Arpeggios at the speed of light

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In this video I am playing with my guitar in the street as people pass by and stops to observe what I do. I am having fun and enjoying my musical performance a lot.

Comments from Youtube

theo Sls : This dude played like his life was depended on this performance.

Harry Fishnuts : His guitar can’t keep up.

debkamal mullick : Its funny that only guitar players and band music listeners notice the effort and practise needed for sweeping. For others most complex sweeps just sound like random undecipherable shit.

ArchAngelPyriel : I think this guy started learning guitar when he was a sperm...

Your Self : But can He play smoke on the water?


Mr. Shelby : Milf in blue

McDrunkerson : It reminds me of when that virtuoso violinist played in the subway and barely anyone noticed, people have no clue what talent is

Agustín. : Top 10 Burger King openings.

MaxSGems : Its very sad how piece of crap pop artists with barely 5% of this man's talent get to be on the spotlight and witnessed by millions, instead of a master of guitar like him, who is infinite times more disciplined, entertaining to watch and worth the time and money.

Geo : Metal has pretty much turned into classical

NPC 001 : OWwwww my ears hurt. Where’s the DJ and lifeless impotent consumer crowd.

Higor Guedes : But can you play Happy Birthday?

Thomaz M. : That was the most EPIC Burger King opening ever in this universe

김용균 : We rationally come to suspect that he is probably Yngwie Malmsteen's son

Kununu_ : Omg he is playing a "El sueño de la gitana - Rata Blanca " but he changed it, this dude is awesome!

Brandon Kyle : How do people just walk by somthing amazing..its beyond me

Nevermind : Take what he just did in 5 and 3/4 minutes. Multiply that by 100,000 and you might have an idea of how much work this young man has done to gain the awesome talent he demonstrated. I didn't see one shopper donate a cent for having the privilege of hearing and experiencing his virtuosity. Rare talent indeed.

HikoSeijuroXIII : Is his pickup switch wired to explode if he doesn't use it every 5 seconds or what?

Lamby Corn : Tabs?

Morten Nielsen : Too fast my man, too fast... Your sound is waaaay better, when you play slower. You have amazing talent though, and I admire it alot ^_^

2BLESSED : A master craftsman enjoying the fruits of his labor🤟🏼✨🎶

Lebron James : Better than porn

Harry Fishnuts : Why do musicians look like they never shower?🤷🏻‍♂️


Expired Memory : The Rock Gods have clearely blessed him. 🤘😎

m0ki : and i struggle with playing master of puppets riff more than 4 times xD

Gray Wolf : Why do people who watch street performers always look like they just want to get out of there? It's not like they have to watch lol

Ben Shapiro : I would pay to see how fast he can make a girl orgasmn just with his fingers

Nicholas Novak : I’ve seen good players and feel like I can be very technical myself but dayummm this guy is just on the gas 247! AMAZING!

Armando Chavez : As a guitar player myself I give kudos with my full respect to this gifted guitar virtuoso. May your talent vault you onto the highest star.

Renzo Colameo : Wow..... Impressive !!! U got another subscriber. All the Best from Ireland !!! :-) Renzo *

JoeyRodz74 : Nice, but note 47,648 could have used a little more inflection. Just saying.

]-〉ΣΔ†]-[ : Top 10 anime protagonist.

Fred Varillas : Asu que bravaso ,bien ah Todo un demonio en la guitarra 🎸🤙☠️

Vital Existence : That was fucking insane. Absolutely incredible!

The GinSingers : Now he should study the compositions of Shawn Lane , the greatest electric guitarist I've ever heard.

Ron Johnson : World record for busker with least money earned per note

Doomzdayxx : I don't have a clue what he's playing it's so incoherent. But his crazy seizure-like body movements have me captivated.

Ameisenandy ANTreas : Wow. Absolute incredible the rebirth of Gary Moore. Maybe faster

Chronic Facial : Jules: "What do they call a Whopper?" Vincent: "I don't know. I didn't go into Burger King."

Clark Kent : which brings me to my next point; "dont smoke crack!"

Mike Bevan : Dude totally missed a note. Somewhere. Probably. Maybe.

Music And Coffee : This guy is in pure BEAST mode! Fantastic job!

cactus fxr : I don’t think those people should be going into Burger King... looks closed 🤷🏼‍♂️

Ricardo Anguiano : Esto pasa cuando Malmsteen y Giardino tienen un hijo :'v <3

Prasanna kumar : Mind-blowing....would love to see you in a concert with a band...all the best wishes bro 😍👏👏👏

Matthew Bernard : this guy has the keys to the Lamborghini

00 9 : It must be nice To play for the opening of Burger King