Los Angeles Real Estate Reality Check: What will $1.6 million buy?

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hp_overload : Ya but who tf wants to live in upland

Cow Pig : California is so overpriced. In Nebraska, 1.6 million will buy you. . . Well. . . The state of Nebraska

Flash : With this price I can buy the whole city of Detroit.

BikeStuff : 1.6mil, take that to Texas and buy a MASSIVE property

Addicted2baseball rgd : You have 2 master bedrooms, because it takes to families to own it.

Taylor McLaurin : In Manhattan that can buy you a decent 1 bedroom apt downtown

trance212 : I would never live in LA. What a dump.

Lucas Fernandez : those are worth 600k max

Luke Sohnly : Wow California is soooooo expensive! A 1.6 million dollar home in Michigan is around 15-20000 sqft. I'm so shocked 😮

Champagne Is Good For Your Soul : My Los Angeles home cost my parents 500k back in 1994. Now Zillow values the home to be 3 mil😂😂. Housing in California is expensive as hell now

kajatan music : and then somebody builds in front of your house...

James Varela : The whole LA real estate market is a massive bubble. Prices have tripled since 2000 and per capita income county -wide is flat since then. I recall back in the thick of the financial crisis in 2009 large homes in Benedict Canyon were sinking under A Million. Ditto prime Beverly Hills Condos. The next crash will be akin to the Las Vegas Crash in 2009. See the video here on youtube DESERT UNDER WATER if you want to see what is coming up for LA.

MRVIPERZXX : Third house gives you a wonderfull view of the smog covered city

Jelly roll rider : For 1.6 mil it better have a button in the master bedroom that launches my house into space.

MexSoulChild : You really want to trip people out, show them what 1.6M will get them on the West Side or in Downtown

Fetti Magazine : Ridiculous prices!

Meghan : No one cares what 1.6 mil gets you in Texas, Nebraska or whatever.

B : With 1.6 million in Utah you can get a huge mansion with a real basketball court in the basment

Emanuel Geczi : Way toooooooo expensive you get a mansion for 1,6 Million Dollar

Paolo Inigo : California is expensive as hell but the best weather on earth so you’re paying for the weather

Bunchy Carter : In Desoto, Tx just outside of Dallas, 1.5 mill gets u a 5 bed 7 bath estate. 9000 sqft. On 16 acres.

Lap TV : Why? Actually why? LA is such a dump. How can real estate companies trick people into paying that for ok houses in a gross city.

Nathaniel Carreon : Nowdays, $1.6 million is not shocking in LA County.

Seth : Want more space? Move out of Cali.

Dirty Blond : My 156 acres and a 3,000sqft home in texas is about 500k... Couldnt give those houses to me with neighbors 5 feet away...

joeguy1092 : San Diego is just as bad

gor jess : This is why i can't stand California and people from there. You get better homes with views in almost any other city (besides nyc) for a third of those prices. La is so dirty and old. Just why?

Moe Moe : no section 8 here people

sean : Lol try moving to Vancouver

albert odillon : I like American houses than European ones

Bruno : This can buy a small apartment in the silicon valley

Mark Brown : suicide balcony.... what are those?

Eric C : Wow the view from the last home overlooking the city is amazing.

mr x : Cue the butthurt comments from Indiana, Ohio, Kansas, etc.

evolver : $1M+ to live in Upland?! What are you thinking?

Bryan Robinson Van Devender : Where I live $1.6million will get you 1000+ acres, 500ft waterfront/lake, 8000 sq ft home, 3200 sq ft guest house, 1500 sq ft boat house. Good luck CA.

ExtrovertedCenobite : Upland? - If you pay more than $400,000 to live in Upland, then you are overpaying. Don't be impressed by the size of the home or the interior bells and whistles, drive around the city and ask yourself, 'Do I want to live in this dump'? - There are many more dumps just like Upland so be careful and always ask yourself, the question above.

Buttery Skater : A mansion in L.A is minimum 10 million.

MRVIPERZXX : So that second house when you come home drunk you fall straight down the stairs

RK831 : As a single with no dependents, for $1.6 million I would rather buy a one-bedroom beachfront condo.

Unstoppable : Prices in Canada are pretty shocking too. Especially in the GTA

Me : Moral of the story: Move to Texas (I recommend NE DFW suburbs like Plano/Frisco/Prosper/McKinney.)

Stealth : in new zealand this house would cost about 2,400,000 about 2,100,000 us dollars. prices in new zealand is crazy high

SixFingersSaidToTheFace Pow : In the Bay that'll get you a 2 bedroom😂

THE BEARDED TEXAN : Lfmao in Texas that worth 300k tops so 1.6 will get you a mega mansion and at least. 15 acres of land with possible water well . This is why ill never leave Texas

Mikis Mays : Forget all of that 1.6 million in Memphis will get you 7k sq.feet

Frederic Lin : in beijing you only can buy an apartment with 3bedroom and one toilet. With no view and only belong to you for 70years with this price

IAMPEDRO 101 : And I'm over here living in the apartments

Andrew Maxwell : If you think this is overpriced, go to the Bay Area and check the prices in Marin and in Silicon Valley!

JUAN TAMAYO : I live in southern cali..it's simple location location location