'Spy Monkey' Mistaken For Dead Baby And Mourned By Troop | BBC Earth

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Meow Glab : Humans assume that just because other animals aren't human, they're stupid and not capable of feeling empathy and sadness and compassion or any of the complex emotions we can feel. We are so proud we do not realize that all animals can feel and express these emotions, but they just look different from us, that's the only reason we assume they can't feel the same as us. Magpies, crows, giraffes, cows, and many other types of animals have also been observed grieving their dead.

Musty Fan : I guess it makes sense. A dead baby would be cold and stiff with rigor mortis. It's touching how they acted.

Yarini : and as humans we out here killing each other instead of extending a hand to help one another

Thomas Pickett : This video just shows me and tells me what I have thought and believed for many years that all animals have consciousness and self-awareness... You can see it in them displaying it emotionally among themselves hugging and caring for each other... If that is not consciousness and self-awareness then I don't know what is...

Timely Vlogs : when people say animals don't have feeling they do

Jalaj Saxena : wow, they are better than humans, we take out the camera and start shooting...

brianpso : Right in the feels

Will Scarlett : I wonder how many of them monkeys became clinically depressed after this? This was a cruel thing to do.

Flict- j : This is better than detroit

Erik Vo : " BBC earth going around traumatized monkeys, mate?"

Jim Jones : Lets build terminator bigfoot so we can find and spy on the real bigfoot, LOL ! ! !

Aadi Bhandary : "Here lies a fallen guy we probably did not know. We will remember you forever Guy!!"

KTM Norway : Kinda sad

chavamara : And now the poor youngster is traumatised for life for killing a "baby". :(

KingTerra111 : this was so interesting to watch, anyone think that too?

mad cobra : and that is how religions started

Mind Kontroll : The saddest troll ever...

Manos De la Dios : World star brought me here

K Sanatomba : i am going to cry

Ramehar Siwan : More sentiment than human beings and pay respect to each other but humans are only in their egos.....they are more faithful and should be taken pity on them

googley3 : To everyone that believes animals don't have emotion - seriously do a 2 minute google search if you want to learn something about evolution and the science of emotion. The limbic system that processes emotion in the brain is present in other animals, and ours isn't even the most complex (it is actually even **more** developed in dolphins). The same areas of the brain that light up when we feel emotion light up when other animals feel emotion. And think about Occam's Razor. What's the simplest explanation for animals reacting in ways that appear to be emotionally responsive - do they react in ways that we would because they are experiencing the same emotions due to our shared evolutionary lineage? Or is it a complete coincidence that they react in ways that appear to be emotional to the same stimuli we react to emotionally, but are in fact not actually feeling anything, just giving the appearance of feeling something, and the appearance of feeling emotions evolved before the actual experience of emotions... Come on guys, at this point, with all the scientific evidence that animals feel emotion, and with the observational evidence clear as day right in front of you, it's just arrogant to believe ourselves different. We're just a really smart species of hairless ape. Get over yourselves.

Edralis : The descriptions of what they are doing seem rather unsubstantiatedly anthropomorphic. I don't understand - "to pay respect", "consoling each other", "sense of grief and empathy" - how do we know they do/feel any of those things?

dot williams : That spy monkey is creepy. It's scares me. So much.

Pedro Henrique Köhler : That's very interesting, but I'd like to know how one could prove that that's really mourning. Humans tend to seek for human emotions in animals, and besides of that tricky feeling and hope that they're doing what we want them to do, I don't think there's any concrete evidence that they're really mourning the robot monkey.

__Weirdkid07__ : Monkeys are so smiliar to humans wow....this is beautiful

theSUBVERSIVE : This opens up for of sorts of social experiments with animals and bots, right there between weird and interesting... hahahaha...

Sanhana adhikari raje : yarrr kishiko matt marooo yarr sabb sashh late ha dardhh hotaa haa 😂😂😂😂enshan ho ya janwar nepali ho ya Indian Jay nepall milkaaa tahoo😂

abhishek das : I always wanted to be a money or gorrila

clera pp : those monkeys were making me cry out in pain.I felt so sorry for them 😢😢😭

KING COBRA : I can't believe this just amazing

Space Cowboy : Como cuando se muere el Brayan :v

Andrew Cutler : Insightful but seems very intrusive.

Hollywood Undead Deuce : Press X to pay respect!

breyzh2jahkady : I don't know, man, when I go to a funeral to "pay respects" I don't poke at the body and smell its crotch. Seems to me like this is doing a bit of tear-jerking anthropomorphizing, but hey, the people who made this video are more well-versed in animal behaviour than I am.

Sam Ba : how you inferred that the langur colony gathered to "pay respect" to the dead!!! does monkeys have the concept of "respect"!!! most probably they gathered there because they are communal animal- in every situation they come together- from grief to violence, exploration to enjoyment.

googley3 : What's most beautiful about this is that not a single one of these monkeys was related to or had an emotional connection to this baby, yet when they believed they found a dead infant they all grieved.

Steven Watkinson : It's just the way it's edited - the monkeys hug each other anyhow all day - they just put different videos together

jellybull : Damn, I'm on here for funny animal videos. Now I need a hug.

mrbobbilly : What's the point of this though... Doing this just to purposely make them sad?

Mustakeem Rajpoot : Bad

DFZ : what's the point of it though...

Abhinav Das : Do make a video on animals holding on to your 'Golden' play button!

Mateo Gonzalez : Aaw, why would you do that to them! A spy monkey, how was it supposed to move and interact? Should've gone with a spy tortoise or something. Now I'm just sad...😔

LetsBeClear : Our "cousins" have an intensely underestimated capacity for the full range of emotion memory and anticipation we think ourselves supreme in. Theyre as brutal, as kind.

Eric Gonzalez : OMG so edited, the monkey doll pretty much changes location every 5 seconds and the editing and narrative is trying to describe it as if all one continuous event...

Inspired by one! : These animals have humanity!!

Darian Gregory : why are humans so surprised that animals can feel what we call human emotions? Humans are animals too you know and we aren't as smart as we think. As a matter of fact it seems the more we think we know the dumber we get.

Fox Bishop : I have a hard time believing that this is real and not just BBC choosing select clips to portray these monkey's as having human reactions.

Black Queen : monkey:Hey,there's new baby here.I wanna babysit him. She drops spy monkey by accident monkey:Oh no!I killed him!I'm...so sorry,little one.

Bargarr Drakhammar : F