Fog rolling over Long Range Mountains in Lark Harbour Newfoundland

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Fog rolling over the long range mountains and burning off as it moves over Lark Harbour, west coast of Newfoundland To use this video in a commercial player, advertising or in broadcasts, please email Viral Spiral:


Blpitts : Literally 1000ft fog rolling in...somebody call Treyarch

Krotiz : Those aren't mountains......those are clouds! GET BACK IN THE SHIP. NOW!

Earrape Database : We've introduced fog rolling in

Maytreeuu : "Fog rolling in"

Amy Guzman : Stephen King's The Mist O____O

CanadianLoki76 : where is the rest of the footage? Stop filming as it gets interesting. Typical.

Matthew : fog rolling in

Damien Fate : I could watch that all day

Alberto Aradraug : ¡Hermosa madre naturaleza!

Andrew Ng : Silent Hill - Silent Hill Game of Thrones - White walkers Interstellar - Visiting planets

Chasey : Im a sucka for fog rolling BUMPA CARS! Do u baby?

Krikaryan : White Walkers are coming

jesse flamand : This is So often do you actually get to see it roll in?

John Roper : Fog rolling in

Noprofilepicturereino kirpperino : This video features fog rolling in

Will Pack : I can only imagine how many conspiratards thought this was some sort of end of the world thing or government experiment gone wrong.

Zombie Jäger : We've got 100 foot fog rolling in striding across the landscape.

Color Guard : some one please someone call David blundell

elferdinand : The car stops: "no time to explain... Get in the car"

Green Grass : @JasonBlundell

rmatt24 : Water Style: Hidden Mist Jutsu???

Sharmaine Eusebio : The angels are surfing.

Sara Griffith : I had a brother who lived in Cap Cod. I went to visit and was sitting on his deck. He was getting ready to leave and he told me to watch up the street, that shortly the fog would start to roll in. He was right! the fog started to roll down the street like a gigantic tumble weed. It was kind of on the creepy side. It was a bit like it was alive! I went inside. 

RetSquid : The Mist...

Nick Ushor : THE FOG .

62hg : This is a job for Sam and Dean Winchester lol

Patricia Gonzales : That looks creepy a heck.

costa200 : The winter is coming...


Dave LaBelle : "We ripped a hole in the curtain between dimensions!!! THERE'S SOMETHING IN THE MIST!!!"

CNep99 : Almost everyday in Northern California.

Laura Gabriel B. : "terror en la niebla" nonono

00QanT : Hunger Games

moc50ish : is this an example of orographic fog?

pinkstarburst1234 : This is nothing out of the ordinary I've seen this all the time in California.

Enrique Eskeda : Is this the right place? Lark Harbour, Terranova y Labrador, Canadá

محمد القحطاني : يا مصور يا بخيل .. المقطع ما يكفي الحاجه !!

Madeleine H : awesome

Daniel Nitzsche : The whole feeling of this place and even the sound effects of the seagulls reminds me of Arcadia Bay.

philippe verzier : Incroyable et magique !!

Jhoandy androide : Y despues quedó todo cubierto por la neblina?

LOC USTE : Nobody see Aquaman or Thor around there :-)

Augustus Caesar : That's fog rolling in

5of6 : OMG! Canada is so beautiful!

notanfningain : Now, that's something I'd like to see in person.

Joe N. : Beautiful!

Wen-Chi Chao : air cooled when raise on the other side of mountain, water vapor condensed form cloud

Lasagna : The map introduces fog rolling in

BrotherofAmes : I lived there 1986-2001