Arpeggios at the speed of light

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Thomaz M. : That was the most EPIC Burger King opening ever in this universe

Voice of REASON : Lady in the blue dress is drippin wet!

RAWSOLDIER : yeah but i can play smoke on the water

Bruno Terrosa : I bet none of those people who where standing there understand how technical and difficult to play is that.

HikoSeijuroXIII : Is his pickup switch wired to explode if he doesn't use it every 5 seconds or what?

AgusVilla1. : Top 10 Burger King openings.

Bread& Butter : Instead of straight up shredding at least he's throwing some nice bends in there. Bends always change everything for the better. Some of the comments below saying he’s just going fast and doing nothing else. There’s no music there. You guys are crazy, he’s using a real nice choice of notes. This is very musical. Sounds like a bunch of jealous folks to me..... sure there’s a few mistakes but I think he’s just getting too excited! You all should know the feeling. Not to mention the fact that he’s obviously young. Plenty of time to get better. (without the advice of all you professionals of course) With any luck he’ll get to do this for a living and not have to waste his talent with a regular job. This kid rips and if you can’t tell that then you’re just deaf.

ACatNamedJoe x : This man definitely sold his soul.

lucabrito : Lets talk about bad Music Business..A guitar GOD, playing for free, something is quite not right. 4:51 , if Slash or any other famous guitarrist did this everybody would go CRAZY and HYPED, but when Damian Salazar does it, nobody bats an eye..

Lyxander Rojas : Pure talent and people ignore him

Joseph Strain : He fingered a girl once....she died.

wanik4 : This guy would probably make Yngwie quit playing.

MrJreed1000 : If this was 1985 this guy would be neck deep in money... Coke ...and strange

Ivan 927 : Fast and surprisingly melodic for a shred song

SHIIFT : 3:40 - 3:51 best part imo

Ricardo Pérez : Damian sos grande sabélo! 0:30 Mujer de azul: Como que nadie me esta viendo aprovechare y me saco el calzón!!!

Jack Regz : That was the most intense improvisation I've ever seen. I want an album!

Matthew Bernard : this guy has the keys to the Lamborghini

Fred Delmuto : Should we call him a god

Shaun Kruck : Why the he'll is this guy NOT famous????? That shit have me goose bumps!!!!!!

Miguel Carrillo : Este hombre debería estar tocando junto a los grandes como Malmsteen o Vai!! No merece estar tocando en la calleeeeee!!!

demon3825 : had to watch from 2:58 to 3:10 like 20 times. holy shit

Aleph Omega : Skill level is pretty asian

Ronald Garcia Guitar : Rata blanca!!

LukeBass1000 : Anyone else hear Skwisgaar Skwigelf's voice while watching this?

ALPHA HONDA : I just sold my guitar

Charles Mace : He’s got to be in jail now because he flat killed that guitar in front of all those witnesses.

Phearup : "dragonforce" would like to know your location

Vaping Marc : sorry for that but WTF!!!!thats fast!!!!i wish i coud play 1 % of this

METALSHARK 6192 : Dude if I saw this guy on the street I’d give him my life earnings

Christian Luna : look at these people, just standing there stoned-faced. cmon man, that's some insane talent and speed!

Jonatan Parras : Damián Salazar!!! Un guitarrista Argentino!!

Gabriel Rodriguez : OMG this is insane!!! This guy is not of this planet, arpeggios from hell of YM is like a baby song compared to this WTF....

rustyzofkeys : The Earth explodes

Tom Koh : Modern Virtuoso !!

Nick D : Their bird brains cant handle it..

SipuliSaekki : You should be playing on the biggest stages we have on earth. Really phenomenal talent!

Jay Heavylift : death yngwie😵

the god : This guy is good at guitar

lucas rojas : la mujer del vestido azul estaba con ese gordo horrible? no me lo creo....

birdorienteering : Genius is never appreciated in its own time.   Namaste.

SanAndreas091 : 1:30 to 1:55, goddamn those harmony!!!

Jannik Raeder : bravo

Missmissimo Chingon : tiene esa magia que a muchos guitarristas les falta...y esa habilidad natural para improvisar...y poner su sello propio.. y lo digo porque he visto a muchos grupos tributos en los angeles...y sus guitarristas son frios y muy tecnicos copian tal cual la cancion...y no le agregan nada de ellos... y pues ahi se quedan copiando... creo que tu habilidad es para crear tu propia musica...y alejarte del monton... es decir ser un lider en tu propia banda... buena suerte vas por buen camino...

Mike Lightowlers : that is amazing brilliant well done you my kind of guitar solo 12 out of 10

Sugimation : This makes every tv talent show look like a commercial for 'dreams'. This guy is genuine brilliance.

Allisson Araujo : OK. I can play Sadness and Sorrow (Naruto) 😂🤣 Kkk. (Br)

William Dempsey : I can't believe my eyes and ears. Incredible.

Suinoth : Not quite my tempo.

Matías Blanco : se hace una paja y se arranca la pija