Eric Andre- Chase McDude (2008)
One of Eric Andres earliest skits

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"Chase Mcdude is the precursor to the entity we all know as "Ranch"... One day in 2008, At BSU, Chase decided to take a little more LSD than usual, and he permanently transformed to a man who would eventually bring the joy and unadulterated love of ranch to the masses... God bless Chase Mcdude God bless Ranch God bless Jillian Barbarie" One love, Nikola Tesla 1893


Bobbys Dad : Just ridin the wave of life, and lettin the surf suck me off.

Steven Rodriguez : That was the real Chase McDude laughing at the end

Jake Melvin : Some pre-adult swim era Andre?

Lukas Thoel : The Three B’s: 1. Babes 2. Beer 3. The beach 4? Bong Water 5?? Bacteria 6??? Nicorette Gum.

Rashid Ibrahim : The date of this video is 2008 B.R. (Before Ranch)

bacon boy : 3:06 this guy gets it.

Dillon F : Damn, this footage is vintage.

poop dolla. kobgoate : Legalize nicorette flavor ranch

Jade Medallion : That guy at the end giggling musta gotten so high before class and Eric blew his mind

M0N0L1TH : Most people don’t realize the guy at the very end is the real Chase Mcdude

this old dog : ᶜʰᵃˢᵉ ᴹᶜᴰᵘᵈᵉ ᶠᵒʳ ᵖʳᵉˢᶦᵈᵉⁿᵗ

JimartyMcfly : I can't get over how perfect that fart noise was

MikeEckesBeatzzz : that dude losing it at the end made me lose it haha

Neurotic Sos : They snuck him and all his hidden camera guys into a university

TheOtherWhiteBread0 : So so so far before his time.

M Anastasia Entertainment : #lettingthesurfsuckmeoff

Jess Lynne Weiss : I love when he nonchalant walks in playing Ferris Bueller's 80s soundtrack on his boom box and then he asks the girl, "hey you got a cigarette?" Casual AF

bdruckus : "I accept that." 😂😂😂

J. E. Palad : history in the making

Illwill81 : I chew Nicorette gum..whatever

Yah You ! : The 3 *B* s Beer Babes Beach Bong water Bacteria Nicorite gum Lmaooooo

Adam Ripingill : How does this not have more views

Derek : That dude in the blue hat knows what life is about!! right on brother!!!!

Paul Gonzalez-Becerra : I wish I got visited by chase mcdude

HOAGIE : Any other footage of back in the day Eric?

Max Johnson : 3:05, that's how you know he's a stoner, dog

Mod Smalls : Time vault gold

Ian Washburn : Communications major. Too perfect.

SensationalV8 : "Bacteria" lol

Wolverine-X99 : Chase McDude is the hero we need

Max Achs : This is on BU's campus! I went there and eric went to berkely in Boston

JC Toonaphile : Is this from the unaired pilot???

mintythekid 9 : That entrance in the classroom was dope than any wwf-wwe wrestlers do LMAO 🤣🤣🤣

j. !!! : Why does 2008 look like 1998?

Armory Kittington : i know 3 things the 3 B's the babes the beer the beach the bong water

Anxiety Ebriety : This shit was nex level lmao. I don't know how to feel honestly.

Joseph Beeson : Everyone knows this guy

Mantis Toboggan : day bow bow

Derek : Just riding the wave of life, and letting the surf suck me off! I need that shirt!

omegas2alphas : Simpler times. Nobody was worried about fashion.

Hippokrátēs Ἡρακλείδης : *I demand more!*

Necrotic Geist : Last guy is the real life McDude

Blonde Person : Cherdlys before cherdlys

Vlad Krakov : This is how I feel like people perceive me whenever I'm ten minutes late to class.

Kill Will : And the sound of an electronic drum kit dance-groove shall herald the coming of Chase McDude

drabant101 : “I chew Nicorette gum, whatever.” 😂

Roman KFM : Chase is the perfect name for this lol

thatsthe true : Im so high i tought i read the title as: Erik, Chasing Ronald MC Donald dude

Kevin Marren : The outdoor scene is at Boston University, but the class he crashes is at Boston College down Comm. Ave. I know that professor. ahaha