13 Styles of Rapping! (ft. Juice Wrld, Tyler the Creator, YBN Nahmir)

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Quadeca : Here's the last style: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A9aT7OpD2Dc Also follow me on insta: https://www.instagram.com/the_real_quadeca ENJOY :)

Joseph Porter : Quadeca went from high school soccer player to a rapper

ez Kilo : *100 styles of rap lmao*

optimisticescape1523 : Stop playing and make the juice wrld part a real song

Ricky bobby : The YBN Nahmir was scary accurate

5,000 subscribers with no videos : 104 styles of rap, *Man found dead in music studio*

King Chris : Juice Wrld was sooo on point. I’m boutta react to this lmao

Asher Grosfeld : Who else really fucks with the Tyler the creator song

King Dededinkleberg : That tyler beat sounds like it could be in flower boy

Hudson Peers : why his kodak black rap sound better than kodak

Joey Svehla : That meek mill shit was actually fire 😂

ASH 3xx : Is that a real ybn nahmir song

unknxwn.rxw : Bruh I fw the lil Tracy and juice wrld impressions

Jamence Estelus : Bro, did you record your own voice on the future part? LMAO What effects did you add to your voice?

Caleb Claiborne : kodak was fire

RØB : quadeca the goat

KoryIsHere : Dude that YBN Namhir is literally his voice

Danny Mcguinness : Lil Tracy sounded 🔥 honestly the auto tune was perfection

Bronze Vlogs : He did their rap impressions so well, he makes the rappers sound like imitators.

Josh Pearson : That comethazine was perfect lol

Pavel : Holy shit you nailed tyler's flow

fabio guerra : I keep coming back to listen to Tracy style ❄️

Xavier Xerxes : That YUGH was on point 🔥

Jonathan Chua : 102 styles....he’s gonna run out of rappers lol

Nutella Butter : 111K likes... 111 styles of rapping RIP

Kyle Beats : Bro I gotta send you some beats

dat boi : 2:12 UGH, YEUUUGHHH

Marcus Andrews : 115 more styles ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡⊙ ͜ʖ ͡⊙) ( ͡◉ ͜ʖ ͡◉)

Lil Sheik : Yo that lil Tracy part was fire what song was that?

Isaac Linares : Do NBA Youngboy

MellowMonty : STRAIGHT HEAT!!!

Caleb Varega : He killed pusha t

Dalilaya Jukiz : You are going to do 117k styles of rap

Ultimate Shadow God : I love the first one and what's that song called from future

Alvira Bros : How come whenever Future raps you can here his chain in the background 😂

Lael Hansen : The bonus at the end is the best one

DP Productions : Nahmir and Kodak beat name plz??

Wow Man : What is the future song called

Dont steal ma Pizza : another one

Jay : 102 styles of rap pt.37

Rubzy : Each one of these gets better and better. Keep slaying it my dude! Tyler was SPOT on.

Waatrシ : Anyone else keep coming back to this for no reason besides it’s 🔥🔥

georgech900 : Sooooo, 151 styles of rap?

anti : I would listen to all these songs more than the actual artists 💀💀💀

Aura 296 : Your impressions are great

FL God : All those were so accurate

Michael Spain : 100k likes ur in trouble

TheGeordieGamer : Meek mills impression was on point! Haha

Kenny : Matt ox killed me lmaooo

doctorino sixerino : time for 115 styles