Zuckerberg Goes On A Date

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Comments from Youtube

Dolan Dark : Damn boy what that mouf do

Drumsy : “Yes. This video was very enjoyable to my human eyes. I laughed, as humans do.” -Mark Zuckerberg (human)

Craigenn : That CD went in a lot further then I thought it would.

abelina sabrina : Wait, you were recording that whole time?

Grandayy : "I do not know the specific answer to your question at the top of my head, but I will be happy to follow up with my team and get back to you."

DammitSinged : _You know what he did wrong right?_ _He didnt sip water after every sentence._

NakeyJakey : The pretty girl was Gus the whole time 😍

Hotra : He acts like a robot to trick us to think he's a robot, but he's reptilian. WAKE UP SHEEPLE!

Chris Holben : How the hell you stuff that whole thing in there

Hyooman : Weird. That CD was only 1 Mega _Bite_

Veridian : Gus is the only pretty girl I see

Whoms't : keeping terrorists out of relationships is important

Laurin Zbiek : I lost it when he ate the cd

Yosuto : Don't forget to drink the _W A T E R_ humans like the _W A T E R_

Nathanh1223 : P R E T T Y G I R L

Jason and a Camera : *Oh hai Mark*

Veridian : She can give good succ _But only Gus can give good Zucc_

PhantomoftheInterwebz : Yes, exactly as the humans proceed with courtship rituals. This is well done fellow human. Nothing is suspected.

Justine Zeta : Give her the ZUCC Gus!

BryanJames74 : You forgot to drank water like zucc, gus

itsamemarioo osu : I love how he feels the need to address her in every statement

Timotainment : I was human- I am human

RIPMarkESmith : "pretty girl i think whats the most important question here is whether we can maintain a strong relationship between you me and the terrorists" - probably the most accurate pick up line you could use in 2018

Jesus Christ : LMHAO!

Starlight : Did pretty girl give you the *Z U C C* ?

Distorted TikToks : Give me the Z U C C

delcan : S H E W A N T E D T H E Z U C C

The Inconceivable Glue Man : I get it, Gus, you can get a girl

Snazzy Labs : This is legendarily great. There are tears in my eyes.


RileysFilms : Send booster seat pics plz.

Marco Cantera : The most amazing part of the video is how much of the disk you were able to fit in your mouth

TURPX : Pretty Girl, we run ads.

The Inconceivable Glue Man : This is just a *_normal_* human being

i'm 13 years old and : S E N A T O R P R E T T Y G I R L

Charlie Brown's Dad : Pretty Girl is sure a pretty girl.

M Hunter : *Dial Tone sound commences*

Kazerz : *>exec prettygirlconvo.cfg*

Owen U : You look like the people from Chicken Run at the end

Jax Lee : * drinks water *

. : *Senator*

stupidman4444 : I’ve never seen this episode of “The Big Bang Theory” before.

JesterJosh : Don't crunch data at midnight before sleep mode, you'll ruin your configuration!

Austin Thomas Films : Wow, the trailer for the new Social Network movie looks great!

Zackamoca : Since when did Lord Zuckerburg start looking like an absolute SNACK?????? 😍😍😍😩😩🔥💯👌💦💦👅🙏💕

aman : zucc johnson

Ethan Alt : *Y O U A N D M E A N D T H E T E R R O R I S T S*

Scyber_Sounds Of The Future : I am a borg from the future. Send me delicious cds to consume. 01110000011101110000

AmmarMs : Z U C C got some S U C C