Stephen Chow Kung Fu Hustle Throw Knife Scene

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arcSolver : If anyone wants the name of the violin piece at the end, it's Pablo Sarasate's Zigunerweisen

boomchacle : at 2:04 ... when your mom catches you trying to skip out on chores...

Lawrence Lepes : This is hilarious!

thebelt24 : 2:27 LMAO that's fucking hilarious

Connor Harrison : I love this movie but I can never figure out what kind of roadrunner shit this is

80sriceman : damn near pissed my pants laughing when I saw this movie!

Fahim Najmi Sulaiman : For those who didnt follow stephen chow, i recommend this. 1. From Beijing with love 2. Fight Back To School Trilogy 3. God Of Gambler 2 and 3 4. King of Comedy 5. King Of Beggars 6. Chinese Odyssey 1 and 2 7. God Of Cookery 8. Forbidden City Cop 9. Hail The Judge 10. Tricky Brain 11. Magnificent Scoundrels Notes: CJ7 and Shaolin Soccer are just too mainstream to be mentioned and it's better for you to watch in original Cantonese audio.

Sheketo Shentazu : At first you think the running scene is just a comedic aspect of the movie, but in the end you realize they really can run that fast and they're Kung Fu Gods.

Jebaited : when he comes out from under the truck and he still running sideways xD

Hassan Syed : If I could run like that I would never drive lmao

Shane Mane : Funny as movie. Must watch!

Dhel of the Zhangkani : This is the moment he realized his own skills was against him, Ahahahaha!

Chio Chan Genocide : This is like the mask sequel we never got. (Son of the mask? Nah that movie does not exist)

Dredd Justice : Drive responsible kids!

Aktap the Unbeliever : Sweet stuff lol, but 17 down votes? who the heck down votes killer funny vids? better subscribe before those snowflakes crash this party

Rin Okumura : U think Mario cart was fun? Well u aren't see $hit yet!

terran warbears : To bad i lost DVD of this movie so many years go :(

Nico The Rabbit : Who was the best Kung fu Vegetable? ---------- Brocc Lee.

Cameron Mcindoe : Kung fu comedy

mellow Hello : As a Redditor, I find this humor..... acceptable.

Drunk By U : Fuck, I've never laugh so hard in my life. Stephen Chow really the God of comedy. The knife n the snakes gave me a real cramp literally lol

kyokogodai : What in the world did I just watch? SMH

latintiger : Run MGTOW Run!!

Jhustine Joy Palis : i laugh so hard hahahhh 😂

Janice Hayashibara : My sides were hurting so much from laughing at this!!

John Christopher Pimienta : This part of the movie is one of the most funniest scenes

Anas Khan : What's name of this movie

Pxpi Nugget : LMAOO WTFFF

Cameron Mcindoe : Lol

Lydus Kyd : Funny

周宽 : 可以了不是原版配音

Blathering Bear : This is wonderous. A toon come to life.

Anich Islam : Anich islam

Terry Aditya : i miss stephen chou

ARSY SEVENNINE : Ha hahahhaa

Billy Truong : 2:03 if you don't pay your rent she'll chase you

Jimmy Kielbasa : Stan Marsh from South Park Chases Toad from Super Mario

MISTER GHZ : Mother, aksioma... Airnya habis...

ruben Goodliff : 🙄