LEMME SMANG IT- Yung Humma and Flynt Flossy (@RealFlyntFloss)

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Post2Post : SMANG IT IN 2018!

your average youtube commenter : i cant figure if its comedy or serious

The War on SJWs : He looks like he's an accountant in the daytime.

Macros20 : Great to see Eddie Murphy making a comeback

OGTogepi : I love how the backup dancers look like they don't want to be there.

ToruKun1 : This looks like something on Adult Swim

cynthia miller : SCOBBY DOBBIE DOOOOO....I CANT! My daughter sent me here...She grounded until she turn 30

JBeatz Xclusive : Bruh....my dude said "cooch contusion" LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!

F Kinder : The darkskin girl the real MVP, she made me really believe she like the song 😂😂😂

Arielle Williams : Him body rolling with that dad bod got me crying 😭😭😂😂

Trinity Wright : The only reason I listen to this all the time is because the beat is fire no lie

Candice : he reminds me of Pootie Tang

Beverly's Stunning Creations : Who's watching in August 2017?

John . Tsoukalos : I think I have contributed like 1,000 views

renegade40 : so after im done, have I 'Smanged it' or has it been 'smung?'

Joanna Rutter : Netflix and Smang It?

B2theProphet : play this on 1.5 speed and it sounds hella tight

Tae Aubrey : He killing that chicken head tho 😂

Nekel Clay : Flynt Flossy look like a mix of Juicy J and Charlie Murphy 😂😂😂😂

Don't Ask Productions : Charlie Murphy really fell on some hard times

Drue : He killed em with the jeans and dress shoes lol

AJweathersby : I love how all the artists in Turquoise Jeep are imitating a Rap or R&B stereotype. Yung Humma - Those suspect metro-sexual dudes who only sing about ways they'd bang women. At least until they come out the closet. (Examples include Tevin Campbell, Trey Songz, and Frank Ocean) Pretty Raheem - Those semi-masculine dudes who comically overdose on sex appeal to women. (Examples include Usher, Chris Brown, Omarion, and the entire group of Jodeci) Flynt Flossy - Those rappers who always have deep voices, sun glasses, and always act cool. Some are genuinely like that. Most of them aren't. Not too many of them dance though. (Examples include Diddy, Rick Ross, and Jay-Z)

TylerTime955 : If you're having a hard time figuring out if this is a joke or not you probably listen to bad music.

Jayse Lau : Still smangin it in 2016

CannedDolphinStubbs : their should be a teens/elders react to this hahah

ftghb : budget for this mv: $20

Trap4ss : Charlie Murphy ain't fooling nobody. We know that's you

Rayne : Flint Flossy got mad flow, son.

jolynelover7 : this would've been a hit in the years 2003-2007 i thought this was an actual song from the club

OffendedDefender : This is the best thing since life.

Albert Anderson : Watch this at 2x speed, it will change your life.

Craig Justin : i know flossy's whole verse lol

arnola88gt : Yung humma never blinks his eyes

Marika Dye : People writing comments like this is a serious music video and here I am laughing. 😂💀

msprettylovepink : 2016 and im still trying to get Humma to smang it and get a cooch contusion at the same time....lmao

g brown : I feel like I'm back in 2002 listening to The Neptunes.

G Unknown : Yung Humma is one of the greatest rappers of this generation, second only to Flynt Flossy.

D. miller : 4 years later and I still don't have an instrumental, what gives?

Bushido Brown : RIP Charlie Murphy

Brick Tamland : i can't tell if the lyrics are better than the dance moves or vice versa

Kevin Fox : It's been a few years... I'M READY FOR THE REMIX!

Ian Asibey : honestly thought that was Eddie Murphy when I first saw thia

dame178 : Dude with the sunglasses looks like a mix of eddie murphy and those crows from the wiz movie lol

G Checks : 2016 and Smash and Bang is still my favourite combination

jajuan jefferson : Who here in 2018

Nino Brown : 3 years and this shit is still funny

CJ Zanders : Yo, why do you all have the R&B singer looking like he could beat up the rapper? 🤔😅

D Mikesell : On the real. Watch the dance moves today with the kids.. Flint flossy was way ahead of his time with those moves.

Angie Nicole : Flynt's dancing is everything.

Evnoiia : oddly catchy lol. and he reminds me so much of pootie tang