Big problem with my channel...

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Sweetmilk : This is susan wojcicki's fault mane

Xenophon : Machine learning of this scope doesn't happen overnight. I'd imagine in the future it'll be very good.

Rocketto Man : I love you for this

boojaman : lets demonitize the demonitizers

Nick Salvatore : Make a patreon and sell bye tshirts. be greedy we don't care

RockinAfr0666 : In other words: time to rewatch everything!! WE HAVE TO GO BACK!!!

Red Ai : lol ure not gonna quit your source of income... stop bullshitting kids.

skyL1N34ever : Doviii it's your thumbnail!!!! There is a channel that I watch for prank calls and he has the same problem it's a weird problem with this stuff something weird happening with thumbnails !!!! Just give it a shot and select the thumbnail that YouTube gives you . Good luck bud.

Whip King : What can youtube do about this?? Obviously YouTube knows whats going on and is abusing the system at creator expense, no?

ProdiJoe : Maybe time to start streaming on twitch. Just upload highlights to YouTube like everyone else.

LOS PRIMED : communism is destroying the internet

Jared Vass : Guess you can join the military now.

EvelPrankers : This keeps happening to my videos...

Anej Roger : "Could be the end of the channel, in few months" *shivers gone through my spine and eyes almost filled with tears*

Dumbsack Whack : You should make a patreon

Mas Fina : Maybe they think video games arent desirable content for advertisers? Youtube is super leftist, and a lot of left wing politicians are super against video games.

Venged : Lmao hopefully when this video gets demonitozied and reviewed, they'll see that something's up and go check it out because this vid is about that topic

Hans Messersmith : maybe because of the clan chat

HighGradeQP : Its a conspiracy because Google has lost money on YT every year after they purchased it. This is their mitigation of lost revenue

dogeboy13 : Iv played runescape sence I was 12.. im 25 now.. iv watched you for like ever I cant even remember.. i feel genuinly sad that this is happening.. youtube is going to shit.. they are trying to make every bit of money they can now and its sicking.. ill miss you a freind... Youv always been my freind

Kyle Edwards : so... a guy is complaining he's going to need a real job and won't get to sit and play RuneScape for 15 hours a day? oh no! what a bitch

Sir Isaac : You are all witnessing the downfall of Youtube. By 2024 most people will remember Youtube like we remember Xanga or YTMND today.

hubabuba2damax : What about the generated speech to text for the captions? Perhaps some scanner goes through the video captions script looking for ad-unfriendly words and word phrases

Aaron Dudutis : AI is still learning and improving.. But youtube is no longer as it was. Twitch it up baldy!

Rune Boss : A friend you can’t quit!! You’re the reason I recently started YouTube you’re on the Runescape idols!!

Hagriss4me3 : A friend, why not try streaming? I know it's not really your style, but it's worth a shot right?

Inkonised I Do Art : Hmm I was thinking about this, and could it be the title? I mean of you use caps to make a title could that trigger it? For example leafies videos used to be in caps so maybe if it is flagged then they might automatically pick up on any capped video?

Ray Ray : dude. I love your videos. a single bad word. lmao awesome.

Frank Baird : Way to go, Youtube. You're destroying your own income stream. And losing viewers and creators. Have you been taking cues from Jagex?

Ander Ovesen : This is purely google's incredible greed. You shouldn't give up, you should keep going and do everything you can in order to get this shit back on track.. videos getting demonetised because of someone saying hitler is just pure fucking stupidity. You can't make documentaries or informative videos on anything on youtube anymore.. if you want to have any income.. FIGHT THE POWER!

John Hata : I wonder if runescape content is flagged automatically

bram grim : i think they flagged your account about that pr0n folder vid

Ryduris : Could (possibly) be your clan chat that might get your vids tagged, people say some pretty interesting things in there every now and then in your videos.

Piraja27th : Yeah these days I wait couple days before I watch new videos.

Crippling Depression : I would support you on patreon or through donations, I'm sure other people would too. Youtube will get their shit together soon enough, just hold on until then.

Isaac : Maybe you should look for sponsors or accept more sponsors to your video's, since youtube is trying to screw everyone over.

Biscuit : Open up a patreon or start streaming on twitch, we want you to be successful and we don't want you to leave

Steel Titan : I smell a lawsuit coming by certain YouTubers to get them to stop this shit.

Lovely Cola : I think they do the whole first and second day monitze thing is because YouTube wants to hang on to there Money..... Money!!!

Killer Snow : Yea YouTube and the demigod elites are shutting everyone down. Give it until the end of the year when they see their report, that stupid bitch CEO will be fired. But it is safe to blame it all on fake news in the USA. Only thing those democrats are good at is fucking it all up for other people.

Billy Murison : if you retire me and every other sub will neck ourselves

BMC : if youtube reviews a video and finds it was incorrectly flagged as demonetized, they should credit the channel owner the amount of ad revenue they would have earned for the views. this would force them to improve their automated flagging system, give them a monetary incentive.

Jovan DeSantos : what about uploading the video into private playlist and let it put up that review and then once it is able to monetize you then put it on public.

Roderick Treadaway : Google is full of retarded liberals. "We don't like offensive words."

Rotterdam Zuid : Why you care about ads i thought u made vids because you enjoyed it?

Luiggi Raborg : ownagepranks made a video about some thumbnails automatically demonetize the videos.

Mario Z : Fucking Youtube. "You need to keep putting your videos up for review." It's just a waste of time.

Daft Vids : Ur the only person who doesn't swear every 10 seconds and ur the only person whos chat box isn't spammed with the n word and penors. lol youtube be trippin

James Mace : Do you loose money if we use add blocker? Cause if so im happy to turn it off for you Dovy <3

Lix L : You should make your video private for the first 24hrs before making it public