Spy Monkey Mistaken for Dead Baby and Mourned by Troop | BBC Earth

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PM : The moral of the story of this video. And the law of universe that every living body has a heart that shows lover and care for each other.

Vada Ann : What if aliens are studying humans with robotic people cameras?


Jaelle Kaylor : I just cried through this whole freaking thing.

googley3 : What's most beautiful about this is that not a single one of these monkeys was related to or had an emotional connection to this baby, yet when they believed they found a dead infant they all grieved.

AnzhooDragons : Wow. They actually care for each other. That’s amazing. We need to learn from them...

Feared Beard : Monkey NIBBAS: *_*hugs and consoling each other*_* Humans: **PRESS F**

np : And we don't pay such respect even for the live ones

jovan turner : They understand they’re own mortality

Evan Aksel : Poor monkey has to live the rest of his life thinking he killed an infant

Nayre : Humans would probably take a picture first before grieving like a "proper" "normal" "intelligent" being should do.

Sone2539 : 0:18 oh my god she cries...

Ms Dee : Ahhh that's so cute. They reacted the same as normal humans. Notice I said normal.

Sweety Shetty : Human beings should learn from animals... where huminity is nomore in this world, let's move to animality... 😊😊

B.M. : Oh my, so dramatic. I like how you've captured those perfect sentimental scenes, lol

Darshan Prajapati : This teaches us the true behaviour of the society.

jellybull : Damn, I'm on here for funny animal videos. Now I need a hug.

F K : I was getting excited ... thought they were going to interrogate the spy monkey

Tom Sezt : Aww why would they do that to them...

Kerriana Brent : tht sad bc i care about animals

Sinister Shadow : All God's creatures can feel emotional

Rachel E. Alexander : Awwww 😭😭😭 they were so sad 😫

Saania Saxena : Wow we need to learn from them to respect and care for our loved ones 💖💖

Ian Fimone : Why am I laughing. Omgawd I'm going to hell 🤦‍♀️

☻Here's My Opinion☻ : Amazing footage!!

david Khan : Better than us

Cricket : Press f to pay respects

The Bharti Sharma : If you replace the monkeys with humans then also remember to replace the grief with cameras.

Tubir : Humans be like, *it was just a prank guy*

Vann Chau : This was so sad😢.

Sulaiman Zaheer : They also have hearts like us.

feez.06 : 0:41 Press F to pay respect

Violet Blue : u pranked the whole community, dude!! 🙈🙈🙈

Edkush : I dont know why I'm watching this but it certainly isn't on my to do list this week..

HENRY THE RC CAR : Haha creepy!

A White Quail Called Quayuh : Press F to pay respect

Rakuni Jirax : Press F to pay respect

K Sanatomba : i am going to cry

Squid Neutral : Why does this video have 15k dislikes smh 😔

Adriana picaso : aww it's so cute how they all hug each other

amor obillo : Press " *F* " To pay *Respec*

Captain Axe : I feel sad for them like a now it's a robot but they think it's real.

Ramehar Siwan : More sentiment than human beings and pay respect to each other but humans are only in their egos.....they are more faithful and should be taken pity on them

Zaxor Von Skyler : Press F to pay respect...

TheMarkyWay : Animals are beautiful

mickey boy : Press F to pay your condolences

Rea My Comment Then Sub To Me : Press F to pay respect as well.

Khalid 2007 : Press f for the fallen robot

moon light : Teary-eyes 😰

clera pp : those monkeys were making me cry out in pain.I felt so sorry for them 😢😢😭