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Herluin : Virgin? Vegan? Videogamer? Viral.

Mossmage : bigshot eating haute cuisine while us little utubers starve.. i see how it is

FrippTricky : I raised my kids in the 1970's so I didn't have time to listen to this

ChrisMCR : I will leave this comment and give you a thumbs up as well to help push you up the algorithms. #page21herewecome


Kingdom Jams : no mung beans?

r0y02 : This is gonna be viral, for sure.

chip bradey : Can it skunk you funking Chump

Movieunleashers : This belongs in some sort of Avant Garde Museum

Tom Meatballs : glad i watched #22 on the trending page to view this gem. keep up the hard work skunky!

SeanP87 : can yous tutter utter a single sentence without messing up?

horseduck : like this comment if ur here before 22 views!!

Zu! Nathan Zu! : thank you for not vomiting this time

madklowndisease1 : dude where Can i get that awesome Gamer™ shirt?

About98Dogs : T H I S N I 🅱 🅱 A E A T I N G B E A N S!

Toasty Toaster : I love to watch this violent vitriolic viral video

StrawbunnyMilk : A quality mukbang.

Goblin Boy : damn dude you musta spent 22 dollars on all those cans happy 22nd birthday on the 22nd month of the 22nd day of the year and to 22 more 22nd place 22rending videos

Steady : Oh wow love you skunk! I thought you quit

Ghostacy : :0

Wobbs : skunkpaste really went downhill after he learned he'd never beat lynx titan to #1 on the OldSchool Runescape game

Thrash Pit : slight touches of ASMR

dirty : glad to see you are eating your veggies!

hambo : make a tape of you eating a bowl of beets - now thats viral!

Badtanman : No raw broccoli this time?

mike ganer : Is this a horror movie trailer

N Zimm : Alright. You got me. I gotta be a Patreon subscriber now.

Feisar04 : Glad to see you uploading more content, skunk

KhakiMarsh : woo hoo, youre viral bud

Erik : Skunkpaste is a con-scammer

Reider Soby : Can wait to see you on philly d tomorrow skunk

Mister Scoops : Potatoes? In a CAN?

dinorap1 : Cool

eric Shelton : nice yams bro

Rusty Bags : can you say?

Damen Hoyne : can you spare a hair tutorial for getting that good-looking middle part?

Josh Hopkins : I wish I could invest in Skunkpaste the way I invest in a stock.

TheLastSliceOfPie : #bringback2000greathits

Allahu Akbar 14/88 : god died the instant this video was uploaded

endy y : nice chopsticks control, are you sure you're not a broodwar pro? xD

Johhn : cut yams part was the true highlight of this video

tangerinebeam : I;m thinking about thos Beans.

Matthew Lane : No lentils?

ahmost 22 : Virgin vegan gamer


Biggest THinker : Congratulations you've won Congratulations you've won Congratulations you've won Congratulations you've won

Josh Smith : The 1 dislike is the head skunkie himself

Red fridge : That shirt is amazing

Nicholas Grisolia : Incredible

Daniel Ireland : You may want to lay off the veggies, dude. You're looking a little rough.