Sonic Mania - Good Ending

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Finbo Maladay : The dislike are from the leakers

OCShoes : What song is this?

PacManWithAMouth Blanco : *& Knuckles*

Eduardo Villanova : Mania Knuckles in Shooting Stars

codenamegamma : fuck, I just commented on Reddit about how I would love to see this. it's like you read my mind.

Davon Merrick : Poor knuckles.


Let'z-B-Gamerz : Lol I'm Happy you did this instead of the Real Ending ! I've already played the game anyways (;

J-Wolf17FTW : Nice meme!

Arktis : This was even more satisfying than the good ending in my eyes.

Spartan War118 : i actually saw the opening and noticed knux and made a gif of him doing just that cherish this wonderful .gif

Youngstar Productions : Finally a leak worthy of reddit

N64 Weegee : Oh no

STikER : This is beautiful...

leftymu : This is one of my favourite memes and this version of it is freaking awesome

Ghost Ninja : Memz

Polkadi : best leak a man could wish for

McKnighty : Thanks Reddit!

theone102 : best content 10/10

Touche : Return of Knuckles the Echidna in: Knuckles & Knuckles & Knuckles: Shooting Stars Edition DELUXE Turbo Championship Edition (Featuring Knuckles from the Knuckles May Chuckle Series)