How to Clean a Used Aquarium | No Elbow Grease! | Aquarium Tricks

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Here is an easy way to clean mineral deposits and other grime from a used aquarium! Some aquarium equipment I use in my tanks: Lighting: Substrate: Thermometer: Filter: Fertilizers: Follow me on Instagram:


Wildcat Aquatics : Whoaaaa 90 tanks... Awesome can't wait to see the finished product! Where are you located theres a Raccoon Creek near me :)

Viola Hops a lot : I used vinegar but never thought of using paper towels like that. Good idea.

Gerardo Leon : Yes sir vinegar is the way to go. Thx for sharing the info

Cichlid Center : Great video!! Raccoon creek is right behind my house!! I live in Johnstown.

E. J. Brinegar : Dear Jake: I have used vinegar before, but I never let it sit. I didn't find it very effective. Thank you for showing me the secret to get it to work! All my best, Sincerely, E. J. Brinegar

Joe Munoz : Excellent video very useful information and tip .

reel's tanks : cheers i use white vineger

Rometiklan : Very cool vid! Extremely helpful, and timely. I've got a 90 gallon that's been sitting in my basement for 6 years. I'm thinking about setting it up again. Hopefully it doesn't leak. I'll try some apple cider vinegar to get it sparkling again. Thanks for posting!

Bentley Pascoe : Great trick you shared!

Fish Keeping Jamaica : very interesting friend

DeFreese Aquariums : Good stuff

Angelo's Fish Tanks : Nice 👍

patrick kimbrell : Pressure washer

nirjhar pan : apple cider vinegar is also to be used around the rim of running it harmful for fishes if a drop mixed in aquarium water. Your video are very infofrmative and helpful for us.thank you.

dbachelor's Planted Aquarium : cool!