The Loneliest Town (Population: 1)

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Michael Wade : I wonder if she'll watch this video.

Mythical Starrz : “Damn, time to pay taxes again :/“ **takes money from her wallet and puts it back in again** “Done!”

Lulu Charlene : Paying taxes to yourself What a dream

thescorpions1234 : You basically leaked her address

Rising Embers Gaming : “This town ain’t big enough for the two of us”

Dont sub or else : *My room in a nutshell*

Annoying Charizard : *Me during my Minecraft Years*

Mir Rufaeed vlogs : This is kajsmskaija town 🏠🏡🏢🏣🏘🏡🏠🏠 1 like = 1 population

derpy face : It's sad to hear that Eiler passed away. I think she really loved her town so much, and only a few people has that trait. I salute Eiler who never gave up on her and her husband's town.

popcorn param : I have only one question . Does she have an internet connection ?

Evariste Galois : But ... what if I live in a heavily populated city and I'm still lonely? I'm asking hypothetically ... for a friend ... I'm *NOT* lonely ... *... why am I still alive?*

SyncXer : Bruh that reminded me of that spongebob episode where he thinks everyone is gone so he plays the roles of everybody😂

Matilda Kallay : Me inviting myself to my 12th birthday party

pipy snipy Ag4 : When you make a guild and no one joins

Max Faleyev : chernobyl has a population of 0

Check My Playlist : 2. My room, my dog and I

Terry 20 : The loneliest comment (likes: 1)

Scorpius Malfoy : Ive made a town its called my house! Can I become famous now?

Scented _ Flower : The smallest town: my house Population: 4

Aguila701 : Why don't the homeless move in to those ghost and low population towns?

Cojoe3 Official : I’d make a town called me land. Population: Me.

The Winspear : I'm going to go say hi to my neighbors.....Never Mind 😢

CookieCat : When I heard Nebraska, my home state, I did a dramatic head turn.

Ellie Cohen : for every like I will add a heart ❤️

Vicktour Walker : Reminds me of Gravity Falls.

Cewyah : Cuney, Texas. 70 people and it only has a police department and a barbeque place. Go there if you want a speeding ticket!

Derlin Clair : May God kindly protect the lady who lives by herself in Monowi,Nebraska,friends.

Fallout Dan400 : After this video there will be 5k people living there

Vincent A : This Is Gonna Get Lost In The Comments So If You Are Reading This You Are Chosen

Liliksha : I’ve never been this jealous of a person in my life. This sounds so beautiful.

Black Moonlight : City of Mumbai (where I live) has a population of 14.8M

AK comedy : Where is the real voice

Lagomorphine : Isn't a town just a population of 1000 to 20k? This would be a Hamlet

Jack Hollingsworth : The library has over 5,000 books in the town, read them all with skillshare.

Ruth Beaty : I've lived in several small towns over the years, frankly I prefer them. Big cities have much to offer, but they also have a lot of bad points.

ZackAttack : Oh shit I live in Nebraska

Bob Su : The real question is how fast is the WiFi though?

Devyonplays : Excuse me where is my narrator 😐

Ashlover 123 : Monowi is introverts dream land

Zander F H : This is 18 years out-dated

Visnetter : I live in the Netherlands

tina : *i want my own city now*

Epic Nikki : You mean.... My channel?

bogroman13 : Imagine her stealing something then she realises she is a robber so she arrests herself and sends herself to prison

Caca Doodle Dooo Poop : 1, my forest and me.

connor : The original lonely lodge

AAron Bombmiller : I sadly only live 2 hours from there😂

Angela He : I grew up in the heart of Shanghai, where the city’s population is almost the size of Australia’s population. Where I live is also made up of advanced technology and luxury. I feel depressed when I look at those small towns or country side, dunno why. Feels trapped in those places, though many ppl feel trapped in big cities. It’s interesting how we can be so different

Moon Beauties Tv : I love cities, I love walking around in streets, listening music in headphones and going on shopping sprees but I also love living in country. I love being close to the nature, driving to city with a car while watching the beautiful nature around me, going to a little shop with limited but tasty products. I can't decide! It's so hard because I've lived in both. If only cities, I prefer my place instead of biiiiig cities. My city is a little like country but also has things like in a big city. I love it.

Madness Melvern : I have a potato flyin in my room