Cyberpunk 2077 - Mike Pondsmith about Cyberpunk World

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SyncJr : His voice is amazing.

EnigMatiC : Don't rush this game, perfect it in every way possible please, we need this!

Damoncorp : "Cyberpunk isn't about saving humanity, it's about saving yourself" I love this.

ALWAYS ANGRON : he is so realistically rendered

Trisador9 : CD PR don't rush things for the quick money and that is (sadly) something that sets them apart from almost any other developer. Such a great company that really loves creating interactive art, an atmosphere you can lose yourself in, a story you want to experience. I'm looking foreward to this game!

RHS : My god...his voice! Use his voice in the game

synysterxdave : Cd projekt red is one of the few remaining game development companies that haven't lost their passion for creation and the integrity to give the fans what's missing from games these days. Don't ever change.You're one of the good ones

Giglioti : I hope Mike is in the game, as narrator or some other role, his voice is too perfect.

HardWarUK : This guy couldn't work with anyone but CD Projekt RED, because he doesn't take any BS, and CD RED doesn't have any BS!

Skyrising : My god.. this sounds friggin' epic. How cyberpunk is not a more popular videogame genre is beyond me. The year of the zombie needs to end, bring on the year of the android.

fuflang : After the Witcher 3, I'm really excited to see what CD Projekt Red does in the future.

John Romano : This guy is awesome. He's got some Morpheus-like qualities. I guess it's his look and the deep voice or something. haha

Julien : This guy looks like a pure badass at night

Jacob Singer : Jeebus, I hope I live long enough to see this game.

jscheetz03 : His voice makes me even more excited for this game.

BMWFilmz : Cyberpunk really is an under-represented gaming genre. I hope this game does amazing and affects tons of people. Zombies, fantasy, and modern warfare are all overdone: we need something fresh, like this. looking forward to this game

ODETHIOUS : I bought the witcher 3 on 50% discount and I feel like I ripped off the devs. Hopefully, I'd buy their next game when it's for full price.

Sir Spencer : He looks like he comes from the Game

Alan Falleur : The sky above the port is the color of television, tuned to a dead channel. - Neuromancer

SoloSphere Entertainment : I want this guy to narrate my life.

Noppanat Khaoyai : 0:40 Play of the Game

Vinci Taylaran. : CP2077 could've fell onto the laps of crap studios like Ubisoft or Bioware but thank god the game went to CDPR. The game is in very good hands.

Tremblay Louis : Oh god, i am so into this. i want to get news about this game

Jia L. : If you guys can read this, that means Witcher 3 has been released and Cyberpunk 2077 is NOW in active-production. It was placed on halt months ago to finish off Witcher 3. Now that its done, we can expect Cyberpunk 2077. I hope they pull it off. I also won't mind it being released in 2016. Update: I also won't mind it being released in 2018. Take your time, CDPR!

Stan V : Atmosphere is everything to me. Being able to feel the story of a piece of media by simply experiencing it without needing explanation or exposition, that's everything.

Jesushobo : "Cyberpunk is about that interface between people and technology, but not in that transhumanist way, where it's all about technology changing or improving them. Cyberpunk isn't about saving humanity, it's about saving yourself." The fact that the Deus Ex games are considered quintessential cyberpunk, this quote is hilarious to me. Take notes Eidos Montreal.

Ciprian Hanga : Wow, his face is great. So much texture going on, I love it.

Pedro Rodrigues : exactly 5 years ago....59 years to go


Drivertilldeath : Mike Pondsmith in Cyberpunk should get a NPC named The Big Boss. CDPR make this happen !!!!!!!

Gunpla Space Factory : Greetings from the year 2077. I'm sending this comment back through time to inform you past dwellers that Cyberpunk 2077 was just delayed again... its been pushed to next winter 2078 release due to "unforeseen cyborg interface bugs that must be fixed ". >:[

droopy562 : I love this man's way of thinking. Long live Cyberpunk! P.S Long live Steampunk!

Cheshire : When he talks, it looks like someone else is speaking. His voice is amazing.

Just4kl : Wish there will be easter eggs of this man in Cyberpunk 2077. Such a delisious voice.

银Silvrz : I want this guy to narrate my life.

TheWTFworks : This will probably be the first actual game i will buy in many years... It´s about time programming a game takes a lot of it.Good games Need time. We see what happens with CoD and battlefield. They degenerate with every title just because they are rushed out to make a quick profit.

Tomek : Please take my money CDPR

Adrian Ionut Barat : Cd Projekt Red = EPIC games.

Respawn Crew : Game of the CENTURY is about to be a reality - feel blessed gamers - this is a very rare time in gaming history that you will be experiencing soon. Feel the electricity of expectation surging through your small minds - millions of gamers will forever feel hollow at what games follow this Cyberpunk masterpiece. The team is the worlds greatest. The developer is at a zenith among all gaming developers. History will forever remember this as one of the greatest games ever made. Dedicated team. Dedicated company. Dedicated to make the best game yet raise the bar where others settle for less. This is not hype it is TRUTH.

Tanman : It's been 3 years give us a gameplay video already mann

Dick Dastardly : I like the way this dude talks, he sounds like Carl Sagan narrating a detective novel.

Jeikobu Shiruzu : I listen to this every morning

Marian Of Cintra : Can we get Mike Pondsmith as the Narroter of the game? His voice is incredibly relaxing to hear

TheNatSecWonk : Guys... 4 years till 2020! :O Pretty interesting to see the depiction's of what the 90's, 80's, etc thought we'd live like.

MrFurkettun : Congratulations with the new trailer and the hype you created! Good job!

EurocorpFx : Damn, I'm so hard into this genre and I was waiting for a game like that. I loved the old Syndicate Games by Bullfrog, played them in my childhood. I loved the first Deus Ex game, there was such a dark athmosphere in it. After I played Human Revolution, I liked it, but there was still something missing in my opinion. It's not the gameplay or the story, I'm talking about the feeling that has to come with it. I hope, Cyberpunk 2077 will do this better, but after seeing this video, I think Mike is kind of a visionary. He understands everything about this genre, just the words he said made me feel like I'm into this.

Ito Ito No Mi : Show some gameplay at least. Its been 2 years already.

Kirk H. : Mike Pondsmiths is so brilliant; I can't wait for this game.  You can't get any better than CD Projekt Red for game developers.  This game will be unforgettable in the history of gaming.  I just feel this way since I saw the first trailer.  What a sci-fi RPG treat!

Emiliano Bache : I just finished the Witcher 3 and can not help to imagine what an amazing game Cyberpunk 2077 has the potential to become. In the hand of CD PREd it will most likely become an amazing experience!

Domino Godbane : The Witcher 3 wild hunt is one of my favorite games ever! Can't wait to Cyberpunk 2077 😲😭