TimesTalks: Stephen Colbert

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Max Maker : Stephen is such a fantastic guy! Professional, moral and funny.

Matt Clark : The way he talks about Trump's election night is so gratifying. This whole country....the smart half were in despair that night, and the morons were celebrating. I really respect Stephen's intelligence and good heart. You can tell he genuinely, genuinely cares about women and people of color and just people in general regardless of labels. He's a major intellect on the intersection of politics and culture that helps give our society insight and peace.

Psychologie-lernen .de : this guy is so important for democracy :)

WR Kang : Colbert reads more every morning than Donald ever has/ever will.

avenatti's giant cock : So nice to hear a decent human being speaking frankly

James Smithe : Jesus, Stephen works harder in one day than Trump has since he's been in office.

Jason Allen : He is seriously the main person who is helping me cope through these Extraordinary Scary Time's

avedic : Stephen can be goofy and silly on the show....but especially in a context like this interview, you really get a sense for just how ferociously intelligent and serious he is as a human being. He's done his homework on a _lot_ of subjects. There's something a wee bit intimidating about his intellect....and I love it. I adore people who are in the top 1% in terms of intelligence....and I think it's clear Stephen is in that echelon. Much respect...

parsoumash : The joke Stephen says will NOT be on the show made it to the show lol 9:30

New Message : "Today I had a phonecall with my wife..." Telling her to brace for the Nicki Menage bit where she makes him blush like a schoolgirl.

Experience True Self : What a lovely man. so much respect for Stephen Colbert. He's so authentic, honest and smart.

CartoonrBOY : What a beautiful mind. Thanks Steve. You are loved here in the UK.😍

TilleyTilley : In the TV president era, Stephan Colbert is our moral and emotional president.

Andrea : Stephen has to be one of the most brilliant people in the world. I am stunned at how quickly he thinks and responds to questions. He uses his brain on his feet with his heart. I also think he is the best political commentator we have. I love hearing him sing and watching him dance too.

Dharini Parthasarathy : Wish the moderator was less scripted and more of a conversationalist; it's a tough task. I enjoyed hearing how the show is made. Thanks !

stephanie brown : When he says " you get to see me" I couldn't agree more. I remember that first show ..he was all in character... funny and intelligent but nervous and hiding a bit. He had George Clooney as his first guest. He and his team have evolved at lot. (Stephen you rock....just being you!) I esp. loved seeing him interact with Tiffany Hadish and Nicki Minaj and Helen Mirren!

Paula Brown : Stephan Colbert you are so appreciated! People need to laugh so much right now!! Thank you so much for being a much needed salve fo America! You are a genius! 🙏💜!

Lulu Gurl : Interesting. Colbert is just so...all round awesome.

Charles Frost : Stephen Colbert is the consummate gentleman.

Erica Lambert : When the Colbert Report first aired I was around 14 years old living in a very small, very conservative Kentucky town. I was reaching to find people who thought more like I did instead of what I was constantly surrounded by. I got soo into the Colbert Report and have been just drawn to this man ever since. I'm now 26 and still look to him as sort of a father figure lol. Just seems like such a genuine person and sharp to boot! Keep doing you Mr. Colbert, much of us would be lost in this crazy political world without you!

Possibly A Dreamer : I’ll be honest, I first found Steven on a Comic Con panel where he was moderator for The Hobbit. I thought he was brilliant and looked around for a bit and discovered his show. I’ve never laughed so much and learnt so much about American culture. I then through him discovered John Oliver. The two of them have taught me, a Brit, more than I thought I could know about America (a comment section from a YouTube video of theirs also introduced me to the other side of politics). The West Wing taught me practical politics. Late Night explained how the public views politics and helped me to understand what is going on right this second.

Skankhunt42 : An hour of Colbert. Amazing. I wish he did more of this sort of longform interview.

mabesch : Lel they did use the cabinet meeting joke after all.

mar10dg : Having Stephen Colbert succeed David Letterman was a brilliant decision.

SanctreMalleus : Literally the worst interviewer EVER. No follow ups, and doesn't even seem interested when Colbert is making a deep meaningful thought, instead of teasing out those topics he just moves on to other inane bs.

