Flintstones go to the Grand Canyon

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TheSmashWaffle : Also, who else is here from Jack's tweet?

ToxicCaves64 : G R A N D canyon

Jagi : So that's the grand DAD

KrustyKrabFunFair : GRAND DAD

SmashingStar Gamer : 7 Grand Canyon

Ham Sammich : G R A N D D A D


David Swayze : According to Fred Flintstone he was right about The Grand Canyon being something big some day

TuMadre8000 : FLEEN

SublimeCS : thats such a smart joke lol

Quinn Fletcher : The jokes humor comes from its accuracy! 

rrivera992011 : GRAND DAD

foch41 : HaHa Prehistoric humor

Biggie Cheese : *GRAND*

Biffimation : Canyon 7? Is this the one I visited? Let's check it out Read more

IXLR8 2GO : I remember this scene most from The Flintstones. So hilarious!

Dovahkkiin : LOL

Bill Polits : I remember this clip since seeing it as a kid in the days when this show came on in the evenings. It made a major impact on my life!

leokimvideo : and this was an adults show!

SploderianRich : epic

Lee Gumnic : I think this one Season 2: Droop Along Flintstone. Original airdate: 9-22-61

Sergeant Succ : LOL

Main : Wtf is up with everybody "loling"

galoPRO 1700 : so this whole time they were giants!!!!!

Simaginary Friend : Lol, I remember this. Now I wonder if any little streams I see now will be like the Grand Canyon some day.

Pablo Alejandro Pérez Acosta : LOL

gust504tavo : LoL

Edina Csornai : LOL

MinecrafterzForLife : LOL

iGerd : I watched this because of my Biology Professor at UCSC.

D Emperor : This is what I use as a proof that the Flintstones actually did live in the past for all those wackos who want to make the show a postapocalyptic soap opera.

dm8867 : What episode was this on

UrMomsUnforgivable : Ahhh. Memories, memories, memories. The Flintstones where literally before their time, or mine for that matter. Also LOL

RossRocks07 : LOL

jsl151850b : ...day.

Bruce Wayne : I was checking out some grand canyon pics when suddenly a lit light bulb appeared over my head and I remembered this clip.

Scott McPhee : :) Chortle. Very clever.

69zenos1 : Were they really that stupid?

FreeHomeBrew : LOL

Stephanie Stewart : So did I. Do you have Baldo?

Daniel Payne : LOL

Mew Mew : LOL

LilCaboosie : LOL

CarouselBlind : LOL