Stephen Chow Kung Fu Hustle Throw Knife Scene

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Justin Serna : Its a movie worth watching

arcSolver : If anyone wants the name of the violin piece at the end, it's Pablo Sarasate's Zigunerweisen

Lawrence Lepes : This is hilarious!

boomchacle : at 2:04 ... when your mom catches you trying to skip out on chores...

Mike 369 : Never gets old ❤

vassilis Thegreek : Is this part of a film lol whats the film called?

Connor Harrison : I love this movie but I can never figure out what kind of roadrunner shit this is

80sriceman : damn near pissed my pants laughing when I saw this movie!

Bryan Villela : He used the knife as a mirror. Hahahaha

Lizardnix : I lost it when he stuck the knife again in his arm 😂

Sheketo Shentazu : At first you think the running scene is just a comedic aspect of the movie, but in the end you realize they really can run that fast and they're Kung Fu Gods.

Fahim Najmi Sulaiman : For those who didnt follow stephen chow, i recommend this. 1. From Beijing with love 2. Fight Back To School Trilogy 3. God Of Gambler 2 and 3 4. King of Comedy 5. King Of Beggars 6. Chinese Odyssey 1 and 2 7. God Of Cookery 8. Forbidden City Cop 9. Hail The Judge 10. Tricky Brain 11. Magnificent Scoundrels Notes: CJ7 and Shaolin Soccer are just too mainstream to be mentioned and it's better for you to watch in original Cantonese audio.

c1ue scroll 07 : One of the best movies

Hassan Syed : If I could run like that I would never drive lmao

Houston Culkin : One of the all time best comedy ever in the history of movie. You will laugh from start to finish. Never a dull or a boring moment. Even if you can't understand the language it will still make you laugh out loud endlessly. In my opinion Stephen Chow is one of the best comedian actor in China. her style and ability to make the audience laugh is undeniably hilarious. I love this guy.

tubecrazy77 : "Who's throwing handles?" Ahahahaha.

Edward Ryan : I love this movie it is hilarious and the fight scenes are awesome

Andrew : I remember recording this on tape and playing it so much the tape messed up lmao

Jebaited : when he comes out from under the truck and he still running sideways xD

Kharn526 : This might be the dumbest thing Ive ever seen, When Asia meets Looney Toons.

Dhel of the Zhangkani : This is the moment he realized his own skills was against him, Ahahahaha!

Rin Okumura : U think Mario cart was fun? Well u aren't see $hit yet!

Blue Marshall : I do like it ay first... But when they showed it again in Cable TV I watched it and wow. It made me laugh. 👏👍Of Course the English version 😀

Shane Mane : Funny as movie. Must watch!

freaker126 : i'm surprise you guys haven't heard of stephen chow or his movies. the man a master of slapsticks movie for as long as i can remember!

Officer KD6-3.7 : Lost my shit when her reflection appears on the knife blade at 2:30!!

Colin Macfarlane : 'who's throwing the handles'  still makes me laugh out loud     love this movie

Jediab : OMG this scene had me laughing so hard it was just so absurd, but awesomely written.

Aktap the Unbeliever : Sweet stuff lol, but 17 down votes? who the heck down votes killer funny vids? better subscribe before those snowflakes crash this party

Dredd Justice : Drive responsible kids!

kungfuman82 : It's like live-action Looney Tunes. Love it!

Chio Chan Genocide : This is like the mask sequel we never got. (Son of the mask? Nah that movie does not exist)

Blathering Bear : This is wonderous. A toon come to life.

Jonathan De guzman : *Usain bolt is so damn speechless*

latintiger : Run MGTOW Run!!

T. Lau : omg I watch this when I was a kid it was hilarious

ultrix soma : I don't get this movie, at one moment it tries to be funny, at the next it tries to be serious. I dont know how am i supposed to react to this.

khoirom Milton : This is the most badass film ive ever seen

Jenny Figueroa : aw man I love this movie

Barbara Donegan : I bet heaven is just like this.

Richard Keshane : Laughing so hard

AmericanMeiling : this is one of my favorite scenes 😹😹😹

marsh mikael : God! I'm crying😂😂😂😂

Xavier Cordero : Dude, Kung Fu Hustle best movie 10/10

Nguyen Hung : 2:57 What a beautiful angel !

Lorienzo De Garcia : I remembered laughing so hard at this scene that I almost got a hernia. Like the moment she said "PUK GAI" I'm spat my drink and was like OMG because it's been a while since there's been such an overt dirty insult been used in an Asian film. And the moment she went road runner I laughed so hard they had to pause the DVD, because I knew I was going to be on quite the trip. Only Stephen Chow can make such exaggerated dark comedy in film! (The only modern director I know of, anyway.)

Poppy Palais : Forgotten just how good this is!

Suga Bee Of Carolina : 😆Who is throwing handles?!

Rjay Edwards : And they say flash is the fastest man alive

1 Gladiator : Some Looneytoon type shit.