Garlic Bread Steak Sandwich | SAM THE COOKING GUY

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Gotham Networks : Amazing sandwich I would pay $20 for that sandwich and call it a deal.

Cowboy Cory *A Dallas Dynasty Reborn* : I'm not an aggressive individual.....but I'd fight you for that sandwich !

EQ-smoove : First time viewer. Instantly subscribed

MrMartinez760 : Sam!!!! Dude!! I used to watch your show on Channel 4 San Diego when I was a kid!! Great to come across your channel on here!!

Lumax96 : just a little criticism, its "maggi" with two hard g's. In good ol germany we even have a plant named after it (smells like the most famous maggi-sauce).

Spazout13 : My taste buds just orgasmed!

Laura Glass : Thank you Jesus for introducing me to your channel 🙌🏼

brohec Gaming : Better than ramsys steak sandwich

How To Make Sushi : *very well done!* Love the look of this, only thing is the bread looks very greasy but I bet its tasty! im giving you a like Sam!

embrezar : Now, wait a minute... you said the first ingredient in your sauce was mayonnaise. That bottle is a Kewpie mayonnaise bottle, I recognize the shape. Kewpie mayo is different than standard mayo. This is an important distinction. You made it a point to say that you were using Maggi instead of W-sauce, so why not specify that you were using Kewpie mayo instead of standard mayo?

5000 subscribers with no videos : *Doesn't get much more Texas than that*

WITELIGHTNINGHWD : The way he pronounced maggi LOL

CmdrJace : Just now found your channel. Very entertaining to watch. Got tired of the cutesy ukulele and whistling white girls boozing up everything they cook.

Bharath Sivakumar : Just found your channel and you've earned yourself a sub!👌😍 You're sooo underrated, you deserve more subs! Get well soon!

Robert Roy : That’s the most delicious sandwich I have ever seen... I’m definitely going to make this on my Blackstone Griddle. 😋

JamieW- : Yay found a new gem of a cooking channel

Fallout Plays : Subbed. Awesome looking sandwich, awesome production, yes to all of this. Keep going, Sam! inb4 you get 100k subs, easy


Godest Goose : I will have to make this for the family one day. This looks amazing and delicious like it packs a punch of pure flavor! Plus you can’t go wrong with steak and garlic bread.

NOT ANOTHER COOKING SHOW : Great video same!! I the effort in these guys. They are well done my man! Hope your leg gets better. I had a broken leg and had to work my food truck years ago. So I feel you brother!

Mystery box : Can i come over to you're house for one of those sandwiches good sir? @SAM THE COOKING GUY

Jatin Singh Film : Looks delicious. And I actually loved the video editing. That speed ramping tho 😍

Dayvie : Don't compare Maggi to Worcestershiresauce they taste totally different and are made of different ingredients. Maggi being the more "artificial all purpose" one (like optimized foods processed tend to be) :/

Fantomas : This is the guy who told Kathie Lee and what's her face to shut their mouths on live TV. He is Legend.

FavJam : The only different thing i’d do is butter up the inside part only. But overall it’s magical 😍

greenaholic : this would make your breath smell so bad💀

James Boyle : G A R L I C B R E A D

Grog Strongjaw : If you want REAL caramelized unions i suggest adding sugar and water. Put a lid over it and let it steam until the water has evaporated. It wont get crispy though, so don't do it if you prefer them crispy.

Phokelosyx : I think i just jizzed my pants

iBcPirate : Just found you in my recommended and subscribed a minute in. Great video, will definitely try this! And is that japanese mayo at 3:00?

milehighed5280 : Wow! That's a boatload of flavors in one great sandwich. I can't wait to check it out for myself, soon. Thanks, Sam.

Jai Rori : This man is livin the dream.

Night Owl : Good looking food, glad I found this channel

Prij .T : I would love to try this, but with a chicken steak or lamb steak! YUMMY!!!!!!!!!

Tim P : You seem like a cool dude, Sam.

Adam Maldonado : dudes a og

Guy Vaessen : So nice to see someone cooking so amazing with products that everyone has at home! Subscribed right away!

Jason Khan : Sam. You're the best! I would love to come to your house and eat speak sándwiches with you. God Bless You.

Blake : I usually don't drop an L but that sandwich deserves a like!

Minnesota Guy : Jeez this is like food porn.

essel23fly : They have this same exact sandwich at Panera bread. It’s so good.

PaPito o : Man this is good

redman2366 : That patio is amazing, you lucky lucky guy

chengy : 1:00 that's what she said haha :)

mustbe_Nick : Wow. I couldn't even keep my jaw off the floor. Holy shit this looks illegally amazing.

tbirum : That looks insane, I normally use "ADBLOCKER+" but after watching this I turned it off and hit refresh so you would get ad revenue, That sandwich made me Jealous of not being a sandwich!.

Siyu Z : secret of cooking: oil, oil, and more oil.


9929kingfish : Sam you need like 200,000 more subscribers. Your channel is great.

AQUA LEMON : New subscriber right here