Trey Parker Matt Stone Acid at Oscars

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Trey Parker and Matt Stone talking about dropping acid before the Oscars. Taken from "The Making of South Park: 6 Days to Air".

Comments from Youtube

Fettster : Matt was smart enough to wear sunglasses lol. Trey's eyes are everywhere.

Consti : "we dont have friends anymore i wonder why" LOOOOOOOOOOOL

: No matter who you are, just admit it that you have always wanted a friend like this.

Nat Lawrence : sure when THEY drop acid and walk around in a dress they are "geniuses" but when I do it I get arrested. SMH

Jesus Didnt Exist, No Proof, Look It Up : That acid expression at 1:50. Anyone who has dropped acid once will know that feeling.

Stephen Quinn : Not all heroes wear capes ... some wear dresses

morefishscale : I love these guys, such interesting and creative people

Johnny Boy : 1:50 right after he says "Its a night of magic" that weird face is classic acid reflexes.

Aimée Schnipke : Our society in particular needs more people like this.

jimmy hunter : at around 1:50 watch treys eyes, hilarious.

LipJobby : It's a night of magic

Carbonatedjello : I have no idea how they could take acid and hold it together in front of all those people. I guess they just have BALLZ.

Ky Gems : These guys are a great inspiration to any and all creative minds

Armin Huric : Trey's face at 1:51 explains it all.

Nice_One : Hey I'd like to say a big thanks to everyone who has watched and enjoyed this vid. I originally put it up to show one friend and thought I had it set to private. Apparently I didn't and it's now sneaking up to a million views. Awesome! 

Dave D : this video is why these guys have been my heroes for 20 years

Popcorn Sutton : "Matt's NOT!!" "I'm NOT!!!" haha

benjie414 : psychedelics are extremely profound, and suppress the ego. the oscars are extremely shallow, and full of egomaniacs. i'm surprised that matt and trey didn't go berserk.

procrastinator300 : LSD is bad, m'kay

Shawn Mahoney : i would have a horrible trip if i tried that

Joe Blow : Yeah that transitioning phase from going into one environment into another is HUGE. Literally words cannot describe the feeling of not wanting to move. Even just getting up from sitting down is a really big deal, lol. I can't even begin to imagine what it must have felt like to know there's going to be thousands of people out there solely looking at how crazily you're dressed, and then having to actually open that door and go out and talk to people without freaking out.  I'm very impressed. The courage and pure balls of that must have been huge.  Edit: Plus, Sheen lasts for like 13-16 hours, so they were Sheening that whole time and then some, lol. 

Simon Carlile : I like to think about what Trey's speech would have been like had he won. Coming down on acid, with crazy levels of introspection going on, and still wearing that fucking dress. Would have been magical.

awodote : rip Matt's jewfro and Trey's blonde hair

DangerDan : Lmao look at Trey Parker's face from arounf 1:49 to 1:53. Hahaha he zones out for 2 seconds and is tripping hard and then he snaps back to reality. These 2 guys are legends.

cr0nosphere : the look on trey's face after the "magical" line is priceless.

leonardo h : "It's just such a magical evening"

Kate McGreal : Sometimes when I'm feeling down. I rewatch this.

Michael Jones : The internet is notorious for negativity, but I can't find a single mean-spirited comment on this video... awesome :D

Dat Harass : I wish you heard more about their antics in Hollywood. A little "dose" of reality, in a sea of fake.

markus markus : "lets wear a dress" 2013 a joke 2019 a serious statement.

Please Stop : 1:51- Trey's tripping face.

Steve Raymond : Just Trey saying "Matt's not" gets me every time.

jyothi sadhu : they drink dr.pepper. they are agnostics then

st-tches : Ugh I fucking love these guys, not to mention after actually having done acid for the first time recently it's so refreshing to realize they're totally telling the truth xD  (Many shows and stuff that depict acid are actually completely inaccurate...)

Kelci Shuford : 1:51, "acid just kicked in hard dude"

CalumCFrew : Matt's eyes at 1:49 that's acid

Tommy Knee : forever legends til' the end of time and the collapse of the universe <3

David McGregor : Lol Trey's eyes at 1:50!

Belarion A.D. : I wanna bang Trey in his dress

Flavius Belisarius : Wow, they really stepped into the vortex. Brave.

bsklasika : i love how Trey is tripping the whole time. Matt kinda holds himself, but Trey is just away trying to concentrate on one thing at a time.

Thom : The saviours of modern American comedy

SlayTheRake : That takes some balls

Paul Hogan : Legendary! 

massive223 : 1:41 omg guy in the greens eyes rofl hes so clearly off it

Pseudo SudoNim : I got a (flashback?) rush when Matt was talking about "transitioning". I remember going in and out of the house/trains/nightclubs whilst "tripping". The idea of getting out of a limo into a horde of cameras and microphones would be almost unbearable. A legendary feat.

Wowzamagoogification : Acid is the kinda stuff that makes you love rubbing your feet through grass, and walking through barriers of light. I've only done it once, but it was amazing and absolutely condone atleast trying it once. I was lost in music, lost in lighting and colours and lost especially in the feeling of walking barefoot. Wow.

JR422 000 : Can you imagine if they actually won though😂😂

BairyHalls : lmao Trey's face at 1:51