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Duckie : NO for real though if you legitimately use lipstick and scotch tape to sneak into a mans phone, you have some major issues that need professional help.

Hillary Herrera : Those earrings were horrendous

Nevaehhff : I still can’t get over with the slippers made out of jeans

TheOrig src80 rules : Ok I have one question why do I always get a headache watching these videos🤔😣☹️

Hug Monkey : Those look like the most uncomfortable slippers ever

Maahi Pancholi : Who else love to watch 5min crafts but never tries them😊😊😀😀😀😂

shaquille duncan : “The sad thing is that I don’t even have tape”

chloe wallis : Why keep wasting perfectly good jeans? Wouldn’t it be cheaper to go and get what your DIYing?

sillylittlelover lovers : Who knew that applying pads to your sides would make you extra thicc Edit: Over 100 likes? Thanks, people of the internet!

Кристина Полякова : Юбка из джинс.....Мдаа,кто с этим ходить будет??!!

Muskaan's channel : *who else always watches but never tries!* 😂😂😂

Priscila Duarte : Like si hablas español☺👍

Moonicka : Why are so many of the life hacks ghetto

Muffin Waffles : 7:38 couldn’t you just have made it into a crop top???

xX HalfaHeart Xx : Okay but the pants to skirt one would not work with the way they cut that, it would be much tighter, it would be at least a size or two smaller than what it originally was

Nevaeh Rule : Who else is going through the comments just to find the thumbnail??

ananda boateng : Taking that tape off your skin will probably hurt a lot😩

C : For my homemade slippers I like to use 2 bits of sandpaper glued together with chewing gum.

Kane Timber : heh..... try using *flex tape*

Gaby Ruiz : Like si no entiendes nada 😂😂😂

Alexus Jackson - Phinesse with Lex : Wow, who knew tape could do so much lol

Tomi Stobs : Who would go out out their way cutting and sowing thier good clothes when they can just go to something I'd like to call the mall. Am I right.......

Spencer Tosi : Umm... l just want to say why do you have so many jeans with holes in them?

bwweremiboo xox : who else was lookin for the thumbnail?

Nightcore4life XD : No clip of the thumbnail? :c

Overactivedreamer : yea no, I’m gonna pass on the whole “taping back your skin folds” thing

QueenNiya : Who else came for the thumbnail🤣

Esther Heywood : 0:20 Don't do this guys and girls, you are beautiful the way you are <3

Ash 05 : I wouldn't let a perfectly good pair of jeans go to waste just for some uncomfortable looking slippers.. 😣

سامية محمد : 1:09 *OH NO HE DIDN’T!*

Dylan Sinstead : How is the jealous girlfriend a fashion hack?

Priyanshi : The thumbnail O…O °×°

Kawaiina我是一個中國半韓國女孩 : They make it look so easy to cut those jeans...

WarlikeStream 66 : Their logic Ink on your shirt? *CUT IT* Hole in your pants? *CUT EM* What do you do after fixing something? *RUB YOUR HAND ACROSS IT*

Seino : Number 3 is for psychos

Michelle Flanagan : These videos get worse. Clickbait. Every time. Still, I expect the younger generation will enjoy them!

Karli.IknowTheGameMasterHeIsComingForUs 877 : Those are the ugliest slippers.. EVERR

Malonia’s Dailylif3 : Cat fishing 101

Nona Houchaimi : I’m in a very good mood so I’m going around and leaving nice comments. I love how creative this videos is and it gave me so many ideas for my sisters wedding thank you so much! Keep up the good work and don’t listen to the hate comments :D And I hope everyone has an Amazing day because everyone deserves to have happiness in there life and now it’s time for me to go! Have a Fantastic day everyone!!! 😄

Maricel Noval : Like si te cansa que repitan todo

Shari Lekau : Who came here to see how she gets those big hips.

the dreamy ela : Nice hacks :D but 16:29 ? Why would someone wear this, just wondering

JN7 : 2:40 most satisfying thing ever

armingardose : 4:39 She looks like a pirate to me

Maddie Gaming : 0:17 Heck nah I don't wanna do that it will hurt and I'm already skinny my skin will come off 0:39 EWW stop that is gross 1:49 I SAID STOP!!!!! It will rip your skin off 2:28 THAT IT I HAD IT ITS TO MUCH 3:42 AHHHHH EWWWWW STOP OR I WILL NEVER WATCH YOUR VIDEOS AGAIN!!!!! It was tights nvm about the tight BUT THE REST 5:20 stop putting your feet in the pocket you will cut them off 5:37 and look like a werido 8:14 EWWWWW it looks like you cut some stomach off with the clothes 10:41 you called all these complaints fashion EWWWW 20:41 Ewww WHY I'M NOT WATCHING A VIDEO OF YOU EVER AGAIN

K Shore : They didn't even show the thumbnail. This is obvious clickbait.

Angie Arauz : The thumbnail thing looks so photoshopped idk why but don’t make Look photoshop please

Dary louse : Пролайкайте мой комент что бы англичане подумали что я что то умное написала

Ayşe Gül : ههههههه حبيت 😂😍

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