We Promise, This is Delicious - Simple, Roasted Onions From 1808

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Kara Pelletier : Be forewarned, the video instructions are a bit complicated, so hang in there.

Love Thy Neighbor : The humble onion finally gets center stage. Amazing.

Max Robinson : Instructions were too confusing, I somehow ended up making a souffle?

Greg Power : Of course she doesn’t specify a temperature, IT WAS 1808🤔

this is me : Baked the onion and a garlic bulb at same time. Blended together, awesome on toast and corn on the cob.

Pitt 82 : When your food stamps ain’t come in for the month 🤣🤮🤣🤣🤣

Sean Greer : The humble onion. So versatile you could even use them to pay your taxes in medieval times.

RGV Shooter : I did just this.....400°f for about an hour added fresh thyme and balsamic vinaigrette and it was just begging to sit next to a nice flank steak

TwistedAttitudes : "Margaret you're not gonna bloody believe this new way I found to cook onions" What? "Okay so you take your oven right?" ...right "And you put the onion ... *in the oven* (for like 40 minutes) " ...

Miliamer Corales : Perfect for a broke college student

orhan çelik : Cooked onion is a very common garniture for kebab in Turkey.We regularly eat it as a salad.With some salt,sumac lemon juice or sour pomegranate sauce.

Shane Etchison : How to make roasted onions: Step 1, roast onions.

Fat Al : She also didn't say anything about the mad fart fest that's gonna go down.

David Millet : Just cooked this today with purple onions and it was pretty good, but I gotta say, stick to one onion. I love onions, but a fourth of the way into the seceond onion, I wanted to throw up.

Sam M : I actually tried it and y’all... it was actually really good! I was scared that I would still be tasting the rawness and pungent of an onion but nope I was wrong plus it tasted better than actually fried onions after adding some white and black pepper🤷🏾‍♂️

Chachi Shapiro : I've been making this lately and it's amazing. Coworker: "Is that your lunch? Just that?" Me: "Yeah, it's delicious and super inexpensive and healthy." Coworker: "That's no lunch." Me: "Don't knock it until you've tried it."

Beymaster7 : Looks a bit too complex for my liking

Autumn Sun : So I made a list of ingredients for this recipe, took me some time but here it is. Ingredients: Onion.

Joey Ralston : Heating up a Hot Pocket has more steps Han this 😂

Honin Akecheta : I’ve had some pretty interesting struggle meals since living on campus, but this is just beyond my comprehension 🤣💀💀💀

baylego : I shouldn't have watched this while being an university student

Brody Edwards : Too confusing, in hospital, will update after surgery....

Hilda Sumer : In Kurdistan we prepare it the same way ...mostly in winter.. it protects from flu

Aurum TheBrave : No longer shall onions be secondary. Long live our new King.

Lord Vlogemort : I'm trying this right now. I literally just chucked a couple of onions into the oven. I'm really curious how they turn out. I assumed the temperature given was in Fahrenheit and converted to civilised.

NightCore v2 : Bob Ross for cooking

A Cadia : Wow, thank you! That's amazingly and unexpected delicious. :D

Just Jill D : Roasted onions YES PLEASE. My grandmother used to roast onions and garlic.She used a bit of brown sugar on top of the onion so it caramelized..SO GOOD!

Lavr N : Of course, it is delicious, maybe. We, Koreans, often eat grilled onion with grilled meat (usually pork and beef, in fact, this is the main), and it is also delicious, too. Onion is the RIGHT THING.

Dat Burd : I tried making one of these the other day. With salt and butter, it’s honestly delicious.

Cosmic Creepers : I done whole onions in a pressure cooker, I then added butter and salt, I had no pepper sadly but they were delicious, lovely and sweet with that onion taste. 🤪

_Nudi branch_ : Just popped a left over onion and couple potatoes in the oven. Thanks for the tip!

Ralgore : Can the caramelization left on the "baking plate" be used for something ? Scrape it off, mix with butter and/or water with some salt and make some sort of "onion gravy".

Troy Stephens • artist : I just watched a goofy dude in a period hat bake and eat an onion enthusiastically. I'm going to go now.

Mark Leon Tanner : I'm sorry... I got lost in the instructions...

StuffZ : Instructions unclear, burned house down with onions.

JimmyDB - : Of course... you don't even need to roast them. I eat onions raw. yum yum

Nater Tater : I like to cut the top, core a small hole and pop in a chunk of chopped fresh garlic and add butter to fill the small void and then bake. Voila

southernlight6 : Roasted onions were served at the Globe theater in Shakespeare's time. A very big treat.

Movie Reviews : Tried this recipe and it was delicious! Also can use the leftovers for making a steak and cheese sandwich with the onions pretty much prepped and ready to go, or make a good potato, onion, beef cube hash with them. This is one recipe I really enjoyed!

Angelus Nielson : I imagine it's similar to roasted garlic.

R Roman : Had to subscribe based on the music and warm vibes of the video.

Ivan Drago : Onion (and garlic) is the best veggie. Caramelized onion is a delight, one of the best flavors there is.

Welp this is here : A roasted Sweet Onion was probably a treat for kids back then.

ck_ : Simplest recipe you have ever uploaded... until there's a video 'Boiling water - 18th century way' ;)

Sindra Sins : My boi shrek gonna flip

David de la Garza : I tried this with a Yukon Gold potato to keep the onion company, very satisfying and cost effective. Thank you!

The_Real_Pichael_Thompson : How about this Get a Vidalia onion and core it out with a knife. Stuff the onion with a beef bouillon cube first, then pack butter on top of that; wrap it in foil, and grill for 30-45 minutes