The Loneliest Town (Population: 1)
The Loneliest Town Population 1

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Although the USA has evolved into an overwhelmingly metropolitan nation over the last few decades just over half of the country’s population (according to year 2000 statistics) still live in towns and cities with fewer than 25,000 people. The country is still made up of many small towns, some of which have low dwindling populations. There’s one town in the States where you could double the population just by showing up. It has a pub, a library and one resident, who takes care of the passing trade. There’s another town with a population of just two. And of course there are the many ghost towns scattered across the country with populations of zero. The one single resident of the town with the tiniest population is sticking to her routes. Let’s meet her in Today’s Infographics Show as we bring to you – The Town with a Population of One SUBSCRIBE TO US -► -------------------------------------------------------------------------- WEBSITE (SUGGEST A TOPIC): SUPPORT US: Patreon.......► SOCIAL: Twitter........► Subreddit...► -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sources for this episode:


Vincent A : This Is Gonna Get Lost In The Comments So If You Are Reading This You Are Chosen

Spooky Shrimp : You basically leaked her address

Starrlet : “Damn, time to pay taxes again :/“ **takes money from her wallet and puts it back in again** “Done!”

Oh Yeah Yeah : Bruh that reminded me of that spongebob episode where he thinks everyone is gone so he plays the roles of everybody😂

Edward Wang : Imagine you are the only resident, and you hear a knock on your door...

SWA dank : When you are building a town in minecraft and no one wants to join your world

Roxy Cempron : Introverts, pack your bags!

Elliot Ford : Lol imagine her robbing herself then going to court and judging herself and sending herself to jail

Random Things : When she dies I wonder if someone will move in just to keep the town alive

Bob Su : The real question is how fast is the WiFi though?

Gamer- Domy : Who else looked for Monowi on Google Maps ?

Rachel Jackson : Wait...... what would happen when Thanos snapped his fingers?

AbsolutelyAbsol : She pays her taxes to herself Intelligence 100 Sneak 100

kinga443 : wait... then how am i gonna order my happy meal if i am the only one who lives in a town :(

nogoodsohood : The most un inhabited is Inside my shoe it’s lonely

Michael Wade : I wonder if she'll watch this video.

Mr odd Oddensen : Do the town with no laws (Yes it real in the us)

Lil_scopee XD : Before this video population=1. After this video population=10000001

N : That women in the one population town is so cute it made me so happy that she is happy in her little town 😂😭💕 Edit: I wish infographic did a video about ghost towns!! That would be cool to see

Saddy Maddy : James Charles will be living there in a few days

JustBennyBalling W : The WiFi password must be easy to Remember WIFI life

Sunflower : 2019: Population 1 Nobody: Absolutely nobody: Me: I’m literally gonna ruin this town’s world record.

Siva Rohit : old woman has beautiful love story in that town😭😭

DirtyDirtsGT : No... The sun population is 0

Lulu Charlene : Paying taxes to yourself What a dream

Hannah Petersen : I live in Nebraska! Woot woot!! I live in a very small town too.

PøtatoAesthetic : Nebraska gang wya?? Me and my parents have met that woman and been to that town tons of times💛

adel albaker : Me: *Finds an abandoned place* Me: I OWN THIS NOW!!!!!!

Skylar Rose : Population-0 My love life

Rising Embers Gaming : “This town ain’t big enough for the two of us”

Plook : Hidden valley is just a farm in the middle of the desert (near the valley of fire) next to a power plant

Asian : Ya i know how you feel, i played minecraft on singleplayer

Chewy Suarez : It can’t be like that for long though

Kitchen Roam : I've never travelled to a town, I've always been in cities.

bogroman13 : Imagine her stealing something then she realises she is a robber so she arrests herself and sends herself to prison

Dont read my about .-* : You mean.... My channel?

Patrick Star : Who else clicked on this thinking it would be Buford Wyoming


TOON215 : Word on the street is TOON215 vlogs straight from a ghost town daily 🤷🏽‍♂️

WolfGaming : My Town has a Population of 6,000 and One street light. Lol The City added it almost a year ago.

Simone Sciberras : Comino of Malta only has 3people on it

Little Universe : Who also sees kurzgasat in a nutshell please leave a like.

Mr. Potatoes Head : I'd like to live there just to avoid taxes.

Goda Kiazimova : I just see astrogeekz viewers watch this so I clicked so fast cuz I love his/her channel

Khalid Ali : you pronounced the towns named incorrectly

Lapis Blaze : There is many old towns with 0 people Edit: oh you said that.

Isaac Marks : The city with the least population I have been to is Gatlinburg, Tennessee. The population is 4,163 people

popcorn param : I have only one question . Does she have an internet connection ?

PvP Rat : My next destination is Chernobyl trust me.