[Electro Swing Remix] A Friend Like Me

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Since many of you asked to provide a full version of an electro swing remix of "A Friend Like Me"...here we go!! :) Hope you like it! Davide If you want to see how this music is made (or, generally speaking, what's electro swing) have a look at my previous video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nz-Dh5-qdkM Please support me on Patreon to help me create more and better things: https://www.patreon.com/DaveWave


TheSparkyWriter : I do not dance. Except to this.

Average Joe : Could you do an electro swing of "Friends on the other side" from "Princess and the Frog"? Please!

Lawrence Tider : If this version gets used for the upcoming live action Aladdin, it would redeem the movie.

Creepystone : "listens to this for 5 seconds" *"grows top hat and tap shoes"* _hEe HeE_

Jasin Fana : The people who disliked this never had a friend like him

yeonchul Jung : Legends say he's still hearting comments to this day

The Crunkmeister : Aaahhhh, this is hot.

Lux Lox : I love how 20s Swing is coming back for this 20s

Keith Ho : Hope Will Smith sings it like this

MrEggy : You should upload this to spotify I would love to add this to my playlist!

LemonGuy72 : no joke Disney should use this if they make another Aladdin movie EDIT: HOW DO YOU KEEP LOVING COMMENTS THAT FAST +100 Respect I found why your like to dislike ratio is so good

ryarod : If the collective Disney Universe came under attack from a multi-galactic level invasion, and Genie (still captive) was ordered to fight the invaders off, this is what I imagine playing while he does it.

Entropic StarKid : In light of the Will Smith Aladdin, I had to come here.

Just a Boy : Sometimes I hear electro swing and it just sounds like a weird remix, but this is so cool!! It sounds like it was originally intended to be like this! I love it

Psychotic Spade : Robin William's would be proud.

Nabil Mouasher : This can bring the dead back to life cause it's so full of it and then cremate them on the spot cause this shit is lit.

NPC : Just notice, Genie was writing in Arabic when he was the waiter

Aussie Birdy : Had to watch this so I could get the Aladdin remake trailer out of my mind.

Jonáš Lavička : this gonna end on tik tok

waluigi time : The 790 people that clicked the thumbs down, just got confused and meant 'dis I like' not dislike

NoNameGuy : The video is 8 months old and yet he is hearting fresh comments *He cares about the viewers, everyone!* Edit: Thanks for the heart btw

domjanabi : caravan palace: *exists* Dave Wave: "hold my beer"

pied piper : I have no idea why this was in my recommended, but I don’t regret clicking it. Love this

Señor Fluffy : I don't know what electro swing is, but I think I like it

Sarah Peek : And this is how I introduced my kids to good music.

Jonathan Bronner : Vocals could be a little louder other than that fantastic track

John Assassin : You literally sat and read every single comment. You are and keep being amazing!

Pepega’s Disciple : Geez I can’t get this song out my head..... STOP MAKING SUCH CATCHY SONGS!!!

Mohamad Algendy : Now i know what electro swing is Thank you for that :D

Sidney Levitt : Imagine being able to make infinite baklava

AmyAsheworth - Unofficial : That piano section, mmmmm.

Cookie and the gang : How do you play with two hands ITS IMPOSSIBLE

Marci Apple : Big fan of electro-swing Was not disappointed

Virgil : It Is true The legend that says you can receive a free heart here?

Myriem Ravage : I need a 8D version of this song ❤❤❤

Lemuria1993 : And then we have Will Smith

I l l u m i n s : You should really do "Friends on the other side" from Princess and the Frog!

KILLthebit : This song is too good,I wish I could listen to it somewhere else other than YouTube

Edith Montenegro : I feel like Robin would love this so much

BizzareCellist : This is amazing! How has your channel not blown up!?!

BooleanGD : Wait, can I just make a random comment and get a heart? Just like the 3000 other guys?

Meghan Rain : I always love Electric Swing with a good mix between the electric and the swing 10 seconds of swing then skrillex is not electric swing! This is wonderful you can swing dance to this!♥

Error Chara {Female} : I love this song.. it’s sweet. Especially the electro swing version.

Xefox Music : Really nice Dave, would love to hear more Electro Swing from you sometime! Subscribed!

japperan : It just won't be the same if Will Smith sings this song

papi burge : Well this is catchy I never thought I would like jazz until I heard this

C. Hall : spotify please?

L a z y y J e n n : Man this is soooooo good!!!! I would love to have this on spotify ^^

vladicoste : Robin Williams would be so proud of you right now. ;)