Amazing LEGO Castle with Removable Floors

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Emil Macko : This is my childhood dream

PerlerNostalgia : This is incredible

HighlandYuki : In terms of playability this castle is by far the greatest one I've ever seen

Two-Face : LEGO should contact these dudes

Gerben Wijnja : I've seen some big LEGO projects on Youtube, but this is by far the most impressive one. And it's not just beautiful to look at as a whole, but it's also very playable! A slogan often heard in model railroading is: "don't repeat yourself", so don't do anything twice on a layout. And this is a perfect demonstration of how it's done, there are detailed scenes all across the castle and nothing is duplicated. You can look at this for an hour and still see new things. Well done, fantastic work.

shlibookensteppah : Wow. This is bonkers. Well done, gentlemen.

AjRed 17 : This is my favourite castle MOC I've ever seen

Tesla-Effect : So much effort in this build.

Pearce Robertson : This is MIND BLOWING! I have never seen a Lego castle so well built and with so many accessible rooms

Carnac311 : This is one of my absolute favourite MOCs of all time. Not only because of the scale, all the details, clever features, but also because having grown up with it I love the older style. It just takes me way back to my 80's/early 90's childhood. Fantastic job guys

Jackmocs : Now that is one of the best lego castle mocs iv ever seen.

TheBrickBaron : This deserves an award!

Trent Peterson : Thanks for Beyond the Brick for interviewing us! Any questions and I can answer them here

Oliver Götz : I'm speechless! This is so epic! I love the modular building style and seeing this taken to such a level is just incredible!

Samuel Ortega : Omg best castle ever

Guyver_T_One : This need to be an actual buyable set damn

Narwhocalypse : Maybe not the coolest looking castle, but all of the details make it the Lego coolest castle I've ever seen.

JHLEGOvids : lego should release this as an official lego castle set. It might be expensive tho

Kevin Vodochodsky : The absolute best castle MOC ever!!!! So much detail and thought into the networkings of castles, how they operate & function. Truly a wonderful build! The builders should be totally proud of this work!!!

Fiercetooth : *Skyrim theme plays*

xxxx85 : Oh my god if the 8-year old me saw this.... What a dream come true! :D (I'm pretty excited now as well and I'm 32, hahaha)

Pika250 : Shadiversity would love to see this


Cj video Productions : I love how they used the old gray color for the old kings coffin place

Cwrigz : I’d love to live there

d1p70 : No words! Amazed!

worldofazeroth : every room is so rich in detail, this is incredible.

JuSt FoR fUn : This guy is so creative it's crazy that chain defense mechanism for the port is so cool and creative 😱

gorecreaper : This is definetly the best castle I ever seen, simply for the fact that it has full interiors! My castle also has full interiors but is nowhere near this massive! I hope I can finish it ntil next years London Lego Con

Robert Jackson : This is one amazing moc. I love everything about it. I can’t say enough good about this. Wow

Tony Huett : Just clicking like doesn't do this video justice. This is a fantastic build. Likely get ten thousand supporters in a few hours on Lego Ideas. Well done.

Noobius Maximus : Absolute genius

My : Lego just NEED to sell this set

Flying Dog Productions : The main room os like hogwarts

Jimmy : That's unreal. Great job

Michael K : Undoubtedly the most intricate MOC I've ever seen!

Itchy Toaster : God my custom moc castle looks like 💩💩 appeared to this

Hans kristian Knudsen : This is insane, nice work i must say.

ZXtheD : This is so SICK

Ky Games : It's great that the set is playable... but who is going to play with it? There are only three of you... :I

Anthony Van Risseghem : That would be cool for D&D

The God of Soap, Kekcario : I prefer this castle build to other castles because of all the details and rooms, instead of random bricks filling the inside. This actually has some playability to it.

Robert Shaffer : Imagine the battles my 8 year old self would have. Amazing, the best castle I have seen.

StarSlay3r : Cool

Marcy’s Galaxy : These guys could build hogwarts if they wanted to

It’s a me : this guys made a a whole underground system with the full scale build i wish i had this


John Smith : I have seen many but this is my favorite castle by far. Truly incredible.

john banasick : i want it

Tom Valk : Extremely Awesome