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FASHION HACKS Let's try some cool clothes repurposing ideas! This fun t-shirt recycle DIY tutorial lets you design a laced up collar sleeved top in quite an easy yet interesting manner. Create a unique top that is just the perfect blend of sexy and simplicity, which makes it ideal for casual as well as dressy days. Now you have an excuse to keep old t-shirts, because you know how fabulous they can look with a little makeover. Here is another fun t-shirt recycle I designed and it's quite easy. This is a unique way to create a shirt without showing too much skin (just enough). It can be dressy or casual as well. I used an old large t-shirt I had in my scrap trunk...it had one sleeve for some reason. I also made my own trimming since I had the Dritz Plier Set. You can also get pre-made trim with the eyelets already inserted from the fabric store. Just look in the trim isle. I prefer to make mine because it's easier to customize the length in between each eyelet. Removed any sleeves. Cut the shoulder seams open. Cut a scoop neck. You want to be a light scoop neck, not too low, almost straight across. Create your trim with your Dritz Plier set. I used a hem from an old shirt or you can fold a strip of jersey in half, press down and use that as your trim. Follow the product instructions to insert the eyelets with the plier set into the fabric. Top stitch the trim along the collar front and back. Trim any excess from the ending side (do this on front and back). Then lace it up. I used jersey string (you can use ribbon) to lace it up starting at the shoulder side and ending to the collar. Make sure you can put your head through!!! Tie ends and done...Rocker Chic! ; ) TIMESTAMPS: 1:35 Deep plunge dress 5:17 Denim slippers 14:57 Slippery dress 19:40 Laced up collar sleeved top ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/5min.crafts/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/5.min.crafts/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/5m_crafts Subscribe to 5-Minute MAGIC: http://bit.ly/2ldditZ Subscribe to 5-Minute Crafts GIRLY: https://goo.gl/fWbJqz Subscribe 5-Minute Crafts KIDS: https://goo.gl/PEuLVt The Bright Side of Youtube: https://goo.gl/rQTJZz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me Music by Epidemic Sound: https://www.epidemicsound.com/


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