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Zach : This is so sad! My prayers go out to the victims, police officers and Fire Fighters in this tragic situation.

Zach Moore : Absolutely heartbreaking.

Stefan Ivanovic : I am surprised by the respectful comments posted on this video. I understand that this is sad, but I would assume the controversy behind it would lead to at least one high up comment being disrespectful or uninformed. All of the general message of this comment can be understood with little context, to fully understand it, one must carefully watch the video and absorb all the effects to see how people with other perspectives may perceive it.

Angery React : You know shits bad when even the children are being submitted to shit like this. Wake up, America.

Fergus : Awefull.... Wake up! Prayers to the children that died :-(

Ben Angel : 69 people dead and 1738 orphans injured.

Crystal M : I can't believe this isn't plastered on every news station in the country...

Kayla Burney : Prayers to the children involved in this, some people are horrible.

mightymichelob : It's disheartening to be given up and let down after being promised that it wouldn't happen. Running around, deserting them like that? I may have to cry and say "good bye" after this one. I'm tired of being lied to and hurt so much!

Ansixi : wow....why.....where did we go so wrong? heart breaking...

Kristy Melinda : Wow, I can't believe someone would do such a thing :(

Claudio Teixeira : wow.... i can't believe it... such terrible news....

Zoraiz Hashmi : no....its just so sad... how the world is blind to this. my heart is to the thousands suffering. Come on America, wake up!

RUBINO : This is so sad... My heart goes out to the victims

Julie_Jelly_bean : Omg how could this happen 😭🙏🏻

mewantbrains : This is the most graphic scene I have ever seen

E Pacheco : My prayers go out to the victims

Obsession Tale : The thousands suffering...

Kenneth Jose : I can hear the cries of anguish of the victims

Poly Hedron : How can people be so savage?

AnonUser : RIP in peace to the victims :(

Kirk Pierce : I can't believe I actually watched this all the way through. Really graphic.

Tautismo : it's a heartless world we live in

wtf isthisshizzle : Even in CURRENT YEAR this still makes me feel disgusted.. how could this have happened? Never forgetti...

Skyler Wendorff : We are all gonna die this is a must watch what has the worl.come to

Por to : OMG I'm shocked! those poor people! I hope the government will step up for once

Brenden Lujan : When will it end? I see no reason for the torture and destruction of towns and families that have no means to protect themselves, and are mostly a peaceful people. They let everyone else walk all over them, something needs to be done. The merciless slaughter of thousands of women and children is heartbreaking.

LoonyHawk : How could this happen I'm so sad 😭😭

arden : This is just horrible. How could someone do this. So many people must have been affected by this... wow, that's just tragic.

GThe Geek : Lord....I've lost all hope in humanity.

Olivia : Oh my god, I feel so sorry for everyone...

Frank N. : This is heart wrenching, what monster would commit such atrocities.

Cebastiandane Villegas : Praying for those parents and families 😓

courtney rose : Such a shame, the best we can do is never give the victims up, let them down, or desert them.

Emma DaRiver : Oml those poor people ;-;

Sir Klopp : This is awful, I can't help but feel for those who died tragically there. My thoughts go out to their families

BolbiiS : Please, pray for these children.

jmp1814 : the most devastating news! oh the thousands suffering 😢

Alex Bayoff : Well this just ruined my day. My heart goes out to all the victims.

Ritvik C : We live in a truly sick world, RIP to everyone who suffered

Leo Walton : So sad D:

cory2146 : IS THIS REAL LIFE?!

Kyle2000 : omg that is something awful...

Suer man : Damn, this is some heartwrenching stuff

Tester Kim : why havent i seen this!?!?!?

CherrySoda! : I can't believe it. How could this happen?


yee : The scenes at 2:09 are too graphic for me to watch...

Skadi : N ... Not the puppies ?! Why the puppies !?!

monsieurbreakyourpc : Heart goes out to all those affected