Armistice - But Peace? I THE GREAT WAR Week 225

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The Great War : Thank you guys for watching and supporting us. Stay tuned for some announcements soon.

Ten Minute History : I think it's important to take a couple of minutes to recognise just how monumental the Great War series is (was?). To spend four years of your life recording history in painstaking detail and making it easily digestible for a million people is a colossal achievement and the team here should be rightly proud of what they did. Most importantly, the team managed to do so whilst keeping the war's human face and cost at the forefront. It's a truly phenomenal undertaking and a was a wonderful journey to be a part of. Well done and thank you.

hopekee : Old people: You can learn nothing about history from watching youtube all day The guys behind "The Great War": Hold my beer

Traditional Catholic : I regret not following the chanel on constant basis, but what I have seen and learned as been amazing. Thanks alot.

Nick Ranger : Wow, amazing run. This channel and series are truly one of the most important parts of YouTube history and world history in general. Thank you for an amazing few years full of knowledge.

Storm SLW : “That was the Great War” that line it sounds so unnatural now...

Popche : I remember subscribing to this channel when it had 30k subs feelsweirdman

BouncyBall : I stumbled upon the first of all episodes when I was 16 and the series still had a german version. Though I never left a comment before nor supported you via patreon, this series really means a lot to me and helped sparking my inteterest in WW1 and history in general. With the professional approach you guys took and a person as charismatic as Indy delievering a topic this complex in an entertaining yet serious way, you are one of the reasons i started studying history at a university 1,5 years ago to become a history teacher myself. Thank you to the whole team for all your dedication, thank you.

Hydrogen Peroxide : I’ve been desperately trying to catch up for the past three years and finally did 5 minutes ago. Every night I would look forward to watching this great show that deserves to be televised. Words cannot express how much this show means to me. What you guys did was amazing. Thank you to indy, Flo, and everyone else involved with this series. And a happy birthday to Conrad

2000 subscribers with no video : "Dont cry because its over, smile because it happened."

Fifachamp1012 : Until 2039 guys

Nibal Az : Standing Ovation... Continues

Bikrant50 : I watched this back in 2014-2015 in my high school history class, and recently with the news about news about the memorial, I checked back here. It’s amazing what’s been accomplished here!

LJMpictures : Found it on day 1. On reddit, i have not been able to afford patreon. But i really do, from the bottom of my heart. Thank you Indy, Flo and the ENTIRE crew. No matter how small you think YOUR role was, it wasn't. It's like the engine of a car, all components must work together!

KommandoCraft : "Ich habe es nicht gewollt!" - Kaiser Wilhelm II standing at a soldiers grave. Four years, three months and two weeks of fighting now end and I am thankful this channel continued even when the german one ended. I am now a very different person but can barely imagine how it was for those that were teens or young adults back then.

AlternateHistoryHub : For four years you guys brought us on this journey. You contributed something to Youtube nobody else could. Can't believe its over.

FlyHigh : It really is something special. Not only the project itself but the Event it marked, the real homage those man and woman who lived The Great War deserved. Thank you for all the happy and sad moments this channel gave me. I can honestly say many of the episodes brought me to tears and put a smile on my face. I don't write this lightly, The Great War channel really did change my view of the world and as a person. I thank you for that.

S : I learned so much from this channel. I apologise for not being able to donate to you guys on patreon. This series has helped me to expand my knowledge about the Great War. I salute all of you!

Neal Maidment : What a brilliant and worthwhile endeavour this has been. I do hope you all feel very proud. I don’t mind admitting I shed a little tear during Indy’s sign-off after avidly watching since 2015. Well done!

Red Mustang 1976 : I only followed this back in 2014 and some times this last year such a shame i did not watch it more. I was just to busy.

cnlbenmc : All quiet on the Western Front.

op gaming : Indiana Neidell and the crystal skull

godofkings17 : *Try not to cry* *Cry a little* *Cry a lot*

Connor McHugh : I don’t want it to end. This channel was what I looked forward to everyday during 4 hours of football practice over the summers. I started watching in the summer of 2017 and I just can’t believe it’s over. Thank you Indy, and I’ll see you soon.

Stiggs1 : "I'm Indy Neidell, and that WAS the Great War." That hit me right in the feels harder than I thought it would.

Mark Cotton : More than 4 years of outstanding work. Thank you for producing such an important series.

Ross Hooton : I’ve been watching since mid 2016, and I wish I could find the words to express how much this channel has done to help me understand more about the Great War. I’ve watched nearly every episode since learning about this channel. Thank you to everyone on the team who made it possible, well done all. One question though - what will happen to the chair of wisdom!

