Santa Fe 3751 (Los Angeles-San Bernardino) Feat. High Speed Pace!

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TrainTrackTrav : FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS 1: Is the Metrolink diesel pushing the steam locomotive? No, the diesel is there to provide electrical power for the coaches, as well as dynamic braking. Listen at 7:55, that is the bark of a 1927 steam loco, not the rumble of a diesel. 2: Why is there no smoke? The fireman (the guy who makes the steam for the engineer to use) is firing the engine well. He is using as little fuel as possible, to make as much steam as possible. This means there is little smoke. 3: How much coal does it use? None. This locomotive was converted to burn atomized oil in 1936. 4: How fast is she going? About 55 or 60ish. This is no where near her top speed. 3751's highest recorded speed was set in 1941, when she hit 103mph. 5: How did you work the camera while driving? I didn't. My dad was driving while I was filming from the back seat.

mindlessgonzo : Strange to see an ol' 1920's steam engine next to Toyota Cruisers and 2010 model cars and SUVs. A nearly 100 year difference kind of strange.

TSG Multimedia : This is awesome. The engine is working effortlessly.

Aryan Kishore : Today we might have bullet trains capable of doing 350 kmph but nothing can beat the elegance of this beast!

Rudy Valle : That thing was designed and built without computers, CAD software, or robots. Amazing.

Mike Morris : Is it just me, or is the steam locomotive one of the coolest/ruthless piece of machinery man has come up with, put some horns on the front blowing the steam and you have a modern day nightmare to new kids lol. Amazing vid!

Kevin spacey : I dont think i could keep my eyes on the road driving by that monster

Norosco4u : Magnificent! That train was so awesome it tore through space time and pulled a car from the 50's seen at 4:28.

robert shaw : Oh beautiful for spacious sky and amber waves of grain, those beautiful black monsters that used to pull the train

Ben G : That thing would easily last another 100 years if is maintained. Not only is it magnificent piece of history it is piece of art. One can tell that people took pride in their work in their day.

3.6.9.K Ft Select Edits : Can you imagine if this BEAST was a Transformer.

Jcr4449 Productions : 2:34 beautiful

KingreX32 : its funny, in its prime, in its heyday this was probably just another train. But seeing one of these today is like a special event. Funny how things change with time. I wonder if modern locomotives will be looked at the same way in 100 years?

The Kart Dude : New generations. And the fact it is in between the freeway is amazing!

005658able : Made in the USA :>

Shane Singleton : What a big beautiful beast. I love diesels but There is just something about a big steam locomotive that just moves the soul. She moves pretty well for a piece of iron that's getting close to the 100 years old mark. I'm planning to take a short trip over to Frisco to see Big Boy 4018 possibly this weekend. I've never seen any of the big Alcos up close. I can't wait to see 4014 back in action. I'll have to try to get a seat on an excursion once she does.

C. Lassard : I'm willing to bet that the vast majority of the public didn't even bat an eye at this magnificent machine. That says a lot about our culture.

IronLordOmega : that big beauty chugging along nice

15DudeAwesome : 4:40 My new wallpaper.

TheReal DongKopter : Im sorry but when ever I show this to someone they say "wow a train so cool😐" they will never understand

Brandon Hendrixson : Like the old blue chevy suburban

Ben Dejos : ok why am i looking for my Lionel train set in the attic at 3:00 a.m.

Sye Rail : Absolutely stunning chase.

Lt Dan Grindr : I bet the Prius drivers when they saw this I bet you could hear them shit in pants

Fritz Colburn : I'm not a big train guy. But I just watched this beginning to end with the biggest grin on my face. Maybe I'm a bigger train guy than I thought.

Gman611 : This video have me goosebumps! I wish I was riding along 3751!

Tcostello105 : Incredible video, unreal footage of it along the highway! Probably one of my all time favorite train videos on Youtube!! Great job filming! 

Maxy : Wisti age of steam will return in steam engines will be put to use again and not have diesels behind them all the time

Deses : So mechanical, it's amazing.

Tech 83 Studio : Now that's a showstopper.

ᠰᠣᠳᠣ ᠪᠡᠳᠣ : is that train from Polar Express?

Rob Volk : Needs a DeLorean in the front!

Alex Hollst : Long live steam locomotives!

JrFlexing909 : When the electric goes out. The steam train will keep moving.

infinitecanadian : What a beauty! Vintage trains are awesome.

sammy brasch : Just realized this looks like the train from polar express.

D. Jones : 9:00 OMG people and their phones!

Amtrak 90222 : Haha lucky! Also congrats on making it to Daily Dose of Internet.

sammy brasch : Just realized this looks like the train from polar express.

Tony Trotta : Looks like that Classic steam train Santa Fe #3751 beat all the cars in the race! Nice Video - I never saw a train traveling between the highway like that - seems like a real distraction too!

Pacific Warrior : Too bad she isn't sootin up that communist cali air.

ChristianX TavaresX : It looks like the train is on the road but it is cool

C. Lassard : I've seen these beasts blow steam out of the sides, surprised the crowd was allowed so close to the track.

Private Detective : Beautiful

Linwizz : Is this fast enough to get back to the future?

D D : Beautiful piece of engineering history!!

Gumball : aqui no Brasil maior parte dos governantes e empresa ferroviária desprezam o transportes ferroviário de passageiros , veja o exemplo milhares de vagões apodrecendo ao relento pelo pais a fora ,o governo não da mínima importância e a ALL terminou de sepultar trens,ferrovias e estações ,e ainda que posar de bom menino ,a ferrovia norte sul se arrasta desde 1987 , a trans nordestina vai terminar quando galinha nascer dentes kkkkkkk

Sidney Bluemink : How did I only just discover this video? This is coolest thing I've ever seen.

Laurie Harper : This is terrific. The close up shots of her pistons and connecting rods next to the highway really show how hard she's working. I love the juxtaposition of the old and new with the loco and the cars speeding along together. What a whistle, too. Classic tones.

Clayton Gillaspy : Awesome poetry in motion never realized just how big these locomotives are! Just dwarfs the cars! Huge magnificent! Look at the detail in the construction a work of art! And this one is just barely opened up it will top 100 mph! I love how all the cars are pacing her! So cool!