Xan-Rhea Bilal : The nicki Minaj bit two days ago was hilarious 😂

Dennis Caxton : I simply would not have coped with Trump becoming president (still cannot believe it) without Stephen - and I live in the UK!!! Bravo Stephen, you are MY hero!!! x

Mary Menatti : It was the night he made fun of 45s tie that captured my attention. I needed to focus my disgust and fear. Stephen spoke for me as he delicately fingered the long tie. I was able to laugh at the foolishness instead of dread it. I've been tuning in every day since then and Stephens quick mind and open tenderness, his bashful flirting, and the brilliant improvisation are cathartic for those of us struggling to express our disappointment. Now, I'm writing a book for my grand children, about my father's immigration from Italy to escape fascism.

MizzMakk m : He reads more in 1 hour than trump has his whole life.

vonvaqed : We are so lucky to have Stephen Colbert as a late night comedy host. His intelligence, his charm and his wit makes it possible to go through these weird and depressing times. Thank you Stephen Colbert...we are grateful to you and all your team. Fantastic Job!

Neil Boughton : I appreciate his honesty and some great insights.

Red Terrier : As an Aussie who grew up on great English comedy of the Goons, Milligan, Cook and Moore, & Python and who has followed Stewart and Colbert for the last seven years it is great to see the U S create quality, intelligent, ironic comedy with self deprecating manner and humility........Hope he offers a cathartic 'meal' for the nation which as to deal with a democracy which appears, from the outside, to have turned into a corrosive 'duocracy'....

Pat Sylvest : Stephen Colbert, and all those involved with the show, keep me sane.

Karrie pink : Love the intelligence and warmth of this man from the uk 🇬🇧👏

BroNumsi : Trump can talk all he wants about how smart he is and how he knows the best words, but this is a display of real intelligence and eloquence.

Tyler Durden : Great interview, but just terrible interviewer. Specially in contrast when sitting next to the best interviewer ever.

Just Wondering : This was really interesting to watch/listen to. Thank you for the fearless authenticity :)

Matthew Nelson : His take on emotional honesty is spot on. The show from the Daily Show that Jon Stewart did right after he returned from Gaza is one I will remember forever specifically because he was upset and angry and he let it show.

Brent Uptain : such a brilliant and sensitive mind. yes, he does influence how people see the world. in such trying times, he's about the only way i can take my news....

M. J. Golden : SC is an outlet for our expression. He says what we feel. He feels what we feel.

NewMusicWeekly : Well, that proves he's no prompter-jockey. He seems a humble guy.

Martin Fass : Many thanks to the truly marvelous NYT and the also fine YOUTUBE for letting us have this event in full, and help us get through the next few weeks while wonderful Stephen Colbert is on vacation.

kim clarke : As a permanent resident who cannot vote, yet has lived in this country for many years, I was literally in a state of shock election night. I have since that night gravitated toward Stephen Colbert because there is comedic intellect in his delivery which on a daily basis one is desperately in need of to make sense of the sheer madness that occurs. The White House is 21.3 miles literally away and it’s sobering to think that this craziness is made easier because of this thoughtful, smart, comedic man.

aisey100 : I wouldn't have minded a couple of hours more of this. Stephen is wonderful, and a real American that kinda give you a bit of hope in the face of these current dark times of the Trump Mafia.

The Master Grief Collection : Super funny and super smart. Also a decent human being. Awesome!

Pretty Pixy : I am totally in love with Stephen’s intelligence, wit and honesty! He is my ideal entertainer, teacher, husband, dad, president and MILF (Man etc etc etc 😜) I am in awe of your immense talent 😍😍😍

Jak Adanz : Honestly, one of the greatest human beings alive. What a legend.

Stephanie Doolos : So I know no one sane reads the YouTube comments on their videos, but Steven, that election night monologue really helped give me a sense of catharsis for the election. It was to that election what a funeral is to a death. Thank you.

Anjuli Kamins : Yes, I would definitely watch all skits from "how it should have ended" election night!

HeritageSelfRespect HealingThrivingSelfWorth : I respect Stephen doing impactful work. Comic relief to ease the frustration of this difficult time “surfing the 🏄🏾‍♀️ madness” priority level headedness & moral compass “this too shall pass”