Arpeggios at the speed of light

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Crimson Inc. : Why do people who watch street performers always look like they just want to get out of there? It's not like they have to watch lol

ArchAngelPyriel : I think this guy started learning guitar when he was a sperm...

Mike Bevan : Dude totally missed a note. Somewhere. Probably. Maybe.

Attention : Totally fake, if you look closely at 4:22 the guy in the blue shirt isn't even eating his ice cream, pretty sure he would be eating it as fast as possible to cool down from the heatwaves generated by the guitar. Rabbits eat carrots.

ab9957 : his left hand was moving so fast that, according to the twins paradox, it is younger than his right hand now. vai, yngwie and satriani are sounding kinda slow.

Agustín Iommi. : Top 10 Burger King openings.

Shogun : But can he play Smoke On The Water?

Adam kane : I remember that stage of learning guitar...just when your starting to get your speed up. Just keep practising'll get fast eventually

Max182 : Yeah? Well... I can smoke more pot than this guy.

Jacob Smith : People just waking by as if they will see something more interesting than this. Lol.

Capp00 : Felt a combination of Yngwie and Nuno in there. Beautiful!

J Done It : 100% Raped that guitar....

Ron Johnson : World record for busker with least money earned per note

ralph : ok but what is he doing in the streets?

tim taylor : this kids is what happens when you practice

HikoSeijuroXIII : Is his pickup switch wired to explode if he doesn't use it every 5 seconds or what?

Shawn Connolly : Due to Einsteins Theory of Relativity (Time Dilatation), his right hand is about 10 Years younger now

Shaips : Someone sign this guy please

Scrotum Monster : All the spectators have NO idea why they are standing in front of this guy. He is a guitar GOD!! He is flawless and insanely quick. I am beyond impressed.

Boon Doggle : I could play like that if I really wanted to, I just don't want to lol

Thomaz M. : That was the most EPIC Burger King opening ever in this universe

Ryan S. : Whopper paid in full

DannyB Plays : blue dress looks absurd with those platforms. Just wear normal flats or something comfortable, stop pretending to be tall

PatientMental : Its cool for 30 seconds but gets boring, seems everybody there feels the same

John Viking : I used to love high speed neoclassical when I was younger. Now after playing guitar for 30 years I came to realize how much like it is to someone bantering on like someone who has a psychological disorder. Saying so much with saying so little of anything meaningful.

Kid with a camera : Jesus Christ Its Jason Borne

lindsey : For a moment people can see what they're missing in their lives but their ADD minds soon take over while they go back into drone mode. Fantastic work, I know this is a bit old so I'm sure you're even more amazing now Rock on man <3

Toofless Hobo : 100 times harder than any blues solo in existence

SUICIDAL SUICIDAL : give this guy some cocaine and see what happend

Matthew Bernard : this guy has the keys to the Lamborghini


really good : That kids brilliant. Totally unleashed too 👌🤘

Comment Highlighted : Great job! Never mind these pretend guitar elitist comments 😂

Telegraph Pranker : What the hell is this god doing amog the mortals ?

Blake Miller : The most underwhelmed crowd of people missing a rare chance at an actual life-soundtrack of wailing guitar.

Victor William : 0:01 Harrison Ford wtf

Thomas Mannix : awesome! sounded like a cross between Yngwie and Batio with a little Buckethead thrown in anyone dissing this guy is a moron

clmahs728 : Yngwie who? Very impressive and clean. Please tell me you’re not a starving musician. Can’t imagine how big a crowd you would have drawn in front of an open Burger King.

Bryce : Dude plays guitar like how I imagine Beethoven played piano.

ivan lopez : Buena tecnica y mucha limpieza , admirable amigo

PONOR : 0:32 i bet this kid in red would wish an guitar for christmas :D

Yendor the Grand : Could you imagine if this kid actually played good music? He'd be going places!

Chris List : 🤘🤘🤘 Very talented, hang in there your break will definitely come soon. Way too good to be playing for change on the street. Respect

Phearup : "dragonforce" would like to know your location

Dave Rucci : Not only does this kid rip that fretboard faster than the king himself (Malmsteen) but I love the way he shakes his head when he plays. Definitely a unique signature move!

DivineYoma : Why is this guy playing in the street and not shredding for a band and making buko bucks. He has FOR SURE!! got the talent. Some big or upcoming band would take him in a heart beat. Nice work man. That gave me some serious feels listening to that.

B. Pornchaser : Damn. Eddie van WHO?!

Jorge : Leyenda tells that he once fingered a girl, she did not survived to tell her story...

RAWSOLDIER : yeah but i can play smoke on the water

Roman Guliaev : He certainly needs balance between his abilities and listenable music. Sounds boring