Video Recorder in Minecraft 1.13

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TheRedEngineer : What's next? VR in Minecraft?

xisumavoid : The new look of lets plays :-p Amazing creatiom seth!

Alexander Calabretta : Fortnite clickbait: OMFG I KILLED NINJA!!! Actual video: fake Sethbling: Video recorder in minecraft. Actual video: 100% quality content made by a genius

Nexi : 2018: camera in minecraft. 2019: 4K camera in minecraft. 2020: minecraft in minecraft. 2021: camera in minecraft in minecraft.

Chris Blananas2 : We're getting closer and closer to being able to play Minecraft in Minecraft.

Senpai Ditto : you just created 2005 youtube in minecraft! wow

DeansRealm : *Sethbling makes a Nasa Supercomputer in Minecraft*

Sine : This man has the powers to cure cancer Instead he makes minecraft videos inside minecraft

badabababa : Me: failing at creating a 3x3 piston door SethBling: creating a video recorder with rendering and playback functionality in Minecraft mfw

T Minus : Everyday seth gets closer to minecraft in minecraft

Daniel Doria : At this rate we can soon predict that you'll be able to stop world-wide conflict with a couple armor stands.


Hans5958 : Seth: I will stop doing these Minecraft videos! I'm tired with those command blocks. Mojang: Wait! How about we add datapacks so you can code without command blocks? Seth: I'M BACK BOIIIIIIIIIIIIIS

5uperM : SethBling: "Welcome back, SethBling here. Today I made Minecraft in Minecraft."

AwesomeMangoes : You’re on a roll with these videos! Keep it up!

Flashnhc : I love how the rendering room is a dark room

Player-87 : Watch first part in 144p for best experience.

The Hyper Cube : god that outtro is the most nostalgiac thing i've ever heard

Horzinicla : Welcome back Sethbling here, today I made a nuke strike code generator that generates real-time nuke codes using armour stands in a database. That's about it thanks for watching [outro music]

Technicity : So basically... *RTX ON*

big boi : Hey Seth, how did you get the armor stands to walk around the sandy video camera like that?

Centti50 : Holy shit this is amazing

haha yes : Sethbling, The one that keeps on giving.

lovreli : Sethbling one upping himself every week


YellowBunny : No more armor stands? What madness is this?

Cripple Jr : Thank you Kanye, Very cool!

The Candyman 512 : Welcome back, SethBling here. Today I made VR Minecraft in Minecraft.

HydroXenon93 : The footage seems to be backwards (what was seen on the right is played back on the left)

Jason Selsley : Jeez! This is absolutely insane!

Niloss : Sethbling: Unchained

kaua0f0m : Someone can explain me the armor stand meme?

TheEnderBlade : Wowie, I predicted it! I commented on the Polaroid video that you could keep doing this but super fast and make a video player!

Cooper McCom : Great video, keep up the good work

Abraham Duno : What's next? Life in Minecraft?

BoomBattler : I was watching a Sethbling video when I got this notification

Thijs Pubanz : just curious, can you make a photo mode that detects other players? no idea how you should do that. maybe fun project? greedings Thijs :)

Rabid Hamsters : why is the video mirrored from the actual actions you do?

Powder Physics : You need to do this with the atari 2600 emulator

Shit Posts : You are insane

YoutubePooppismo : Do it with maps.

SammyB : I guess he thawed out of the cryo chamber a few weeks ago and got back to work

Boypig24 : What’s next? “Cancer cure in Minecraft 1.13”

slow polka : You're like that primitive technology guy but you're progressing from a minecraft base rather than an irl wilderness base.

bassin tome : N I C E :D

Floaterz : Is it me or is the rendered video inverted? ( right is left and left is right )

InfiniteBro : Remake the Atari emulator

Vsauce Puppet : Can you make something with armour stands? I’ve never seen you do something with those

triggered : hell yeah

Cabalex : :O something that is replacing armor stands???