The Loneliest Town (Population: 1)

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The Infographics Show : Could you live in a town where you'd be the only resident? What do you think you'd miss most because of not having anyone around?

Michael Wade : I wonder if she'll watch this video.

Mythical Starrz : “Damn, time to pay taxes again :/“ **takes money from her wallet and puts it back in again** “Done!”

popcorn param : I have only one question . Does she have an internet connection ?

thescorpions1234 : You basically leaked her address

Mir Rufaeed Vlogs : This is kajsmskaija town 🏠🏡🏢🏣🏘🏡🏠🏠 1 like = 1 population

Evariste Galois : But ... what if I live in a heavily populated city and I'm still lonely? I'm asking hypothetically ... for a friend ... I'm *NOT* lonely ... *... why am I still alive?*

Vincent A : This Is Gonna Get Lost In The Comments So If You Are Reading This You Are Chosen

pipy snipy Ag4 : When you make a guild and no one joins

Oh Yeah Yeah : Bruh that reminded me of that spongebob episode where he thinks everyone is gone so he plays the roles of everybody😂

Check My Playlist : 2. My room, my dog and I

Im a general WHEE : Me inviting myself to my 12th birthday party

derpy face : It's sad to hear that Eiler passed away. I think she really loved her town so much, and only a few people has that trait. I salute Eiler who never gave up on her and her husband's town.

Ashlover 123 : Monowi is introverts dream land

ÂK RØCKSTAR : Where is the real voice

Cojoe3 Official : I’d make a town called me land. Population: Me.

Scented _ Flower : The smallest town: my house Population: 4

Scorpius Malfoy : Ive made a town its called my house! Can I become famous now?

Águila701 : Why don't the homeless move in to those ghost and low population towns?

The Joker gaming : When she dies I wonder if someone will move in just to keep the town alive

Cewyah : Cuney, Texas. 70 people and it only has a police department and a barbeque place. Go there if you want a speeding ticket!

Edward Wang : Imagine you are the only resident, and you hear a knock on your door...

Max Faleyev : chernobyl has a population of 0

tina . : *i want my own city now*

Bob Su : The real question is how fast is the WiFi though?

Fallout Dan : After this video there will be 5k people living there

Jack Hollingsworth : The library has over 5,000 books in the town, read them all with skillshare.

Ellie Cohen : for every like I will add a heart ❤️

Taestykookies .-* : You mean.... My channel?

Devyonplays : Excuse me where is my narrator 😐

Black Moonlight : City of Mumbai (where I live) has a population of 14.8M

αииιкα : Next time upload: *_The loneliest person in the whole world:_* *_Annika(Me)_*

tasmanian Mapper : This is not uncommon in Australia, they had to change the rules so that to be a town you have to have 25 people, due to several towns having a population under 3

Ruth Beaty : I've lived in several small towns over the years, frankly I prefer them. Big cities have much to offer, but they also have a lot of bad points.

TrØøpz y : One like= 1 population for Debraska and I'll add people 😊

IG YungBenzBoy : I HAVE AN IDEA. What if we help homeless people by starting they're life all over again at this town

Fog ducker : Isn't a town just a population of 1000 to 20k? This would be a Hamlet

ZackAttack : Oh shit I live in Nebraska

bogroman13 : Imagine her stealing something then she realises she is a robber so she arrests herself and sends herself to prison

Zander F H : This is 18 years out-dated

bl4ckp4nth3r HM : It's really heartwarming

connor : The original lonely lodge

Xpeachy cherryX : She’s so strong

Mr. lizard : The girl I love is named Elsie

WhistleG : Watching this remind me of *Radiator* *Spring* *ROUTE66*

Germs JB : 25,000? Oof mine is 350,000 I live in Bakersfield

Bukkake : My town just 3 population...2 young girl and me

Lulu Charlene : Paying taxes to yourself What a dream

Gordon Gaming : Buford?

CooDex Gaming : Increase the population, imma go there