Dave Grohl impersonates Christopher Walken

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gmace001 : Ladies and gentlemen.....foo FIGHTERS!

Daniel Butler : Homeboy on the left looks like Wee-Man if he was normal size.

Lord Motorsports : Dave Grohl, professional at writing music, lyrics, playing drums, playing guitar, comedian, and Chis Walken impersonator.

MegaLotusEater : How is Dave so happy all the time ??? How can anyone be this full of energy approaching 50 ?

Dan : I have the exact same biscuit barrel...

Tony Salazar Jr. : I've been watching this video about 3 times a day since it was uploaded LMAO

Bryce Land : The laugh at 0:26 KILLS me

yepgettingitdone : taylor is so baked lol

Magnus McCloud : I don't think I'll ever get tired of this clip.

FanaticalDrummer : Funny how taylor already starts laughing before the voice even comes in. He obviously hears it a lot.

Joshua Stephens : Amazing

Azad Entertainment : Two Foo Fighters fell in a bucket of into a bucket of cream.

Jesse Earll : Is there video of the actual moment from SNL where Christopher Walken said this?

ScragNath : What is a 'Foo' and how can I help fight it?

77racing : 0:25

phu cue : Pretty much dead on the money ! Dave is a very talented artist !

windowclean100 : I think he is the one that killed dude you know I'm talking about didn't like sitting behind those drums in the back he wanted to be out in the front the front man you know what I'm talking about front man

Fat : Tremendous!!

Nell Gainey : Love Christopher Walken, he can read a children's book 4 adults.

Archaic Revival : my barber has a picture of Christopher Walken in the front window with the caption: Walkens Welcome.

Samuel I : That was awesome Walken is AWESOMER.

Brave Insanity : Pretty good Walken impression. I wonder if he can impersonate a musician with talent though?

Mr. Dont Fuck With Me : That was great!

brian solliday : If Dave kills him self then I am done with music

libertybong420 : There is literally nothing better than a spot on walken impression lmao.

Da biGuy : man..that's precious. Still laughing. LMAO

mark .m : I dont think im ever going to tire of watching this

TheTyeGuy : For literally everyone else, it's FOO fighters. For you, Chris? It has to be foo FIGHTERS.

pooperness : I can watch this over and over

Hamagoloeoz : 0:22

f1sk8mm : Lol. I Love Christopher Walken

Richard Miletic : The 500th guy to do this Lame

Sean The Baptist : You've gotta be a miserable human being to dislike Dave Grohl doing a perfect Christopher Walken impression

May F : I want this to be my ringtone

Seth Shelton : Grohl is the McCartney to Cobain's Lennon there ... I said it

Ileana M Guzman Negron : I’m DYING 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Douglas Funkroy : Have watched this 3 days in a row and can't stop laughing. This is great

Subscribed : FOO FIRES

Chris L : Does Taylor live in Dave's basement or pool house?

MGB : That was an amazing Christopher Walken. Is there anything Dave Grohl is not good at ?

Steven Postigo : fooFYTUS

J Bolo : Why am i just now hearing this????

TenshihanQuinn : Vuuu-FITAHZ!

Mox_au : he almost went into Arnie on the second one

matthew martin : This kills me 😂😂😂


Betsy Kile : Dave Grohl is a rock god!!! Love him!! So extremely talented and such a great guy!

Black Death 1347 : Gary Oldman also does a great Chris Walken. He and Dave should have a conversation in Walkenese.

Raven 222 : hahaha! perfect!

KaptKan1 : THAT is the BEST Chris Walken imitation EVER!!! I know next to nothing about the fighters of foo, but that one is a helluva funny guy!