Seven Alternate Ending

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insert name here : Imagine this ending in cinema.

Ivan Cortez : I don't think I can watch the original ending seriously anymore.

April Weller : My fiance and I were really trying to find the alternate ending to the movie. At first when I came across this, I was a little annoyed. Then I couldn't stop watching it. Really simple and funny!

Morrisman Smith : That was funny

MegaHarvickFan29 : I'm fucking crying I'm laughing so hard.  The actual body language and movements of the scene actually fit the music too XD

SealStorm193 : I didn't expect it to be that funny, but it was

M K : omg so you invented the curb your meme meme

BrainsEatZombies35 : "The writer, Andrew Kevin Walker, completed two separate drafts of the ending. The first is the one that we see, and the second is one where John Doe is killed by Somerset instead of Mills. This alternate ending sequence was storyboarded and is included in the published script, but never filmed."

Kirk Meyers : If Quentin Tarantino directed the movie . . .

mooryee : The editing was perfect.

AGEntertainment Live : comedy gold and i applaud you 110% good sir

Yabes Tannaya : first curb your meme

Nathan Lee : lol this is awesome.

Blackfalk : se7en meets looney 7unes

moin khan : The power of music is showcased here It was fucking terrifying at one moment and laughable at second I enjoyed it ✌🏻😂😂

NicksDomain101 : Genius! xD

FilthyCasual : Holy shit dude, this is the best troll and best Curb meme ever XD ROFL

Aleksandar Karanovic : The original "curb your" meme

irllcd13 : Hahaha.

Chad Kelly : 10 years later still the greatest.

Andrew Bigleman : This is the single most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my entire life

Ron Ramc : Can someone, please, explain me this ? :(

davy ramirez : wow kevin spacey was a real prick

koolnkalm85 : Wow what a random surprise XD!!!!!!!!!!

Full Metal Hobbit : brilliant

Adrian Arshad : IT'S JUST A PRANK BRO

MAPLETHELEAF : I didn't get it. Can someone please explain it to me.

ice la honk : I've just made my gf of10 years finally sit down and watch seven only so I could then show her this. as soon as it was over I showed her this alternate ending. (shes a big curb fan and clearly enjoyed it, though I maybe should have let the orig ending marinade a little longer lol). this is like that time I made her watch gremlins and gremlins 2 just so i could show her the key and Peele skit. anyway thanks. you're actually brilliant. happy 10 year anniversary

RedemptivSinner : Waaaaaaaack!!!!

Andrew Pliakis : Jesus, the timing and faces are perfect.

Menelik The First : The Original “Curb Your...” Meme in its conceptual form (2008, Colourised).

MICKI .G : love it :-)

Tash Dee : ha ha ha

Zach Haynberg : Ifuckingh8u

John Gate : "oh...."

suzanne oneill : that's exactly how larry david would have ended it; just the usual tsurus--

tatosity : WTH was that... made me chuckle as it pissed me of...

TheSpidermonkey 9169 : this is the best!!!!!

Marc T : That was pretty funny

MissMurder1243 : This should have been the ending


zamp6969 : Lol

DAAM316 : Why aren't there more of these style videos on the internet?, If anything deserves the vine/meme treatment/fame its these CYE edits

MerovingianBlood : WTF! hahaha

Vam The Anomaly : ROFL!

I AM Zero223 : Lmfao wtf indeed

Dirk Diggler : 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Jake Sanchez : lmao that's good

George Jackson : I just got cinematically Rick rolled!

MyDokuChannel : lol