Dr Ho: License to Practice - JonTron
Dr Ho License to Practice JonTron

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Cat Lamp : Is this.... five JonTron videos in one year?! Incredible

Quirkaypay : His production quality for just one joke is outrageously impressive.

Jordan Adams : JonTron: Was on a show called Game Grumps. JonTron: thinks Scorpion does Sub's fatality.

Maun Michi : Endgame < finding out what happened to Jon after Dr. Ho fixed his back pain

Ethan Bruwet : There is two thing I miss about old Jon 1) his intro 2) jaque

galgalon11 : "who rips spines?" "predator" "in Mortal Kombat! I wish predator...(was in mortal kombat)" well Jon, I have good news

GeK's Inc. : I love how these reaction videos have more production value for jokes than some movies/series

Steve : Teacher: explains information in a confusing way Confused class: can you please re explai- Teacher: 4:37

Luciano 326 : have you ever hurt someone you love? *STOP* *IT* *JIMMY*

Safir : Is nobody gonna mention that Jontron got ahold of a torture device

Ayan : Don’t you love when you start driving through Mario 64’s water level?

Roger Steven : 15:16 Phill swift is back at it again with FLEX POKER

sfritts10 : So... who's gon tell Jonno that Predator's in MK?

TSG Frank : The interviews are truly the greatest part about this, you can just tell how awkward and forced they are. Thanks, Ho.

Kay Haven : Can we just take a moment to appreciate the level dedication to the skit with all the certifications up on the walls AND the ceiling?

vishnu vijay : Plot twist: after seeing the explosion in popularity of flex tape Ho-physio approached Jon to save their company, they are the true video sponsors

ashton robertson : 11:00 Dr Ho: "you can use it everyday at work, at home, cocaine"

Luciano 326 : (Jon Tron in the intro) Auh my *HEAT* *SYNCOPE*

Wim Vaughdan : Jontron: Okay for this scene I'm gonna need a medieval torture device Jon's Financial team: Alright, coming up! Jontron: Oh, I am also gonna need an abacus Jon's Financial team: What are you, insane?!

SoulEvans6547 : My man making hunchback jokes the day Notre Dame burns down lol

Epic Gamer : But the question remains... dOeS iT tReAt LuMbAgO

Brandon Sudduth : Yo I'm crying ! Did anybody peep that xenomorph skeleton in his examining room .

zoom078 Hex078 : "The most immersive RPG experience you'll find on a smartphone anywhere" *Soldier walks into a blade*

Marvar28 DRAGON : Jon Has Suffered From Depression in 2017 from Flex Tape And Suffered From Scoliosis After Starting In A Spy Movie

BeenieBombYT : That hall of PHDs was actually incredible

Robert Reviews : I would honestly pay money to see Jontron play James Bond

Eleutherios Zogkas : why do i hear at 11:00 " You can use it anywhere. Cocaine" whaaat?

mr.epicmelon 0 : I have a pain in my brain you don't wanna be up there -JohnTron

Pilgrims : Jon got legit angry when the camera guy said predator instead sub-zero.

alex. : "You can use it at home, at work, *C O C A I N E* "

Tiger21820 : 12:16 Laughed so hard at Jon just smashing his keyboard to the floor! And I just love how John is just tearing those infomercials apart! PURE! GOLD!!

ajbuddyaj728 : *At the very end of the episode* Me: “OH ITS LIKE DR NO”

Slugged : That belt is literally just trying to do what a corset does...lmao just buy a corset if you want to help back pain

Dave desdem : Daddy'o'five had severe back problems it seems

BlueCanine : JonTron destroyed Notre Dame with his hunchback skit


vault boy : I dont know why i cried laughing to the "Gent of Tess" joke but i cant stop HALP

ctrlaltdel64 : Maybe ProJared just had back pain, and that's why he hurt Heidi.

xVx_L3v1_xVx_KillMe #9943 : He survived that encounter!? *Positively shocking*, Isn't it?

Turtle Dude : That hunchback joke was so lit it burned Notre Dame down

Varryance Preez : was....was that phil swift in the poker scene? is he like a regular now? lol.

can i get 1,000 subscribers with no video : Dr.Ho: you could not live with your backpain mr.jon tron. and where did that bring you, to me.

Dark Claw : Among everything else in this video, can we appreciate the fact that Jon playing the royal flush in that poker game was a callback to his Hercules video?

The Fat Turtle : Dr.Ho's been around for a while, was selling his sticky pads that shocked your muscles into contraction machines back in the 90's.

Sleepi : * Makes hunchback joke * * Notre-Dame immediately bursts into flames for 15 hours *

BlazeyRed/Sincalpunk : But predator is in mortal kombat- in the 10th as a dlc character

VexenX : JonTron, the man so entertaining he can make even the advertising amusing... I didn't even skip it. xD

Nice to HONK you : And when you say "totally free" you mean except for the obligatory micro transactions you need to actually play the game, I assume.

Felix Wolf : the quality of these videos is incredible