David Saint-Jacques' training for his space mission

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Jet Davis : Love the content you bring to the internet, keep it up! 👌🏽

KookieJoon B : I wish him good luck

Martian Monkey : Let's see if he compares to what Hadfield did in orbit.

Ahnaf Ahmad : My idol. Great respect to you sir.

MIG MIG : I saw him at the montreal robotic fisrt competition. Its a really Nice and optimist guy

Fl1ck : Keep going man!! You are AWESOME

RockstarNos : 6th Comment!!!

wkdravenna : Please take the Canadian flag off, it's a human achievement has nothing to do with Canada. How offensive to people in the rest of the world.

Fortnite Gamer : Can you plzzzzzz SHOW US A TOUR THROUGH THE ISS

dreamagery : He is not going anywhere. Space is fake and Earth is flat. Look it up. Such a freaking liar. Ask him what happens when you hit the firmament. Wake up people. You're in a snow globe.

Jean Lepic-Paquette : Bonne chance compatriote!!! Après Payette; toi! Deviendras-tu Gouverneur Général un jour?! ;) Edit : Tabarnac! Je suis le seul Québécois à venir te marquer un message...

King Peter : will he be trained to drill 2mm holes in soyuz's cargo hold. No but seriously, Was the hole made before leaving to the ISS or by someone on the ISS, and was that person found and restrained

VIP PUNJAB : sir how do you poop in space

Can we get 1000 subs with no videos : Wish him luck hopefully nothing tragic happens to him

yolo gaming and vlogging : Good luck probably up there now but yeah GL

Simply Equine : I did a Project on David, He’s going to the ISS and he’s amazing I love space

Kelly Sexton : Amazing

dogevadergaming : Noice

djponcho : 45 :)

Rory Cowper : Just wondering how do you get a space station into space?

Cool Sheep : 😐