Gangster Party Line (Original Gangster)

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SuperLuigi9624 : *MYSTERY NIGGAS*

JoobJaibot : Jewish guy is the best...

Christopher Ellis : He in the bed dying to talk some shit😂😂😂😂

Todd Howard : Xbox live gold in a nutshell

MikeDest : I called, got the dog

T P : *classic niggas*

lorenzo hatchett : mystery niggas???? lolll

Bernard Buckholtz : I'm DEAD! He had the yarmulke on over the durag. TILTED!

drbrunch : Dog Niggas

BaboonMF : I die every time I see when he can't sleep because he must talk shit.

Zac Foulkes : Humanity has peaked


gotham hunters : Deaf niggas

The LegendaryMuffin303 : Im mad he was tossing and turning like a mattress comercial

Curtis Lenox : This never ceases to make me laugh

Elia Giudici : 1:14 fun fact, this is the author of the video

doomzday : Why your broke ass have a tarp for a backround?

Steve Sibaja : Psycho Niggas😂😂😂😂Lol

Matthew Hagerty : 4.99 per minute

D Madej : Ghetto therapy hahahaha. This clip busts me up every time

Shalamar Thomas : Doark niggas 😂😂😂

Kenny Reck : I swear to God this is the funniest shit I ever seen on Youtube !!!!!

mommypounder : daaaawwg niggaz

VINYL SQUAD : I actually called this phone, no one answered 😂

kimble frost : lotta fukn nerve calln me on shebot

Mario Penaloza : What Bill Clinton said to Monica Lewinsky while in office 0:52

Kyle Mayorga : “Off top” lmao

Ducatidaddy 1098 : I've watched this shit at least 50 times! 😂🤣🤣🤣

Ceil Constante : I haven't called but have watched the video several times! Always cracks me up when I'm pissed off!

Spazer40 : "Buff niggas"

Roxanne Smith : I love the Jewish guy...

Arturo The1 : M Y S T E R Y N I G G A S

stop, get some help : *SUP FOO*

Jolo : lost it with the Deaf and Mystery Ni**as!

Madara Uchiwa : Jewish niggas!


Freddy Marcel-Marcum : Facebook niggaz

Joel Villarreal : I want to murder that dog on the real

Bender Bending Rodriguez : Did anyone ever try to call?

Grim Reaper : "Mystery Niggas." Haha.

Conde Gomez : LMFAO!!! i work in a call center, This is totally what I will love to do with some customers lol.

Black Mormon : 1:00 LMAO😂

Joe Mack : Lmao. I never seen some shit like this.

XNightcoreRemyX : Asian Niggas

FEAR-_-ME_NOW : I didn’t know Snoop Dogg was jewish

harold cladinton : Dog niggas

Yung Steven : im seriously thinkin about samplin that last part over some anime

Dab That : Dog niggas😁😂😂😂.

John Pabon : I called and I gotta say feels like an accomplishment

King T’Challa : Dude done got old lmfao!