The Art Dealers: Their Daughter’s New Boyfriend - SNL

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When their daughter (Natalie Portman) brings her boyfriend (Jason Sudeikis) home from college, Nuni and Nuni Schoener (Fred Armisen, Maya Rudolph) try to make him feel at home. [Season 31, 2006] #SNL Subscribe to SNL: Get more SNL: Full Episodes: Like SNL: Follow SNL: SNL Tumblr: SNL Instagram: SNL Pinterest:

Comments from Youtube

Canine Teeth : Its like a family full of Björks

S F : I can actually hear a slight difference between the way they say Noonie , Nyunie, and Noony now.. I think time to stop watching these sketches before I start mispronouncing my own name.

Fallen Shonen : That family group hug tho 😂😂

J is Scoobysmom : Maya has the most amazing ability to move her move and make insane accents & sounds, and move her face around too. She could look beautiful, or horrible, or weird, or perfectly accurate in a past time frame. I miss her.

luckyDancer100 : “Would you like to try banana and clam?” *eyes dart back and forth*

shan4883 : Natalies magnified face looks like the red queens big head from Alice in Wonderland

Drew Gooden : Classic

kirrrby : Natalie’s faces behind the magnifying glass were cracking me up 😂

Ae7herium : Natalie yelling through the glass is killing me.

Daniel Myers : “Gehff. Gwayrf. Dwar.” “No, it’s just ‘Jeff’.” “Chacx-hut.”

amal zuhair : New-ni- Maya Nu-ni - Natalie Nuu- ni- Fred Am I the only one who got this? Btw Ma name Jeff

Richard Garzarelli : I HAVE BEEN SEARCHING for this SNL skit for TEN YEARS. So glad they finally uploaded it. As Nooni would say, "It's mah feevurit!"

onegirlrev : “What a terrible conclusion!”

Joboo : "My cousin turns 3 in 2 more years hahaha!" 😂😂😂

Tom Haflinger : Really puts the "bile" in "mobile".

Richard Thompson : Is that a Tommy Wiseau accent?

J.T. Minnesota : "Put on your treatbib, Darpf."

u tuber : that was actually funny.

NamasteNemaree : The Mother and Fathers Response When he said his name was Jeff😂 Jeff: My name is Jeff Mom: Gworfff

asdabir : She looks like Keira knightly here

Connor Loewy : The scary thing is, there are probably some people are like that.

Tate Winter : That magnifying glass Cracked me up

Courtney Smith : "Dadoo" I'm calling my dad this from now on.

Konstantin Yurlov : Ma name is Jeff

anna : Like Gwef Goldblum!

Angela Lindsey : I named my cat Nooni after this sketch. 😊 She’s 10 years old now!

Jozsef Mezei : I miss the art dealers :D I LOVE SNL

Kenny Coulter : I will always love Natalie Portman!

Roomy : 2:29 I don't know why I love it when she squeaks like that. Hilarious!

Cory Mck : Would have been funnier if he said that in 3 years his nephew turns 2.

BetterLifeAhead : Banana and clam sounds like a euphamism

V.G. Victory : What I imagine like would be like if Bjork was your parents or you dated her daughter.

Stephany R : This is awesome! Your family might be weird and crazy to someone on the outside but its your normal when your raised in it lol

mercster : "My cousin turns three in two more years, TEEHEE!"

jlb62983 : The way she spells/pronounces “Jeff” 😂😂😂

Stelio Kantos : My headcanoon is that they aren't even from Europe. They're just really hipster-y art dealers from the Upper East Side

Hodor : I thought it was a new one, was surprised to see Maya and Fred.

slhines7 : Natalie is so attractive.

californiahummus : I dunno seems pretty normal to me.

Rick Rose : After, they did retire to the hearth room where they watched 'Sprockets' on the family pictorial vision tube.

Beruška Vozábová : Her goofy face in that fkng mirror---I CAN'T BREATHE🤪🤯😜🤣

Eric McQuisten : Am I the only one to notice how tone & flawless Natalie's legs are?

Nervous Energy : “Where’s the little boys room?” *she leads him to a room with little boys in it*

Anya U : Would you like to try baanaana and clammmm

qwerty : OMG i was looking for this footage forever. can we get the jamba juice one too??

ReeferKnight420 : Natalie is adorable haha

trevor perry : It's almost as weird as my emotional status / life


unreal4u2 : 4:06, thank you Natalie :)