Big problem with my channel...

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English Man : Let’s all raise a karambwan in honour of a friend.

puretppc : Apparently I uploaded a video that was scheduled for upload and still said limited for ads. However, I requested a review and yet they requested it before the schedule happened, which meant at 0 views they still reviewed. Idk why lol.

Red Zaaphy : two byes in 15 seconds, we’ve been blessed.

ateaparrot : Retarded, After a certain amount of track record you should be able to request a greenlight, where it's impossible to demonetize you unless your video gets reported, which if true would remove your greenlight

President Obama : time to sell "bye" shirts

Rabbizz1 : Wait they demonetized a RUNESCAPE video? Lolololol

Birkir Steinarsson : Dont say hardcore in title

Mom : another money making method ruined smh

LowSoulGamers : This has been happening to me for a few weeks now. I tried editing the tags, censoring the videos, and a ton of other stuff, but nothing seems to make a difference. I am honestly glad to hear you talk about this, because a lot of other content creators (especially in the runescape community) are really afraid to talk about this aspect of youtube. Hopefully something gets fixed soon.

NaNexistent : You can request review for motorization even if you don't have 1k views if you do it before you make it public. _just a thing in this bs they don't really mention_

Irelands Pacifist : Start streaming on Twitch for money, You should have started years ago. Dont put all your eggs in one basket. If it is automatic then your account has been flagged by YT in the past. You could upload the very same video on another channel and it would not be automatically nerfed

purplpandapistol : Lets all rewatch this next week.

Zady : Hey A Friend I hope this issue get fixed because it's going to be really sad to know A Friend quits Runescape Youtube

x d : We welcome you to streaming

Dan A : fuck jewtube go stream on twitch

Erik Marcu : Start a patreon, I would support you.

Apu Apustaja : 1.Upload a video Hidden 2. Ask for review 3. Make video viewable for us 4. Young money cash money karambwan

Arcane SB : Stop leaking your porn folder, might help

Karambwan : Don't worry dovy, I'll always have your back <3

Arkasnir Synthoria : Jewtube at its finest

rimwydas44 : Time to go to the army

Croaton : patreon?

mauro s : Maybe its because of your comment section?

Leon Salvaje : Just set up a patreon

Spyak Jinkins : A friend make a subbable or patreon so that those who wish to see the content keep coming can support you!

Birkir Steinarsson : Leafy... havent heard that name in a long time

Snitsel xd : patreon maybe?

Pepperoni Pizza : Someone ruined A Friend's money making method smh

hellios : hey bro, put the video on private ask for a manual review then make it public to still get the full money on all the views

Tony Su : Time to start a Patreon, A Friend.

Sara Christy : I get that it can be frustrating and you may not wanna create content as often but ending the channel all together cause you stop getting paid seems like such hypocrisy...

Xinderkan : Shut up and get patreon

Psun : And this is why you should be streaming..

ForceSmart : YouTube's monopoly has lead to shit policies for content creators. Stay strong, A Friend. We love your work.

Jacob Wilson : Start streaming on twitch for $$ <3 Love yo Dovy!

Bumbo Boy : A friend I know how to fix this issue for your case! Upload a video as unlisted then ask for a review(After listing the video in your discord so those who are there can see it and get it to 1k views and as a reward to them for being part of your community) then when it gets monetization back set it to private and then public! This way you reward your diehard fans and still gain most of your revenue!

KittenPrint : Make a patreon so I can give you money.

Wr Fgh RsPs : You use the word "karambwan" so maybe they are targeting you for that reason dovy ♡

Tofi : Upload these on Pornhub

Elo Or Freelo : patreon

Sebastian Silva : please make a patreon

Hans Heinrich : It would be possible to start a patreon/facebook page or something exlusive and private the video for the first 2 days so that only they are able to see it. You should be able to get the views to request the review and publish it 2 days afterwards.

HandlerExploit : Make a patreon. Let us pay you directly.

Stanlux : Twitch now ?

Mikejen : if u got a patreon setup i would gladly contribute, u are my favorite youtuber please dont stop making vids

Svanzscape : Maybe because you say "kill"? Like I'll go kill some venenatis

entschuldigung : A Friend, private the videos while YouTube reviews them so that you don't miss out on the first-day views. Then once YouTube gives you the monetization back, public the videos to get the views. If you create a Patreon, you can let Patrons see the unlisted videos early as reward for supporting you.

sara tone in : Hi! I no have problem, but I have no good ideas. I make video on fake problem saying same thing 15x to make money.

Noah Acordian : Bring your kids, Bring your wife's ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Smart Assname : 10 hours of remonetizing videos