Santa Fe 3751 (Los Angeles-San Bernardino) Feat. High Speed Pace!

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On 4-12-14, Santa Fe 3751 made her way to San Bernardino from Los Angeles. These are the shots I got. Enjoy the sights and sounds of steam power. Please rate and comment, thanx and God bless and Jesus saves. :-)


Izzey Ni Cheeyy : 4:33 When two different time-travelers met in the future

Merchant Ivory : 4:46 Looks like time travel with the car on the freeway :D

ビッグディックダチ : Following the damn train? Here, take this yellow dirtbike

Metroboom 767 : He protect He attac Most importantly he fast on da track

Aryan Kishore : Today we might have bullet trains capable of doing 350 kmph but nothing can beat the elegance of this beast!

TSG Multimedia : This is awesome. The engine is working effortlessly.

Corek BleedingHollow : There's a lot more beauty in old technology. Why is that?

Ryder : When your being passed by a steam loco on the freeway!🙄

robert shaw : Oh beautiful for spacious sky and amber waves of grain, those beautiful black monsters that used to pull the train

Rudy Cornejo : ok why am i looking for my Lionel train set in the attic at 3:00 a.m.

Cooper’s YT : Wow, Thomas has upped his game

Madness832 : Gotta be strange enough to have a railway running down the median of a highway. But to have a vintage steam train keeping up w/ (& even outpacing) the traffic? Mind-boggling!

Phore Whoresman : So cool. Usually everyone is driving light speed on this freeway. They slowed to watch the train lol.

Trojan Horse : Truly a majestic machine, proud being a mechanical engineer.

Gman611 : This video have me goosebumps! I wish I was riding along 3751!

warmfreeze : And to think....the connecting beam on the main drivers weighs around 900lbs...that thing is just a blur..

Nicholas Olesen : I love that the man at the end said “pretty humbling isn’t it,” very true my friend

World Citizen : Man you captured a unique and beautiful moment, thank you for sharing.

Rudy Valle : That thing was designed and built without computers, CAD software, or robots. Amazing.

Amtrak 90222 : Haha lucky! Also congrats on making it to Daily Dose of Internet.

Lady pilliwick : I used to work for the Santa Fe. .. You have no idea of how powerful a steam locomotive is... I've seen then literally pull the rails up off the track and turn them into pretzels....

Kilovitoh de cobre : Que hermosisima maquinaaaaa 😍😍😍😍 siiiiiii quiero llorar de solo ver esa belleza......

Fajar Astanaprima : Love the sight at 4:33 , that blue classic Suburban really fits the scene like good old days

Jacqueline Roberts : Wow you followed this train for A LONG TIME! Stalker!

John Rodriguez : Its kinda scary how fast those things can move 5:05 Looks like if it falls apart thats aloot of energy

Ameya : Amazing camera work.. beautiful beast.. keep up the good work

Lennon Turney : to think that big monstrosity is powered by steam, yep boiled water

Bumhunter90 : They were HUUUGE!! I had no idea!

Jay Wattley : Could u imagine driving down the highway then all of a sudden.. this old school phantom comes up next to you 😱😱😍😍

Sayton Dette : These street racing videos are getting a little out of hand. Even i'm starting to have a problem with it, which is saying something.

Rodrigo Bueno Amorim : Este cara tem o melhor trabalho do mundo sensacional muito bom 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

Larissa Que saber de tudo sobre a familia do branco : aqui no Brasil boa parte das ferrovias é desprezada por governantes idiotas e empresas incompetentes ,com desculpas de merda !

TheReal DongKopter : Im sorry but when ever I show this to someone they say "wow a train so cool😐" they will never understand

Robert Farrell : What happens when it reaches eighty-eight miles-per-hour?

northerntraveller : Can't help but tear up each time I see these videos. Dad was an engineer. I was thirteen at the death of steam (1960).

DURGESH KUMAR : This engine was used in my country in nearly 1995. Awesome

Aidan Pysher : Imagine commuting to work, only to get passed by a vintage steam engine - absolutely majestic.

mindlessgonzo : Strange to see an ol' 1920's steam engine next to Toyota Cruisers and 2010 model cars and SUVs. A nearly 100 year difference kind of strange.

Trina Safiya : I wonder what the creators and builders would think of this beauty running beside cars filled with computers! Did they think it would last thing long? What would they have created with access to today's tech? I'm just in awe.

Armageddon Dragon : 4:35, when two classics meet for the first time. Beautiful view! Great video.

Don Drone : I really enjoyed this video been watching videos this one I totally enjoyed seeing. This is total history steaming down the highway 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Sascha Berressen : Heavy metal on rails 🤘🏿🤘🏿🤘🏿

Skate Monster : So this is what they mean by Puff the magic dragon! 🚂💪

Pixubol Imon : I think Doug Demuro should do a review with all its quirks and features. Then take it on a test drive. Lol

A Postive Rider : lol 1940s machines with 2018 machines meet that roads...! and Lol both 19s Machines meet at future 2018

Ruben Javier Molina Varese : Facil va entre 100 / 120 kilometros por hora😎

KingreX32 : its funny, in its prime, in its heyday this was probably just another train. But seeing one of these today is like a special event. Funny how things change with time. I wonder if modern locomotives will be looked at the same way in 100 years?

Ellesmere Wildwood : How to turn iron into a living, breathing, moving work of art. What a thrill, driving so close to her on the freeway, speechless ! My dad would have watched this video over and over and over. Thank you for posting.

4 gauge : Wait until"BIG-BOY"4014 comes to life.