Homemade Soy Yogurt [without Yogurt Maker] | Dairy-free Yogurt Recipe

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Veganlovlie | Vegan Fusion-Mauritian Cooking : We posted the recipe for soy yogurt a few weeks ago on the blog and some of you have been asking how to make the soy milk for the yogurt. So, here you go, we've filmed a video for both how to make soy milk and soy yogurt. Hope you'll enjoy making soy yogurt at home. 🙂💖 Btw, you can also use this method to make almond or cashew yogurt with homemade almond/cashew milk.

Raissa Ferreira : Thanks for the recipe, please make more okara recipe options. <3

naturalNstylish : Interesting process. I love hearing you talk. Your voice is very soothing and you explain things really well. I've never made my own soymilk or yogurt but I'd like to try this. Thanks Teenuja! :)

Tawnya Luke : Looks delicious.

Barbara Changes : This is a must try

Apollo 440 : Yes, the okara has to bee cooked. For example after making your mayonaise, I take the leftover beans and steam them, wrapped in a cheesecloth. Then I mix them with oats, corn/pea/besan flour, soaked buckwheat, onions, carrots and beet. I mix this in a blender or meat grinder, form balls with an ice cream scoop, and bake for an hour at 180*C. If I don't cook the beans beforehand - the cutlets have a bitter taste.

Alisia Lopez : Do you know when you’ll make an okara tempeh recipe?

Trish Moon : I never thought making soy yogurt could be so easy! Thank you so much I will surely try it as I have digestive issues that would benefit greatly from a probiotic yogurt.....and I could add fruit and some maple syrup for a sweeter treat :) Or freeze it in an ice cream maker for a cool treat!

Katie Sturges : This was super helpful! Thank you! I am excited for the tempeh recipe :)

Molla Molla : Thanks so much for the recipe 🙏🏽❤️💕🌷 . Q: could I use the same method for homemade Almond / coconut milk?

Tisadas4 : Can I freeze the yogurt "starter" to use later? Will it lose any of its properties? And about how long will the yogurt keep in the fridge?

Roni Mhr : Wonderful 🤗🤗

lbird : Beautiful!

plush furr : It look so delicious, delicate, n creamy😍😍😍😍😍

TheJassiJaz : You always inspire me

Dominic Bryoza : Hi Teenuja! I really enjoy your videos, recipes, and methods of cooking. However, I would like to suggest pulling the microphone away a little so the sound of your voice would come through a little cleaner with fewer pops and distortions. Cheers!

Lotus Petal : 👍Yogurt my favorite!! thank you for the great tips. I can't wait to see more recipes. 😊🌼

Marie English : Does this work with coconut milk?

Robin Odowd : I have to try this! I like that many different foods can be made from the soybeans. This is the sort of techniques vegans needs to learn to keep our diet whole, fresh and frugal. Thank you for this video.

Jose Hernandez : I don’t really understand this whole probiotic pill, could I use some left over store bought plant based yogurt instead of buying the capsules or would it not be the same?

Sarojini : Thank you so much for this

Eliane CALDEIRA : Amo suas receitas ,mesmo tendo que traduzir ,vale a pena.😍

George Nafas : Wonderful video and thank u very much. My question: how it taste ? Does it taste like normal yogurt ? Pls if anybody tried, share ur about that. Thanks

GREEN Boy : Thanks, nice recipe, I'll try

small footprint : Thanks for posting. I've wondered how to make my own soy yogurt.

Karuna Nunkoo : Hello!! i hope you haven't forgot to do the "no oven banana pie" i was asking for. :-)

Noa Delphi : So glad this popped up on my recommended vids! This is MUCH easier than I imagined. LOVED that she didn't discard a thung and was still able to save enough for a starter to keep make it even easier for next time. Simple, wasteless, 2-ingredients, I really love all of it. Thank you for sharing❤

Dolores Vassallo : Turned out perfect! Definitely a keeper. Thank you.

qúe tí : Yes! Ty

Emoni Baraka : Please post more! You have the most original and flavorful vegan recipes on YouTube!! ❤

mmaricler : Thank you so much for this recipe! I love it and will try to make it ASAP <3

Jay Watkins : You’re amazingly creative! Your recipes makes such a huge difference in our lives especially for those transitioning!!! We truly appreciate your efforts!!!

1000 : Can you start with cooked soybeans?

Sandy R : Will make soy milk! Thank you for the recipe. I usually have sweetened vanilla soy milk. When would I add these?

Gailann Kimbrough : I LOVE your recipes. Amazing! ❤

D. Bert Rand : Thank you Tenuja and Kevin. I appreciated this video and the simple, uncomplicated way of going about doing this.

Harini Boteju : Brilliant! Thank you so much for posting this, you make it look so simple and it will save me a lot of money!! 🙏🏽

Ash W : Tks.alot

tanvir : havent been watching all vids glad im still subbed and saw this, two things i learned, u can get the tofu skin making it in that order of steps and using the oven light for the fermenting period, thanks! fermented foods ftw

sjaizhdbnajusbens shauausbwbk : Now this is something I refer to as - *wow* !!!!

Pasta Pasty Pastu : ok in love with this video and will wait for how to use the okara.

Non-Profit Communication : What about walnut milk?

TimeToMakeStool : Can you make a recipe of making Aloo Paratha? Please and Thank you!!!

Nancy McCutcheon : Wonderful! I just bought some starter to make my own yogurt a couple days ago. Thanks so much!

Jan Middleton : This looks delish and I can't wait to try it can you also use cashew/almond/brasil etc etc milks as well instead of the soya beans?

Robin Odowd : You poured three cups of milk into the pan but poured four cups out. Did you add water?

rapunzel eh? : doesn't apply to this one, but if anyone has tried freezing some of the other recipes, it would be nice to see how successful it was - i live about an hour from the nearest town, and tend not to go anywhere from about november 15th to the end of feb because of the snow, so getting fresh produce etc is pretty difficult... but nice to cook up a bunch of stuff and put in the freezer.

Eudora Evans : Wonderful😊

Liv Crisp : Love your videos! Thanks heaps.

Lilia Salgado : Thank you for all the delicious recipes