Amstaff Training - Ultimate Guard- Dog test

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Repo Diamond kennels. American Bully. : She's gonna want to kill Santa now lol.

Çłęmÿxkëñśhìń XxÅKÂ clementinexX : My amStaffordshire bull terrier is only 3 months old and she’s already starting to protect me 😂😂😂

scott bleackley : Love pitys... such good dogs. The problem with a dog is never at the latch end of the leash, but the loop end.


Oussama Njima : My amstaff wil kill him strong cakaracter

Y Marina : They aren't good guard dogs. If you want a dog that will actually attack an intruder you get a Working Line German Shepherd.

Oussama Njima : I have amstaff 2 days hi is 6 year and hi protect me

Mama&BabyMajor HTD : I know she knew the scent but the sight messed with her mind well done

Mama&BabyMajor HTD : you confused that dog lol that's why 😂😂😂

Its Ok : Yay! I have a male amstaff :D

ASMRyouVEGANyet? : I think you should try it with a total stranger. She's use to your scent and heat signature. So she's probably barking and growling our of confusion. I'd like to see this done with a stranger.

Tinasja Johnson : omg you did it

Galleon 77 : Strange looking amstaff!

Pedro Neto : Another great video, what camera is that strapped on his chest?

Naim GRIZZLY : Hello bro this is an American staff I have one exactly like this very beautifull though

Mama&BabyMajor HTD : you confused that dog lol that's why 😂😂😂

You Can't Stop The Scout : My untrained GSD chased the mailman back into his truck when she got out.