Interface | Episodes 1-9 [VHS]
Interface VHS

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***DISCLAIMER*** I DO NOT OWN THE CONTENT SHOWN IN THIS VIDEO, ALL CREDIT GOES TO THE ORIGINAL CREATOR -----Uploaded with approval from Umami----- the first 9 episodes of Umami's (amazing) Animated Webseries: "Interface" recorded on VHS and digitized for your enjoyment ;) I had a whole lot of fun recording and editing this, I absolutely love this series and if you haven't heard of it, I hope you've enjoyed and I urge you to check out the original content creator's channel! Seriously, this guy is very talented and deserves recognition! Link to his channel: Episodes: ⋅ Episode 1 - 0:00 ⋅ Episode 2 - 1:43 ⋅ Episode 3: "Greetings Robotics" - 3:53 ⋅ Episode 4: "The Ghost" - 6:08 ⋅ Episode 5: "The Son of Man" - 8:08 ⋅ Episode 6: "Bear Witness" - 10:18 ⋅ Episode 7: "The Mechanical Saccorhytus" - 13:50 ⋅ Episode 8: "The Watchful Eyes" - 20:11 ⋅ Episode 9: "Camouflage" - 24:01 (Personal favorite episodes: 9, 4, and 7 in that order)


Aaron : Oh yes the classic, " Im a bus " it gets me every time . This series is so cool and every episode blows me away. The work you do umami is insane. Keep up the awsome stuff brother.

Uriah Greer : I love how going to vhs smooths the pixelated edges and makes it even more lofi than it already was, like it could've been an 80's student film project.

Shubishu : if i found this on an unmarked tape and brought it home to view... i dont know what i would do first -- admire the beauty of it all, or be absolutely horrified by that same beauty

dj koehn : i actually did the exact same thing this morning! i found the series and fell in love immediately. i felt the tone of the show would only be enhanced with an authentic look of age. glad someone feels me on that one

bean : but what color do i choose if i don't know my enemy?

AlisaMaederGodN9gga : Tweet tweet. I'm trying to be a bird.

Tyler Eilers : Great web-series it gives off a David Firth vibe imo. Overall excellent content 10/10 would recommend.

Saguenay Dashcam : View in 144p for extra I M M E R S I O N

Mister Creamtastic : This is one of the most brilliant stories, and its so obscurely known. Compressing it into this makes it a masterpiece.

MetatronGroove : you gotta bury some copies for the alien archaeologists thousands of years from now

Bex : I love this- the VHS definitely adds to the aesthetic and fits super well

DudSpudson : This is awesome. Please make a version like this when you complete the Interface story

E : I love this series so much,it's so stylised and creative.

iamsheel : I need an old tv to watch this on

DJ Moist : There are some really impressive bits in this series.

Robert Holland : VHS feels like the best way to view this, as does seeing it in one setting.

Fn#YtNQSLAd@CGQlEFZCQXlzlcg?j@Dxc : Hey man, in the ghost scene in the last episode, behind the heart there is some hyperbolic looking path the orbs of light are taking, all the lines connecting in the middle and bending at a constant angle. How did you do this if you dont mind me asking? One maker of mysterious videos to another. Though yours are much deeper and much better, I love your work btw, it's very interesting. You're a smart cookie

The Wizard : Ok this is pretty damn cool

Rogue Nero : Wow!Hadn't realised the series reached 28 mins overall!

Matt Emery : Pretty please release an updated version when the whole thing is released

Greg Wasdyke : would be cool to see like a 5th generation recording of this

Abdullah Syed : First

Lore Mateo : Thank you for this compilation in VHS style!

Biggly Diggle : Somebody send this to wisecrack

Flower Mask : Well.... art is subjective Makes me feel weird but it's nice

Smile : I'm not going to hurt you

c d : Octopus is a good prep cook

SP//tFire : Can you do parts 10-12 next?

Tom H : Whilst I'm peeved this is taking views and credit (a desc aint enough) from the OC, this is p.dope.

Galileo Gaming : At first I thought this related to The Interface short story series, it's really similar. And equally terrifying.

Darth Metalsonic : This gives me some Adult Swim vibes to it, but as an interesting way.

GearAlpha : Ahhh episode 9 is pretty much the best for me. I keep rewatching it. The music and the vision sequence just pairs so well with each other. The VHS look just topped it off for me. p e r f e c t

Monroville : 21:34 how appropriate that good ole' Zardoz makes an appearance.

*Insert stupid serial number here.* : Damn that's about what I see when I replay the series in my head.

Some Unused Channel : I n s t a - l i k e

Nowhere Man : Are you going to keep updating it as the series continues?

The Chosen One : A true hero out in the fields.

EddsworldGhostbustersFanatic2002 : Did this show came out in 1998 or 2002?

Modern-Day Warrior : *T W E E T T W E E T T W E E T*

Katie M : I thought this web series was weird before but this is a whole other level

tony your maker : who else comes from zillakami

Serrated Milliner : Be kind and rewind!

Dan : Neat

Tapehead : I think something is up with ether the tape or vcr. It's not supposed to look this grainy.

Hugh M. : Amazing.

FallFirst : Zilla brought me here

ghostfrequency : wtf how does this brilliant work has less than seven thousand views ????????????????????????

Blood Scust : You do own this content. If you have it, you own it. So own it.

Brady Galloway : Beautiful.