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Breaking news ... thousands hurt, millions suffering ...

Comments from Youtube

Zach : This is so sad! My prayers go out to the victims, police officers and Fire Fighters in this tragic situation.

Kayla Burney : Prayers to the children involved in this, some people are horrible.

Crystal M : I can't believe this isn't plastered on every news station in the country...

Kristy Melinda : Wow, I can't believe someone would do such a thing :(

Ben Angel : 69 people dead and 1738 orphans injured.

Zach Moore : Absolutely heartbreaking.

RUBINO : This is so sad... My heart goes out to the victims

Claudio Teixeira : wow.... i can't believe it... such terrible news....

mightymichelob : It's disheartening to be given up and let down after being promised that it wouldn't happen. Running around, deserting them like that? I may have to cry and say "good bye" after this one. I'm tired of being lied to and hurt so much!

Ansixi : wow....why.....where did we go so wrong? heart breaking...

Zoraiz Hashmi : no....its just so sad... how the world is blind to this. my heart is to the thousands suffering. Come on America, wake up!

moon : The thousands suffering...

Poly Hedron : How can people be so savage?

Julie_Jelly_bean : Omg how could this happen 😭🙏🏻

Chris P : My prayers go out to the victims

mewantbrains : This is the most graphic scene I have ever seen

Fergus : Awefull.... Wake up! Prayers to the children that died :-(

LoonyHawk : How could this happen I'm so sad 😭😭

Kenneth Jose : I can hear the cries of anguish of the victims

Tautismo : it's a heartless world we live in

Kirk Pierce : I can't believe I actually watched this all the way through. Really graphic.

Skyler Wendorff : We are all gonna die this is a must watch what has the worl.come to

Kyle2000 : omg that is something awful...

Por to : OMG I'm shocked! those poor people! I hope the government will step up for once

Olivia : Oh my god, I feel so sorry for everyone...

arden : This is just horrible. How could someone do this. So many people must have been affected by this... wow, that's just tragic.

GThe Geek : Lord....I've lost all hope in humanity.

Nailul Haziq : Even in CURRENT YEAR this still makes me feel disgusted.. how could this have happened? Never forgetti...

AnonUser : RIP in peace to the victims :(

Frank N. : This is heart wrenching, what monster would commit such atrocities.

Brenden Lujan : When will it end? I see no reason for the torture and destruction of towns and families that have no means to protect themselves, and are mostly a peaceful people. They let everyone else walk all over them, something needs to be done. The merciless slaughter of thousands of women and children is heartbreaking.

Cebastiandane Villegas : Praying for those parents and families 😓

sab : So awful... I'm so sorry

Alex Bayoff : Well this just ruined my day. My heart goes out to all the victims.

Emma DaRiver : Oml those poor people ;-;

jmp1814 : the most devastating news! oh the thousands suffering 😢

BolbiiS : Please, pray for these children.

courtney rose : Such a shame, the best we can do is never give the victims up, let them down, or desert them.

Leo Walton : So sad D:

Ritvik C : We live in a truly sick world, RIP to everyone who suffered

Sentiecide - One Man Band : Damn, this is some heartwrenching stuff

Sir Klopp : This is awful, I can't help but feel for those who died tragically there. My thoughts go out to their families

cory2146 : IS THIS REAL LIFE?!

Diffy : Over 9000 people died? Tragic....

CherrySoda! : I can't believe it. How could this happen?

yee : The scenes at 2:09 are too graphic for me to watch...

NEW CHANNEL : Oh my god I feel so sad especially that little girl she was just.. no ;-;-;-; I'm so sad

Tester Kim : why havent i seen this!?!?!?

Jae-Min Seo : Prayers out to all those who died in the massacre. #Peace   #DeuceFo