Gumball the Baby Triceratops : Stan lee dies 1 day after :(

M K : And on this Day 100 Hundred Years Ago my Great Great Grand Father begins his task like, so many others to walk back to Czechoslovakia from Verdun

jockellis : Glad you are not unemployed yet. I’m 70 and both before I started kindergarten and through about second grade I and several other children were looked after while our parents worked in the home of a woman whose husband had been an American soldier in WW I. He had a withered arm from a gas attack we were told. I don’t think he worked but I remember that I never saw him when he wasn’t wearing a tie. Thank you for bringing this history to life. I hope young people will learn it and learn from it.

Anchor Bait : I find tears in my eyes. Thank you for the journey. Thank you to all the men and woman of the world who shared this experience together, you made us question ourselves and grow in ways we never knew possible.

Taalman06 : Thank you so much for this series. I watched this series from the beginning and have never left a comment I just enjoyed week in week out everything you do. I find myself in this last episode emotional reflecting on the war and all the excellent quality videos you guys released. I was wondering how I make a donation to you guys? Is it through Patreon or is there another way?

dillon burnes : Thank you for everything. This is an amazing channel that has done a great service to this often forgotten conflict. Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others - Marcus Tullius Cicero

Philipp Habediehre : Matthias Erzberger, who was tasked with negotiating and signing the peace treaty by Paul von Hindenburg, was assassinated in 1921 by "Organisation Consul", a far right terror group, which became later a part of the SS.

Neal Hyde : Bravo! A truly epic production and one that will be worthy of being viewed and reviewed for many years to come!

Julius von Brunk : I'm not sure which had a sadder ending: Blackadder Goes Forth -- or The Great War. Well, the important thing is, Indy and Flo didn't die.

igetboredeasily224 : Followed this channel for the last few years whether I was in the uk, Asia, or Australia these videos were always something to look forward to. Thank you Indy and team for this amazing project, I’m sure history teachers will point to this channel for years to come!

MontanaMountainMen : My Great Grandfather fought in France in WW1, US Army 27th Div. He would be if still alive 123,he fought at Ypres and helped smash the Hindenburg Line.

Chris D : Firing off your last belt, standing up, taking off your helmet, bowing to your enemy and walking away. What a way to end the war. And this video, what a way to cap a great series. Thank you Indy and the Team, you made sure we didn't forget.

Scott Bergquist : A surreal moment, cast one one hundred years forward. Print media has a lot of inches, and details, about this moment. One magazine mentioned the last American killed, right before 11 AM. He had fixed his bayonet, moved forward toward a German machine gun post. The men (in broken English) told him, "Go back, go back". But he wouldn't stop. So the Germans shot him! thanks Indy and crew ( Florian!!!) At first, almost any comment got a response from you guys, but soon the population of viewers was out of control. It was like a party, and at 8 PM, five people stand around drinking and expounding. By 11 AM, lights are dim, music punishingly loud, whoops and yelling, and a few drunken stunts. No body expounding now! But, a Great PARTY, to honor the stupidity and the unstoppable: The Great War of 1914-1918. Thank you (profusely) again!

Shawn Gilliland : Thank you for your incredible work, Indy and Crew! An unforgettable show about an unforgettable war - none of us will never forget.

Sneakyone75 : Great job! I just started following this channel a few months ago and I am sad I was not around from the beginning to follow all of the weekly episodes but the ones that I was able to watch as they came out were very wonderful. Thank you for covering this often forgotten war and I look forward to more episodes in the future!

Shiv Veer Singh : I'm following you guys since you had about less than 5k subs. I don't why I'm crying. The ending quote made me cry.😢😭 Love from INDIA for INDIANA.

MdioxD : One one side, i wanted this war to stop since the beggining... One another, i would like it to last longer... So i can watch The Great War even more...

Dimtri Mezzawi : There is an Arabic proverb says: it is time for the knight to dismount. Big thanks to you

V. Athanasiou : It seems like yesterday since 2014 and the centennials about the commencement of the war...

Sanjeev Aloria : thanks you all for sharing us the information about this war. I found out your channel last year. honestly I didn't know about anything about world war 1 but after watching your videos I know a lot about this war.

Willy : Before catching this series, I thought ww1 was just another worldwide conflict that's been part of history. Now I know that it shaped the history even today.

Quidditch2888 : This series started when I was a Freshman in high school at 14, feels weird that it’s been a consistent part of my life now that I’m 19 and in college. Really puts it into perspective about how long the war was

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