Eric Andre- Chase McDude (2008)

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Drawerick92 : Legalize the Moon

Steven Rodriguez : That was the real Chase McDude laughing at the end

Jake Melvin : Some pre-adult swim era Andre?

Bobbys Dad : Just ridin the wave of life, and lettin the surf suck me off.

Lukas Thoel : The Three B’s: 1. Babes 2. Beer 3. The beach 4? Bong Water 5?? Bacteria 6??? Nicorette Gum.

Jade Medallion : That guy at the end giggling musta gotten so high before class and Eric blew his mind

poop dolla. kobgoate : Legalize nicorette flavor ranch

Dillon F : Damn, this footage is vintage.

bacon boy : 3:06 this guy gets it.

JimartyMcfly : I can't get over how perfect that fart noise was

this old dog : ᶜʰᵃˢᵉ ᴹᶜᴰᵘᵈᵉ ᶠᵒʳ ᵖʳᵉˢᶦᵈᵉⁿᵗ

Neurotic Sos : They snuck him and all his hidden camera guys into a university

bdruckus : "I accept that." 😂😂😂

Rashid Ibrahim : The date of this video is 2008 B.R. (Before Ranch)

Jess Lynne Weiss : I love when he nonchalant walks in playing Ferris Bueller's 80s soundtrack on his boom box and then he asks the girl, "hey you got a cigarette?" Casual AF

TheOtherWhiteBread0 : So so so far before his time.

M Anastasia Entertainment : #lettingthesurfsuckmeoff

M0N0L1TH : Most people don’t realize the guy at the very end is the real Chase Mcdude

MikeEckesBeatzzz : that dude losing it at the end made me lose it haha

Illwill81 : I chew Nicorette gum..whatever

Adam Ripingill : How does this not have more views

Paul Gonzalez-Becerra : I wish I got visited by chase mcdude

Max Johnson : 3:05, that's how you know he's a stoner, dog

Yah You ! : The 3 *B* s Beer Babes Beach Bong water Bacteria Nicorite gum Lmaooooo

J. E. Palad : history in the making

Derek : That dude in the blue hat knows what life is about!! right on brother!!!!

HOAGIE : Any other footage of back in the day Eric?

Max Achs : This is on BU's campus! I went there and eric went to berkely in Boston

Unos Uno : B a b e s B e e r B e a c h

Mod Smalls : Time vault gold

Ian Washburn : Communications major. Too perfect.

Is Justin y stupid YEAH : He’s such a scumbag in this i would be laughing so much if I were one of those students

mintythekid 9 : That entrance in the classroom was dope than any wwf-wwe wrestlers do LMAO 🤣🤣🤣

Diego Cepeda : No people on phones not a lot of races Wow different times indeed

Armory Kittington : i know 3 things the 3 B's the babes the beer the beach the bong water

JC Toonaphile : Is this from the unaired pilot???

Wolverine-X99 : Chase McDude is the hero we need

SensationalV8 : "Bacteria" lol

Derek : Just riding the wave of life, and letting the surf suck me off! I need that shirt!

Anxiety Ebriety : This shit was nex level lmao. I don't know how to feel honestly.

Joseph Beeson : Everyone knows this guy

Mantis Toboggan : day bow bow

Roman KFM : Chase is the perfect name for this lol

Blonde Person : Cherdlys before cherdlys

Sad Young thug : Thanks YouTube recommendations

Necrotic Geist : Last guy is the real life McDude

Jamarquantavius Jameroquai Jr. : #MuteCharlieChaplin

Hippokrátēs Ἡρακλείδης : *I demand more!*

thatsthe true : Im so high i tought i read the title as: Erik, Chasing Ronald MC Donald dude

Aidan Nelson : This is old af