Arpeggios at the speed of light

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Dr. Hughie L Mungus M.D : Why do people who watch street performers always look like they just want to get out of there? It's not like they have to watch lol

Attention : Totally fake, if you look closely at 4:22 the guy in the blue shirt isn't even eating his ice cream, pretty sure he would be eating it as fast as possible to cool down from the heatwaves generated by the guitar. Rabbits eat carrots.

Bryce : Dude plays guitar like how I imagine Beethoven played piano.

Shogun : But can he play Smoke On The Water?

skip ad : Needs more cowbell

Agustín Iommi. : Top 10 Burger King openings.

Dan Juric : I liked at 3:08 when the girl standing with the guy suddenly looks at her guy and you can see she's thinking, why can't you do that?

I Own Me - You Own You : It's fast but it's kind of sloppy. It's still light years beyond what I was capable of at that age.

Tiago Rocha : Ok. But i play the triangle better.

Boon Doggle : I could play like that if I really wanted to, I just don't want to lol

Thomaz M. : That was the most EPIC Burger King opening ever in this universe

Ryan S. : Whopper paid in full

lindsey : For a moment people can see what they're missing in their lives but their ADD minds soon take over while they go back into drone mode. Fantastic work, I know this is a bit old so I'm sure you're even more amazing now Rock on man <3

Metalhead Wiz : Amazing talent. Virtuoso

PatientMental : Its cool for 30 seconds but gets boring, seems everybody there feels the same

HikoSeijuroXIII : Is his pickup switch wired to explode if he doesn't use it every 5 seconds or what?

Simone Zimo : Jesus shredding Christ Dude! Your left hand is unbelievably light on the nec

really good : That kids brilliant. Totally unleashed too 👌🤘

John Viking : I used to love high speed neoclassical when I was younger. Now after playing guitar for 30 years I came to realize how much like it is to someone bantering on like someone who has a psychological disorder. Saying so much with saying so little of anything meaningful.

Joe Rogaine : Milf in the blue dress is with that guy!?!?!!

Capp00 : Felt a combination of Yngwie and Nuno in there. Beautiful!

Chillest Bill : 100% Raped that guitar....

tpcs : Yeah...teenie bopper bs hip hop rap crap dancy bubble gum radio stations.....chew on this...Oh...i'm sorry..It's too big for you to comprehend? Shocker eh? Oh.and today's " alleged" metal music radio stations....Take note..this is metal shredding, notice that there is no tazmanian devil-evo shouting bs. It's true...raw...metal shredding \m/

Bill Miles : Great player, no wonder he has admiration from the bystanders 'How does he do that?'

Senpai Doesn't Notice Me : Inside the pickup selector's mind: "OWW, OWWW , OUCH,, pls n-n-OWW, OWWWWWWW, OWIIEEE, NOO , OWWWWWW, IT HURTS, OWWWW, :c :c :'C no no no NO n- OUCHHIE, OWIIEE, pls senpai, OWW"

DannyB Plays : blue dress looks absurd with those platforms. Just wear normal flats or something comfortable, stop pretending to be tall

Shaips : Someone sign this guy please

ralph : ok but what is he doing in the streets?

Toofless Hobo : 100 times harder than any blues solo in existence

Adam kane : I remember that stage of learning guitar...just when your starting to get your speed up. Just keep practising'll get fast eventually

ab9957 : his left hand was moving so fast that, according to the twins paradox, it is younger than his right hand now. vai, yngwie and satriani are sounding kinda slow.

Jacob Smith : People just waking by as if they will see something more interesting than this. Lol.

David Quesada : Cuántos años tardaste para aprender a tocar así ? dónde estudiaste? Eres un reptiliano? Hiciste un pacto con el demonio?

Anthony Rodriguez : This should prove a point to all of us musicians in the world,there's tons of great musicians and artists out there will never be recognized or heard. So we have to stop arguing about who's the best.we should be doing it purely for the love of music

Ozzy Ozburn : Playing fast isn't musical. There are no ideas in there. That's like saying you have to run fast everywhere you go. You miss the point of getting around. Someday you might understand real guitar playing.

G, G,G : Esto es galleta,👍🌹

Ryan S. : Dude plays guitar and BK gates opens. Just waiting for the king to present Whopper on platter. With whoper hand

ÐarknesS~_ŞhįnobįNiğhŢ : Maestro Enseñeme Por Favor!! 🎸🎸🎸

Arugan : Hold my beer, I'm gonna tab this.

Sebastaine VegaX : The name of the song is "el sueño de la gitana" of the latin band "rata blanca"

MICHAEL GONZALES : I think the toggle switch just caught on 🔥 “

daniel antonio muñoz coloma : eres el mejor Damian,saludos desde concepcion chile!!

Спартак : Wow! Love from Ukraine...

JoeyRodz74 : Nice, but note 47,648 could have used a little more inflection. Just saying.

Adam EVH : Bad ass!!! 🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸

Mas Ud Indra Wijaya : sweet natural and melodious creation..great

The Seer : Holyyy fuuck you're amazing!

tim taylor : this kids is what happens when you practice

RAWSOLDIER : yeah but i can play smoke on the water

clmahs728 : Yngwie who? Very impressive and clean. Please tell me you’re not a starving musician. Can’t imagine how big a crowd you would have drawn in front of an open Burger King.