Stranded in Japan, an Unforgettable Act of Kindness

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Mini Bull DoZer : That old Japanese guy is a legend

Ruth Rowe : Wow, I hope if you ever go back you will be able to find the bus stop and him. Well that along with an interpreter to help you out on the language barrier! So many times the people behind the scenes ARE the true reflection of a foreign county. It sounds like you had your own personal angel as a guide and rescuer!

Sylvia Lehman : They closed the cab door , do not do that in Japan , the door closes itself. Wonderful video.

Paulymer : Not going to lie, I wish I could travel the world like this and meet new people and make friendships in the most unlikely places. This was such a nice story.

Amit das : It's not only japan in every part of the world u can find such amazing people who make us believe in kindness humanity and happiness

Саян Ильяс : I once got a lift from a guy in a Bentley, 400km from city, dirty from all the trekking and staying in tent. He said that back in USSR he got a lift from a committee member, from his village to Alma-Ata, which is a huge city today. He went to college there, and then moved his family from village to city. He said that sometimes, one lift is all you need to feel better and get yourself together

Do you like my Nickname? I've made you waste 5 sec : this is why Japan is my city

deni sherlock : _Faith In Humanity Restored_

boyong5577 : you should go back to japan and see him once

James Ratcliffe : Nice advertisement.

epic djyoshi : Tbh I would love to be stranded in Japan

pjmbr : Mr. Miyagi is a legend..

Viktor Malmgren : Maybe he wanted them out of Japan as quickly as possible

lilamazon : i don't know why, just teared up while listening to this story. what a wonderful story!

Stand with ISOF : Japanese people very humble and kindness

Carlito : This is some top quality anime

Demond Wilson : Does that airline know what their logo looks like?

Albert Chan46 : the truth is the Japanese old man was get annoyed by the two American tourist.... then he drive them back to airport to get rid of them.....and at the end he shake hand saying no.... dont ever come back here....

HAKEEM : kindness isn't a word for this video. the Japanese man did more than just a kindness. respect to Nihon

Alvin Lee : Angels don't need money.

ER2M-605 : ANAL

daphnelu7 : That was really sweet

Wen Zhang : kimi no namae wa?

noah webb : That's Japan for you.

CG Jorge : People is Japan is amazing. They are so hospitable!!! I had awesome experiences such as this in my 2 month stay there.

Vhin C : That guy is Hayao Miyazaki and he is a legend

Toasty Frost : Kd is a 🐍

SonntagDogtag : Probably doesn't want his village to get nuked again

Aiha Mirana : I love Japan..Their culture, their people..Amazing 😊

Marco di Donato : I believe this story, since I experienced it myself. I got lost one time in Kamakura. I couldn’t find my way to the train station when I saw this old man and I asked him. Instead of telling me the direction, he walked me all the way to the station and that is around half an hour. Another experience was when I’m in the train to Narita airport. I don’t know which station should I get off to when this old man helped me. He came with me all the way to the airport and missing his station. Japanese are very helpful!

groslin christina : Really so kind of him, and restored humanity....

SarcasMiss : My friends and I went to Japan and this random old man chanced upon us when we got lost and treated us Ramen and coffee and just said goodbye. Japanese people are kind and would go out of their way to help another person. :-)

VII # : Japanese people are kind as long as you aren't rude. They really hate rudeness.

no_one_of_that_name_here : There is no try

JP Kloess : The whole story needed to get to the airport and someone took you. How is this a three and a half minute video?

bananfejja : The cynical me says this is a load of bull, I mean c'mon... this is sponsored by an airline... it is at is fundament a commercial.

Xvytal Intros Tutorials and Intris : I hate people that ask for likes You though I was gonna say like if you agree? Well You're wrong

uknowhu : This story melts my heart so much

Ena Spitzenberg : this is amazing! i have always been the person to try and live by this example. In the end it goes a very long way!

Lauren Yip : how is this a problem i would love to be stuck in japan

しゃらたん : わーお…(T-T)

Slowlikehoney Too : Kindness is a reflection of who I am and people don't expect it normally. I'd do it too and the man who helped them is extraordinary!! 🙏🏻

Fah미나 : What a great man

Matthew K. : Are you really "stranded" if you can afford first class? P.S. The video is great, and I have no problems with it.

Sepppuku : Heartwarming <3

LunaMoon : 💗

Al Norris : What a cool guy

Modi Taha : could make a great movie from this amazing story

WindBladeYT : plot twist: that wasnt the old man house and the taxi was robbed by that man

WindBladeYT : you know his house then go give the dude some good karma