Joaquin Phoenix Falls Hard While Filming 'Joker' in NYC

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Superior Productions : Bruce why do we fall? Sorry wrong character...

Mr. J : All it takes is " one hard fall"

BlackPhoenix 72 : The moment when Joaquin Phoenix turns into Running Phoenix.

Who cares : People don't realize he fell on purpose 😧 how dumb can you be

rodolfo godoy arredondo : Neymar challenge?

the truth is : I think that's the origin story. He fell on the ground in broad daylight in front of so many people so he became THE JOKER out of embarrassment.

phatbaby : I'll end up watching the whole movie cus of these uploads. But THEY'RE SO TEMPTING!

Jarrett Vasconcellos : I didn't realize how much weight he lost

Bryan Bahle : Instead of running, he shoulda been "Joaquin". Ill see myself out now.

Tom Holland Sucks : all it takes is a little push

Deathshuck : Obviously it's for the film. Look at his feet, nobody falls like that. He's being filmed waist-up so it looks like he's tripping on something for real.

selfie kroos : The whole movie is now available online

MrColdwatercanyon : He used to skate for fun he’s wiped out before.

Odd Apprentice : Good stunt. Can't wait to actually hear the dialogue, music score and editing. Which is the real movie. Not how everyone thinks these "leaks" spoil a movie. _"Ever fall for the devil in the pale moonlight? I say that to all my prey. I just like the sound of it."_ 🃏 ...wait, wut?

Rohit joshi : Please..let joaquin surprise the audience with his performance on the screen. Don't spoil the suspense by releasing footages one after another.

Get In The Boof Shinji : Jesus Joaquin looks so brittle and skinny for this role

Dale Tatum : Time to recast now. He's done for after that injury.

PegranHimself : The King of Comedy 2

GerArt13 : I would love to work in that movie :*)

Mark Stiburski : OK warner brothers you're showing us to much

Holyflame : *"You see madness is like gravity, all it takes is a little push"*

idk stop : Wow its funny how people think he fell "hard" and on top of that, it was obviously apart of the script.

Mikie Knox : This movie is gonna be awesome.

Resho Loitam : This joker movie gonna be a masterpiece.

HEDWIG ETCETERA : click bait 101

shinji sami : 0:17 that gave me chills, oh man this is going to be awesome

Fromtull : He’ll be alright. He was raised in a cult, he’s seen worse.

Color less : wow the movie flops already?

Geno Felino : He can’t walk the line without falling

Ndinku N'Jadaka : He's gonna be so good in this. I don't know if the movie is gonna be any good, but man...He's about to body this role.

Richard Ortiz : Put these stupid clips together and you have a full movie, lol

b̶e̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶ a̶l̶o̶n̶e̶ : Please upload the whole movie 🙏😂📺

rick mriganka : Did he scream Mr. Wayne?

Sid Shades : Just let them make the damn movie stop ruining it for us

reficul1984 : I think he will do a good joker.

debkamal mullick : Somebody clearly wants to win an oscar

Novaximus : He's lost a lot of weight. So thin.

The Maldos : I have a feeling he’s going to be the best joker

Parkie355 : Notice there’s been no close up filming from the crew of Joaquin?

San Chan : Lol those camera shots sound like a machine gun.

•A L E X • : Joaquin the type of guy who pulls a "joker" outta nowhere!!!!!!! Lol

Blueguy : he is calling thomas wayne

Maestro Drake : Not a difficult stunt.

Paul Castillo : With these fancam videos getting uploaded all the time and then listening to movie reviewers that spoil you the story details, you get to watch the complete movie even before it is shown in theaters next year.

yeah yeah : You can tell that this is going to be an emotional movie. Because joker's origin is really sad and pathetic he had a very miserable poor life, always struggling to get a job just so he could support his family, not only that, He lost both his wife and his son. It was all too much for him it made him go nuts . Joker may be a bad character but hes seriously the character that everyone can relate to.....

Thy Savior : How do they get all these older cars?

Seamo One : OBVIOUSLY DONE ON PURPOSE.. SERIOULSLY??? Plust... That was NOT a HARD FALL! That was a trained, correct fall to limit, if not do ZERO damage to the body whatsoever! I was almost a pro-Skateboarder in the 90's..... Watch some of those falls! You have to "Learn to Fall!" We get right up after what looks like a "hospital trip" over & over. We do it repeatedly until we get the trick! Look at stunt men... Come on.... NOT A HARD FALL AT ALL! LOL.... This was silly clickbait.

Adimus Prime : That looked like Heath Ledger in Dark Knight after the truck flips over and he flops down. Brought me nostalgia.

The Outsider : The chick in pink at 0:23 is totally Domino from Deadpool 2 (Zazie Beetz). I can tell by her walk alone. Edit: Yep after a quick IMDb search, it's her.

zykomonkey : hahaha dude is a legend. this might be top 2 or better joker when all is said and done and considering the others in the convo that's the highest compliment that can be given.