Major Target Shopping Cart Accident
Someone fucked up

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gmcnewlook : i wonder if those people went on to run target canada........ lol

Jim MC : Where the term LOL originated !

HauptiMusik : LADUNGSSICHERUNG (german)

poo doo : Doesn't look like there was any damage to them just a hassle to reorganize them.

runde4 : It's like a long caterpillar!

Keylin Rodriguez : Kill the driver xDDDDDDDD

Keylin Rodriguez : Tumblr Brough me here lol

Axiom_ : Plot twist: the driver had a seizure and died

JusDelLar : Where's the load bar???

TyVulpine : and 55 and 56...

TyVulpine : More like the idiot driver doesn't know the difference between which trailers are empty and which are the ones he's not supposed to take.

Chris OldSchoolBrah : That's what straps are for. These guys have no idea how to load a damn truck.

Doc MacLaren's Tinkering : I was on that dock. What I can remember was the dock personnel gave him the go ahead to pull out. They were supposed to close the trailer door for the driver, he was not allowed to touch either the carts or the door. They did not follow through. The dock was on an incline so the carts started rolling out. The dock workers had to reload the trailer which cost the driver time.

jsoaps2 : lol they were all like "lets all look"

David Baugh : We stopped taking truck drivers keys after we were having so many drive off and leave them. Our procedure was to go out and tell the driver when we completed with the load. In the video they raised the loading ramp and let it back down. The driver probably heard the ramp go down. They usually make a loud noise so he pulled out. The doors can't be closed until he pulled out from the other trailers beside his trailer. It is always the truck drivers responsibility to secure his load.

ARCHON POLICE STATE : Attn. Target Employees--Cleanup at Dock #54, Cleanup at Dock #54...

Bad Andy : Tying the load down would be the bet thing to do. Can't close the doors when the trailer is at the loading dock. Need four feet of clearance each side of the trailer (8 foot wide trailer, each door half that width) to close them, and with trailers 2 feet or so from your trailer, makes it impossible to close them without pulling out all the way first. Guessing someone changed the light for that bay from red to green too soon, and the driver assumed he was good to pull away.

Saan : I think the main issue may have been that the semi took off too soon, or without prompting? Communication fail? You know, that happens.

Garras Porgratix : Just goes to show you the kind of people that work at Target. All those people standing around and not ONE would think of closing that trailer door first much less tying down that load in the trailer. For fuck's sake people, those things have little round things underneat that roll!

dave mack : i guess they are hiring for Wal mart

IpodAdvance : FedEx guys are idiots, this is normal for lame ass ppl target hires

MegaDthom : Shoulda closed the docking door and walked away like nothing happened

omniscientpenguin : Damn you Newton's First Law!!!

yuk747 : I guess that driver was really in a hurry to leave?

paul8246 : it should have hand held fog horn and it will make attraction to driver to halt!! to prevent drive away

xxcuttydriverxx : $800 times how many shopping carts? Ouch!

BeatlesandWebkinz : Shopping carts: The truck is moving okay, CHARRRRGEEEEEEE!!!!

SkyMonkey42 : freakin hilarious, that explains why every shopping cart at target scrapes the ground lol

EvveeVeeVeeWuu : if they just rewind this , then all the carts will come back , wohoo ! problem solved. these guys are so fucked up right , I bet they are gonna get fire.Well if it was me , I would go straight into boss's office , punch him in the face and say "FUCK YOU I QUIT !"I mean c'mon you're gonna get fired anyway , so its better to quit before he fires your ass off .

Jade : And why is this man working at Target... he should be at Wal- I crack myself up.

Lyle Grove : And that's why they work at target

Evan Riley : Cart party

dionysusanton : @jr464hc i push carts for walmart if this happend i would scream for him to stop, i wouldnt clean that up!

Brady Keene : i would be crying of laughter

dionysusanton : @jr464hc they can't go and do anything when the trucks moving, its a hazard, also they cant stop the carts from rolling back, they could be crushed

Rebekka : omg hahahaha I'M DYING XD shit hahahahahahahah LMAO xDD

Blue .Barrymore : so were is the major accident?

TophaLopha1215 : Why did the driver start goings again?

Blackouti386 : Driver: Ill have those unloaded for you in a jiffy.

Caitlin Brooks : Careless truck driver!

tjwax55987 : This is why i love DockLock!!!!

RayRayBeats : @Sk8ervictim412 Agreed 100%, but had the receiver confiscated toe driver's keys prior to the unload process it couldn't have happened. Where i work you're not allowed to begin unloading a truck until you have possession of the driver's keys. This video is a perfect example of why. A really good example too. What if someone were driving a forklift into a truck as it pulled away?

Sk8ervictim412 : @RayRayBeats that wasnt targets fault! that was the drivers

RayRayBeats : Somebody could have gotten hurt. You're supposed to have the driver's keys until everything's done with. Target sucks.

GrubWarp : lol

summerlane20 : everybody seems to be mad at each other in the comments.. have you seen the video?! it's fucking hilarious! it's about carts.. shopping carts.. now stop yelling at each other and watch it on damn repeat.

Ookamisuke : What the warehouse asked: "Did you chock your wheels?" What the driver heard: "Did you chalk your wheels?" So this is what happens when you put a piece of chalk in front of your wheels and try to leave...

motocrossmania42 : target got new carts.....the employee who was suppose to unload them said......fuck this i aint taking all these outta this truck......jumps in the truck and floors!

xXxM4A1xXx08 : well the new carts are unloaded