rappers it sounds really good. But your regular rapping voice is not as enjoyable and seems like less effort goes into it. You should rap as confident and serious as the other rappers you're impersonating and it might help. Get angrier.... maybe you need to experience life more before you have something to rap about. You'll get better with time I'm sure! Great video though.

Jakob Esch : You better turn that Kodak part into a full song 🥶

Joke's Youtube : Why yall not talking about how accurate that earl sweatshirt🔥🔥

King Chris : Juice Wrld was sooo on point. I’m boutta react to this lmao

jacob maciver : Hes better then the rappers at their own game lmaoo

Kodak White : I came back to this video because your juice wrld impression sound like juice wrld song "empty"

dan323220 : I gotta breath in You gotta new man sorry I don’t see him I might hit your phone up in the evening I miss u as we never had to begin What’s the reason Tell me what’s the reason I’m looking for your heart at the bottom of my wine glass Want you more ever since I let the time pass I can’t ignore that I knew that it would never last Get my heart that’s jus something I ain’t gettin back my guy make this a song Issa hit

Wow Man : What is the future song called


m04c1r lixoplays : Tyler, the Creator and og Tyler, the creator are my favorite

Walid Popal : Future’s part was fire🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Isaac Linares : Do NBA Youngboy

Chase Fleming : More Styles: A$AP Rocky Mac Miller Jay Rock Kevin Gates Childish Gambino (old and new) Chance the Rapper Lil Skies

Îñfîñîțê Šñîpîñğ : Rip quadeca he gotta do 117 new styles of rap. WERE YA GONNA GET THAT CONTENT FROM LMAO

SH1SU1 : Lil tracy accurate

Young Mani J : OG Typically Tyler (TyTy)🔪🥶🤮#🍩F

Michael Spain : 100k likes ur in trouble


BLUE NIKE : 117styles I think he is gonna die

I Want To Rap!!! Lyrical : Im lookin for your heart in the bottom of my wine glass 🔥🔥

Quthmi : Juice WRLD's was perfect bro, Respect✋🔥

Alvira Bros : How come whenever Future raps you can here his chain in the background 😂

Drawsketch ! : Future and Kodak were the best one

Auto Shizz : u did good as juice bruh hit up Nizzle Shizz on SoundCloud my mans