Kevin Matthews interviews Bill Hicks (Full)

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Kevin Matthews interviews Bill Hicks at the Funny Firm in Chicago. Bill talks about his early years in stand-up, and some of his worst gigs. Circa 1990


Matthew Frederick : Then earl lost his hat

Talha Rasool : "I've been back every year, they like me now"...the BALLS on Bill!!

whanxta a : BLOWJOB.... BLOWJOB....BLOWJOB

Luke playz : its just a ride

Dude : Why do all the greats die young?

Grant : The thing is, Bill died 25 years ago, but in no way is his perspective dated. He dominates beyond his time.

Michael Smith : Bill is very honest about his career, he tells you what it really is like out there.

Chloe Lane : Lol i love when he's talking about 'It would've been apart of the festivities, remember when Tommy threw up and then we killed that guy and then Earl couldnt find his hat, huh huh' hahaha!

Samuel Feynman Tribute page : This may not be a routine, but I consider it to be Bill at his best! Watched it a hundred times, will watch it a hundred more!

HWPTCMW : So wait... Roadhouse really happened?

Chad Alan : Its uncanny how much maynard james keenans personality has been influenced by hicks.. they sound like the same person in interviews.

Origami Bulldoser : This man's balls... They will be sorely missed.

Elizabeth (Betsy Chaos) **TheWorthlessGirl : Awww.. He's lovely

antarctic : First time I saw Bill Hicks was on the Dangerfield special back in the 80's. He was just great, and he stuck in my mind for a long time. Next thing I know, he's dead. Always the good ones go, always...dammit!

Simone Menier : 4:15 "Lotta vibrancy" xD xD

Steve Duplantie : R.I.P Bill Hicks

Kevinator _ : gotta love baton rouge acid at the redneck shack lol

Bryan Lewis : Baton Rouge people...sounds about right

tostare : This is fantastic, thanks for posting.

PLANET VAPE MEDIA : I still don’t see how ppl think he is Alex Jones they look completely different

Bryan O'Shea : Could not love Bill more. I know he is watching from his spiritual kingdom and I'm going to die trying to make him proud.

The JG Music Show : Remember when Tommy threw up and then he killed that guy, and then! Earl couldn’t find his hat

aaronrus : bill hicks maneurisms are more like Bill Cooper than Alex Jones

§paethon : Bill Hicks fits into my 3 top comedian list, and I rate critically. It was a real tragedy to lose such a comic heavyweight. If he were alive in today's political-correctness world, he wouldn't give 2 shits and many would love him for that.

Sunny Sonnington : loved always

Skip Hoffenflaven : He saw/describes the America that is now showing itself completely today.

R P : That is a horrifying story. Holy hell. To be on LSD under those circumstances, hell, to be

Alejandro Reyes : In his wikipedia he's literally wearing the same shirt and jacket, 1991

kevtruth : The ventriloquist was throwing her voice in the bacon. Hahaha

Mark Pugner : We got both kinds, we got country and western.

Ethan Smith : Living in Baton Rouge I can say this doesn’t surprise me

hedlik : thanks for posting this rare shit, dude ! bill FTW !

soph galv : 'Remebering when ronnie throw up and we killed that guy... And then earl couldn't find his hat ' HAH

Reb Short : Bill Hicks kind of off the cuff. Thank you for posting this so all us Bill Hicks fans can appreciate him even a bit more.

Ignacio Romero : Bill Hicks Legend

Dominus Sathanas : Why is CNN so anti Earth Liberation Front and why does our MIAC PDF mention them? PMB / SDS / Manyard G. Krebs?

Michael Smith : so glad Bill shared these memories from his career--I'm so glad I never tried it--it's too easy to get hurt

ADAM BRAILSFORD : Looooooove you Bill man.

flybikes90 : His ear curdd let him yell..

Croatian Guy : I love William Melvin Hicks

Michael Laman : after hearing Bill's story about the perils of standup--I would not get into it

John Doe : Beautiful human being...Thank You,Bill Hicks!

Stephen Loflin : Not a great idea to drop acid in a hostile environment.

Jack London : Nice video upload thanks for sharing it and I had never heard about people that want a comedy show at 6:30 am in the morning just before they go to work... well alright we are all having different views on life I guess... I love Bill Hicks and love those that loved and love him too. Nice season greetings from the 4th

Dani Manrique M. : That doesn't sound like a gig, it's more like a witch hunt geez.

Bob Doe : Here is Ron talking about that story, watch?v=0rhqvJLfGjE

BayviewFinch : No, no, no. Apples and oranges. Get healthy.

Steve Ludwin : More coke more snickers...

BayviewFinch : The drugs and snake venom are getting to you.