Charlie Zelenoff is a horrible person and says awful things about Mohammed Ali

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Charlie ztv : ''YO WILL ?!!'' hahahaha

JohnLoCicero : I've seen snuff videos less-disturbing than this.

alphatan2 : I would be so pissed if i was living next door to that guy. I think i would kick his ass every night after i got off work.

dude464 : his head looks like my left nut

ANON YMOUS : hope he dies a painful agonising death, and someone gets it on video, peace to all Haterz R,I,P Muhammad Ali the real G.O.A.T

Scott Taylor : it's scary that he actually believes the things he says. I watched his videos and he has no boxing form, skill, or talent. He doesn't even move like a real boxer in the ring. I don't know him personally and I am not even that big of a boxing fan but I know one when I see one....and he ain't it

blindhowlingdrunk : Does that say 'the G O A T' on his shirt? It should read 'the C U N T'


jay dio : Charlie couldn't knock a wank

Soul Traveller : This is so obviously staged. Look at his face at 1:09

chrismiavia : Why do I want to murder this guy? Something about him tells put him out of his misery, Maybe it's his dead eyes

Muhammud Ghulaam Yaseen : insult a proven great human like Muhammud Ali. I challenge you i will fly to states no rules and watch what i will do to you.

patty nice : obviously its all an act

Simon Jones : will a big fan lmao there was no one there u dimp --------

William McKenzie : Charlie just heard that Kimbo Slice just dropped dead, and called him out. If he doesn't answer in the next 12 hours, his name will be added to his knockout wins.

Flint rock : no one was outside. he pays to print his own cups now? his training is to hit a stupid maniquin as hard as he can with his spaghetti arms.

Scott Malcolm : he would have laughed at Charlie Muhammad Ali would have probably made friends with him ..Tyson would rip his gay head off ...

sajidkhanmahmood : he needs a straight jacket asap

Daniel Jones : lol @ Charlie talking to his imaginary homie "Will"

Gay'ns Master : The cup solidifies your fame papi...come back home Charlie, I miss you :,(

Tanya Young : is he drinking piss?


ghostchasr68 : The Duck!

Hyena : Wins don't count when it's your girlfriend.

JohnLoCicero : At 1:09, I can almost see the veneer fade. It's like he couldn't poker-face it there for a second. I'm not saying it's all a hoax, but that kind of seemed like a different person coming out. Like a person who just found it too funny to not burst out laughing.

Lee Colfax : I miss him making videos like this. Chuckles should of tried to be an actor instead.

Gaming GuruGary : He needs to talk about himself more.

What What : wow I never fought, but a couple bar fights and I would put a hurtn on you boy!

John Hunter : No other pro boxer on the planet throws as many fresh air punches like you either Chucky,that's why you always need a time out bro cos you haven't got any stamina like a real professional boxer,your a complete joke of a man everybody is laughing at you,seriously take a step back and think for a minute Chucky

karen brougham : Oh ok if it’s written on a plastic cup n you hv a tattoo the says greatest boxer it must b true - I believe u now

Yohahan Hahn : Is that a tall glass of vodka?? Lol

Minnesota Manchild : I'm the guy who wrote that on the cup. Charles asked me politely to do that for a video exposing Box Rec

zachary kenney : Charlie Zelenoff vs Andrew Hartley - FULL FIGHT

Stu Bradley : Will hes a big fan of mine, Charlie blows Wills big Willie everyday. CHARLIE loves wills p4p big Willie.

no comment : the fight game needs more guys like charlie. i feel like hes brought a certain freshness back to the industry. cant believe hes calling out floyd that would be a close match up.

Jamie S - Uk : Would love him to tour the uk challenging All around him maybe spend an evening with Tyson fury telling all his traveller family how he will kick their ass 😂😂😂 no more Charlie

Germayn Mares : Looks like this idiot is drinking Piss lmfao !!! 🤣😂😂

Agent Orange : beat your legs to lord jizz

derek smith : find help before someone kills you

Mr. J : Charlie did you ever know that your my hero

jackson jacksonite : you are seek , I see in your eyes .

Global Project : Looks like charlie is having a awesome celebration with his empty party and magic marker printed cups. lol

Marc Mckenzie : Yep getting p4p written on a cup in pen by some nobody justifies him being the greatest over a man who had influence over millions of people over the whole world! Come on man!

Adi Wbw : too much fight night game, just too much

Pete 1 : 😂 you're delusional

Rafal Swiatkowski : why the f is he still alive?

john james : go team goat

wispa1a : where did he buy that belt

Cesar Carbajal : Bro that dudes cup made me laugh!!!

Basic_Assumption : Charlie's the real deal- the GOAT. Show some respect you scrubs.