Stranded in Japan, An Unforgettable Act of Kindness

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Viktor Malmgren : Maybe he wanted them out of Japan as quickly as possible

Sylvia Lehman : They closed the cab door , do not do that in Japan , the door closes itself. Wonderful video.

Alvin Lee : Angels don't need money.

jorge chavez : People is Japan is amazing. They are so hospitable!!! I had awesome experiences such as this in my 2 month stay there.

ThunderPlunder101 : The manga was better. The taxi driver had his own super story arc.

Subham Bhattacharjee : Japanese are the best people, wonderful human beings , Every time they fall they rise up like a Sun, lightening the whole world rather than themselves. Fully determined to achieve goals and progress. They are an inspiration for all. Love from INDIA 💖

Carlito : This is some top quality anime

Vhin C : That guy is Hayao Miyazaki and he is a legend

Aiha Mirana : I love Japan..Their culture, their people..Amazing 😊

EliteXtasy : You know where he lives. Pay him a visit!

AlittleYorkie : So thankful for that old man- and I don't even know him. Shows how kindness can really touch a person and that we should all be kind to everyone☺️

BHASKAR S. : For me, this is literally the best channel ever. Keep up the good work, folks. ✌️

TA Videos : I drive cab for living in Chicago, and I am always generous, open minded, kind, and polite with my customers.

ItIsMeOpie Bruh : You should try to go back and find that old guy

bananfejja : The take home lesson of the story: Japanese taxi drivers are dicks; they refuse to take you despite being desperate not to miss your flight home to another continent.

Harry PAnnU ! : i have a one Japanese friend for benefit, and she is awesome..

DOnker : His name is kami sama

Claïs Lemmens : Japan embodies the kind of kindness and respect that we think is impossible in the West. Absolutely beautiful.

Brett Hammer : Travelled from australia to hakuba, japan for a ski trip. After our ski trip we planned to spend 3 days in Shibuya Tokyo. Got the train into Tokyo only to find we had gotten off at the wrong stop. My mate and i were standing (obvioisly looking puzzled) and a Japanese bloke with his 4yr old daughter asked us if we needed help and ended up driving is to our place 15mins away. Beautiful people.

Saki Mcbill : I have been in many places, kind people are everywhere but in some countries are way more than other. Two countries in my experience with most kind people are Japan and Iran, two counties i didn't find not even one man to help me was Hungary and Saudi Arabia.

Killerchloe1217 : too much of an ad spot

ozdoits : Love the human-kindness message. Don't particularly favor this style of video - where actors represent some scenario. For that reason I chose thumbs down.

Brandon Jinjiyoshi Tilley : You seriously went to the japanese countryside without knowing japanese? How stupid do you have to be man? Jesus christ XD.

Vivian Tristesse : By "Great Big Story" do you mean "a bunch of teeny tiny l'il stories?"

C R : " was then I realized I didn't know his name" -- what an as*hole haha

Nisha Ismail : Beautiful story! Japan is such a beautiful country. The people too.

Christian Quintana : What he really was trying to say was get out of my beautiful country you swine

SiewHei Lou : Who played the Japanese who drove them to Haneda airport? Looks sort of familiar.

phthisicy : People got stranded there all the time. The local merchants decided they needed to do something and hired this guy to transport stragglers. He likely made a fortune off you two idiots.

Lorenzo Barassi : The taxi driver than sent the bill to ANA

YOR FACE : x1.25 if you want to watch the video If you don't like how slow he's talking

Berg Electron : This guy looks like a much much slimmer Andrew Zimmerman.

Animepacito : i am the random guy

Glenn Galili : Just for a few years. Gone hair.

atombomb232610 : Acts like this should be commonplace in all societies. Quit being a bunch of D-bags in this world and maybe we can actually all work together to make helping each other a normal thing and not something that is so rare it is cherished

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Robert Chang : Over missing a flight? You know nothing of kindness.

otobei-ogami : Sounds good at first sight, but ... Perhaps it was a good experience for this person ... Just like watching this movie, foreigners who come to Japan from the beginning expecting the good intentions of the Japanese will be reduced even a little ...

Naima Irfan : Everyone should follow such examples and help those in need

Linds Tee : Simply inspiring. This has restored a bit of my faith in humanity.

Pangeransam Setiabumi : This whole time i thought all japan pople are mean Well he made me look the way around

DaytoDayTraining Isley : This was really touching, it's nice to hear stories like this with everything going on right now.

pashwa shah : So shines a good deed in a weary world

KevWebsz : Today's word is: Alibi

Senior Taksin : Then they realized they lost their credit card

thirsty cowboy : Did you gave him hugs and kisses as a pay back?

Claudina Napitupulu : Kindness is the most wonderful things, imagine if we all do that to other people... maybe the world will be much a better place

Barsbold Jargalnemekh : My first thought when the first taxi driver refused to drive you guys to the airport was to take that cab as far as he would take you and then take another cab, continuing thowards the airport.

rico siahaan : this is a great one, good job!

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