'Invader ZIM: Enter the Florpus' Exclusive Teaser | San Diego Comic-Con 2018 | Nick

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It's Thinzy : childhood restored


Chase4boy : After nearly two decades of fans pushing for its return, Invader Zim has finally come back. It’s crazy that a show like this managed to keep a fan base for that long, and it’s crazier that the demand for it actually paid off after so long

oh god why : This movie will just be Zim Eats Waffles 2.

WeegeeSlayer : Cancelation could not stop Zim. Cancelation can't stop ANY beloved show.

turquoise witch animations : If they add modern day memes or trends or references I'm choking myself

Lawrence Hunt : Unfortunately, the creator of Invader Zim confirmed that there will not be an animated series. This is only a one-time movie.

Jalen Romero : Did you really think Nickelodeon could stop me?!!!?! An invader never stops until his mission is complete! Gir: I’m gonna role in pizza and waffles now! Y A Y Y Y

The Forbidden Fruit : He defend He attack But most importantly *HE BACC*

Andrew Campbell : In an alternate reality Fairly Odd Parents got cancelled and this show never ended.

Marshii Xx : It looks like Gaz is gonna have more screen time then the Joker did in suicide squad...

squee the Dutch Angel Dragon : Why do the Tallest have *THUMBS?!*

Kaan Oğuz : If The Angry Monkey Show’s not back, I ain’t watchin’. “That horrible monkey”

Pinkamena Derpy Pie : Nickelodeon, you I once hated you because you ended this show. I'm still a little mad, but you have officially regained my respect.

Nameless Gamer 29 : This trailer told me almost nothing, but I’m so excited for Invader Zim coming back one more time that I don’t even care.

Maddi Moulds : Ive never watched invader zim but LOVE the concept,from scenes ive seen the comesy is amazing and now the animation style too!

Jeremy Hone : Please have Tak, Please have Tak, Please have Tak, PLEASE

ChuckleBones : I'm singing the doom song now.

Gaming Maximum : Hey the tallest have 3 fingers in the trailer in the show the tallest only have 2 fingers

noah guillen : Tell me why I can still hear his screaming and laughing 😂😂😂😂

OINK - : 1:14 zim x newspapers

Bryan De La Torre : omg ,the episode were he stole the inside of all kids ,like the stomage , heart and more stuffs ,wow still got nigthmares ,but soooo funn and creppy at same time

Rjinsi667 : Phase one: run around screaming and laughing PHASE TWO: ?????? Phase three: Earth invaded

Katarina Čipčić : OH MY GOSH, HE'S BACK, HE'S BACK!! This trailer looks flipping gorgeous, from the backgrounds to the colors, I love the whole art direction they took, even if it is a bit more bright compared to the original. And looks like some of it is based on the first issue of the comic, which is also pretty nice!

ghostRspooky : Nick if you mess this up ill never forgive you

Crunchy Churros : The more I watch this trailer, the more hype I get


sharp2257 : I hope the movie does well enough that they force the creator to bring back the series

Alan Calvillo : I can't believe Invader ZIM is coming back.

The World : Oh Yeah! Irken Empire is coming back!!

Smash Blade64 : My childhood. It has returned after an extremely long vacation.

dr. Evil : Irken invader cx28.0cb2 is here! Omg omg omg its back hahahahahaha!!!!!!!! All irken soldies told me he would come back! Yes!!!! Thank you so mutch nickelodeon!!!!! You are my fafroute!!!!!!

The Spirit Wolf TV : *Long Live The Invader*


ThatCuteDinosaur : Hopefully they marathon those original episodes so we can get a bit up-to-speed on all this. Because I haven’t watched Zim in YEARS.

Master Blaster : Is it that time where nick was down but climbed back up?maybe

Pawgient : PHASE TWO!!

Jeff Kast : My prayers have been answered

Justin Y. : Pls don't be bad

that guy : Im crying why THIS IS SO COOL

Pera pelada 489 : Why is this show so underated?

choco ferrets : This is the real Nickelodeon everybody wants.

Bee EXE : i hope zim still has the same voice actor cus that was the greatest

NERD745 : Wait.....its back......its.......back........YEEEAAAAA

Skepsi : Glad to see most of the voice actors are still alive. RIP Mrs. Bitters

Luis88410 : I hope they finally reveal to us what happened to the boy who was a friend of zim

Hugo Thomas : I hope the show will be shown in Europe .

chase warner : I've been waiting over 14 years why does illustration look different why can't they keep it the same

FurryEskimo : I love the improved and updated art style! They’re really taking advantage of the new tech available, while keeping the original look that gave us all nightmares.