Zuckerberg Goes On A Date

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Gus Johnson : wow gus look at you so topical haha how. also thank you to sabrina for being in this haha wow topical video. she is here: https://bit.ly/2Ihr7lr

GotDrums : “Yes. This video was very enjoyable to my human eyes. I laughed, as humans do.” -Mark Zuckerberg (human)

abelina sabrina : Wait, you were recording that whole time?

Hotra : He acts like a robot to trick us to think he's a robot, but he's reptilian. WAKE UP SHEEPLE!

Grandayy : "I do not know the specific answer to your question at the top of my head, but I will be happy to follow up with my team and get back to you."

NakeyJakey : The pretty girl was Gus the whole time 😍

DammitSinged : _You know what he did wrong right?_ _He didnt sip water after every sentence._

Veridian : Gus is the only pretty girl I see

Justine Zeta : Give her the ZUCC Gus!

Jason and a Camera : *Oh hai Mark*

Dolan Dark : Damn boy what that mouf do

Veridian : She can give good succ _But only Gus can give good Zucc_

Nathanh1223 : P R E T T Y G I R L

Jesus Christ : LMHAO!

Yosuto : Don't forget to drink the _W A T E R_ humans like the _W A T E R_

Timotainment : I was human- I am human

Montemole : Give me the Z U C C

itsamemarioo osu : I love how he feels the need to address her in every statement

PhantomoftheInterwebz : Yes, exactly as the humans proceed with courtship rituals. This is well done fellow human. Nothing is suspected.

Chris Holben : How the hell you stuff that whole thing in there

Snazzy Labs : This is legendarily great. There are tears in my eyes.

TêvEŕøasțiőn exe has stopped working : You forgot to drank water like zucc, gus

Whoms't : keeping terrorists out of relationships is important

Laurin Zbiek : I lost it when he ate the cd

Irony is a weapon : Hello fellow humans

DuhBoosh : When you started inserting the CD into your food hole, I was certain you'd cut the video off after getting 1/4th of it in, because you couldn't possibly fit any more. But then it kept going and you managed to insert the whole fucking diameter of it within your mouth. Breathtaking. Chills.

Starlight : Did pretty girl give you the *Z U C C* ?

Austin Thomas Films : Wow, the trailer for the new Social Network movie looks great!

Nick Wompton : Man, every relationship I have always has a terrorist, dayum how does ZUCC keep the terrorists out?

aman : zucc johnson

delcan : S H E W A N T E D T H E Z U C C

Abby Todd : You need a little bit of white face paint and some binary code

M Hunter : *Dial Tone sound commences*

Steve Jobs : *Senator*

TJ Hastie : "Dating you is like dating a StairMaster"

Elizabeth Johnson : how was ur last show gus

Sunset'sWaifu : DVDs are my favorite snack too

Rhalez Davis : Send booster seat pics plz.

AQGOAT24 : Gus spitting that game

Jax Lee : * drinks water *

Hyooman : Weird. That CD was only 1 Mega _Bite_

Owen U : You look like the people from Chicken Run at the end

Kazerz : *>exec prettygirlconvo.cfg*

Zackamoca : Since when did Lord Zuckerburg start looking like an absolute SNACK?????? 😍😍😍😩😩🔥💯👌💦💦👅🙏💕

RIPMarkESmith : "pretty girl i think whats the most important question here is whether we can maintain a strong relationship between you me and the terrorists" - probably the most accurate pick up line you could use in 2018

Scyber_Sounds Of The Future : I am a borg from the future. Send me delicious cds to consume. 01110000011101110000

Tuby buby : So romantic

Christian Boldman : Dude she was gonna Z U C C you off For Shame

JesterJosh : Don't crunch data at midnight before sleep mode, you'll ruin your configuration!

Craigenn : That CD went in a lot further then I thought it would.